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Quiet Window Air Conditioner Los Angeles

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Window or wall air conditioners make the most economic sense for an apartment or a condo. They aren’t as powerful as central air conditioners, but they also don’t drain your home’s energy, aren’t a hassle to set up, don’t require ducts and the accompanying duct work, or frequent maintenance and/or duct cleaning. Newer ones are getting more and more energy efficient, at prices that aren’t staggering or rising exponentially. One factor that might be taken for granted is the noise level of a window air conditioner. If you decide to set it up in the living room, and its near your couch, noise can be a concern with some units. With a bit of research, you can definitely find one that is both quiet, energy efficient (try looking for an energy star mark:, economical, and easy on the eyes.

Just remember that although there are differences between a window air conditioner, and a central air conditioner, they both will last longer and work better if regularly maintained. Even with a window air conditioner, try to at least replace the filter once every half a year. This simple measure will cut hundreds of your energy bills, in the long run, and will increase the air conditioner’s life by at least a few extra years.

Here’s a suggestion for a unit to help get you started:

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