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Home Appliance Services

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You have many options when considering and/or looking for the best home appliance services. Try to determine whether your home appliance is still under warranty. The paperwork should still be stashed away in that filing cabinet, right? Even if you purchased your major home appliance from a retailer like Sears or Best Buy, some appliances come with manufacturer warranties, which have their own appliance service people. That’s not always the case, but it’s worth a try. The downside is a much longer E.T.A. for an appointment, since a big repair technician force is not a priority for them. But if you don’t mind, choosing warranty repair could potentially save you money, if not time.

If your major home appliance is no longer under warranty, your next option is an appliance repair company. Some of them work with manufacturers, and are certified to repair specific home appliance brands and types. When choosing the best home appliance repair company, this is a question worth asking. The manufacturer benefits from this partnership because it’s easier and cheaper for them to partner with existing appliance service professionals, than hiring their own service people. You benefit because even if 100% of the repair cost isn’t covered, you may end up with a smaller bill. This is because the manufacturer may provide the repair company you chose with the necessary appliance parts, and you may only have to cover the labor cost.

Even if the appliance repair company you settle on isn’t partnered with a manufacturer in an official capacity, it may have other redeeming qualities. These partnerships aren’t always economically feasible for all parties involved, which is important to remember, when choosing a repair company that’s right for you. If they have great online reviews, have been in business for at least 10 years, and have experienced technicians, it’s worth giving them a try.

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