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air conditioning replacement

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Air conditioning replacement is a big move that requires careful deliberation. There are many factors crucial to a successful project.

Ask yourself why you are interested in replacement.

  • Do you currently have an HVAC system? Is it not functioning properly? Are you simply looking for a more efficient/powerful A/C?

If your central heating and air unit is not working properly, but you were satisfied with it when it was, don’t dismiss repair as a viable option.

  • If your centralized air conditioning doesn’t require replacement of major and/or most parts, you could save hundreds of dollars by repairing instead of replacing it.

Call at least two different companies to get multiple opinions, or ask a company to send at least two different HVAC repair and/or replacement specialists.

  • Having multiple professional opinions will lessen the chance of a misdiagnoses, and greatly increase the likelihood that an exact problem is zeroed-in on– whether it’s a specific part that needs to be replaced, filter that needs to be cleaned, and anything in between.

If you are set on replacement, and that is in fact your only option, consult with HVAC specialists regarding options. Consider:

  1. Whether a system has an energy star mark ( Appliances and HVAC systems that carry the mark are in fact more energy efficient, which translates to hundreds of dollars saved on energy bills, in the long run. Remember that an HVAC system uses up the biggest percentage of your home’s energy.
  2. Whether your home currently has duct work.
  3. Whether the condenser will be located outside or on the roof (you may need to look into your city’s permit requirements).

Hopefully this helps getting you started, and sets you on the right track to a successful project. Do not hesitate to call with any questions!

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