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Central Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance in Glendale


Although much of the focus of going Green is on solar panels, electric cars, and bicycling, there’s actually a lot you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint while saving hundreds on energy bills.

A part of maintenance packages is the replacement of filters. The price of new filters compared to the amount of money saved on energy bills, alone, is infinitesimal. The replacement of a $10 filter could result in hundreds of dollars saved on energy bills. Talk about return on investment. Most industry experts and engineers recommend that filters are replaced at least twice a year. With a bit of research online, you can find out the right replacement frequency for your unit. With a bit of self-educating and elbow grease, you might even be able to replace a filter yourself.

Last but not least, here are some out-of-the-box ideas on how to reduce energy consumption, save money on energy bills, and help the planet all at once:

  1. Make sure your air conditioning condenser is located in a shady spot and has room to dispose of the heated air it removes from your house. Don’t crowd it with shrubs or anything else.
  2. Plant shade trees and shrubs around your house to help reduce the heat of the sun, especially on the west and south sides. This can reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%.
  3. Close drapes on the sunny side of your house.
  4. Install energy efficient ceiling fans and run them on hot days. If it’s just a little too warm for comfort, use the ceiling fan without air conditioning. If it’s hot enough to require air conditioning, using the ceiling fans at the same time allows you to raise the temperature setting by five degrees, which will reduce your costs. Use the ceiling fan only when you’re in the room, because running the fan doesn’t actually lower the temperature. The moving air increases the amount of evaporation from your skin and helps cool you off.
  5. Make sure the cooled air coming from your air conditioning vents is not obstructed by furniture or draperies.

Central Heating and Air Conditioning Replacement in Long Beach


Although much of the focus of going Green is on solar panels, electric cars, and public transportation, there’s actually a lot you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint while saving hundreds on energy bills.

A green choice can almost be made during the purchasing stage of a central heater and a/c. Newer central air conditioners and heating system are naturally more efficient, as more companies realize that people are becoming more conscious of their energy consumption. In particular, if you are in the market for a new HVAC, look for the energy star mark. These really are indicative of a more energy efficient unit. A slightly higher cost will certainly be offset by the hundreds of dollars you will save on home energy bills, in the long run.

quality air conditioning in Torrance


If you live in Torrance (or anywhere, really) and are looking for central ac companies, there are several things that set apart quality HVAC repair companies from mediocre ones. Knowing what, will make all the difference in the quality of work, when you entrust one of them with your heat and air unit or system.

Good HVAC companies will

  1. be licensed
  2. be insured
  3. Have a solid reputation online. In the age of the internet, information is more accessible than ever. Use this to your advantage. Do the research online and look for companies that have plenty of reviews but still maintain a 4+ star average rating. There are multiple sides to a story. There will always be that one disgruntled customer that gives any company a bad review, simply because of a minor infraction. But if a company provides consistent good service, over time, reviews will reflect that.
  4. Have years of experience, and have experience technicians.

Also, call a few places before making a decision to settle for one, and gauge the quality of their customer service by phone. Experienced technicians AND helpful customer service reps are equally important for your overall experience with a company.

central air conditioning troubleshooting Long Beach


In almost any air conditioner, there are several main parts:

  1. blower fan
  2. condensor coil
  3. compressor
  4. evaporator coil
  5. filter

If your air conditioner is not working properly, here’s a list of causes that will make doing your own troubleshooting less overwhelming.

  1. If the unit doesn’t work at all; doesn’t turn on, it could be a motor overload or a faulty switch
  2. If it’s not cooling properly, but still works, it could mean a dirty filter, dirty coils, or that the unit is leaking coolant (e.g., freon).
  3. If your a/c turns on and off repeatedly, it could mean dirty coils and/or a dirty filter

Try to be as cautious and informed as possible. Some air conditioners are more D.I.Y-friendly than others. Do a bit of research online before you proceed. Just remember: it’s not always best to roll up your sleeves, and assume all of the responsibility for fixing it. It’s OK to ask for help!

air condition service in Glendale


If you live in Glendale (or anywhere really) and you suspect you need air condition service, here are some things to consider:

  1. What kind of air conditioner is it? If it’s blowing air to all parts of your home, it’s a central air conditioner
  2. What are the symptoms? Is it not cooling? Making noises?
  3. What is the brand name?
  4. How old is the unit?

When you call a professional, it’s always best to have this information at hand. This will allow a company to send a repair person that is familiar and experienced with that particular brand, as well as any combination of problems it might have. It will also help them prepare any necessary parts that might be required for a project, based on the particular problems the unit is having. This is true whether you have a window air conditioner, wall air conditioner, or a central air conditioner.

air condition service

air condition service

Problems That May Arise With Your Air Conditioning Unit

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When is the last time you gave your air conditioning unit a second thought? Probably never. You turn it on, it cools the room down, and all is well. Unfortunately, there may come a time when your Amana air conditioning unit doesn’t function as it was designed to do. Let’s face it, anything mechanical in nature is bound to malfunction at one time or another. The following are some issues that may arise with your Amana air conditioning unit.

The air conditioner may stop cooling the room to some degree. In some cases it may not cool the room at all, but simply just push the existing air around.

The unit may cease to function completely.

The compressor may start to turn itself on and off rapidly rather than the average 10 minute cycle it is designed to stay within. This is also referred to as short-cycling.

The unit’s compressor is extremely noisy or squeals when it starts up.

There are a host of other issues that can arise with your Amana air conditioning unit. These are just a few. The point is that when one of these situations shows up, or any other, it’s important to have your air conditioning unit serviced or repaired in order to correct the problem. Using your unit when it isn’t functioning as it is supposed to could cause further damage to it, possibly even rendering it non-usable. This could also cost you a lot more money because you may wind up needing to replace parts that weren’t initially damaged.

A Los Angeles air conditioning repair company can quickly get to the root of the problem. They have qualified technicians who specialize in Amana air conditioning repair. They are trained to consider any symptoms your air conditioner is displaying, and diagnose the problem. Once the problem is discovered, your air conditioner can be repaired quickly, and begin to do what it does best once again: keep you cool on those hot, hazy, and humid summer days.

Save yourself a lot of headaches. At the first sign that you Amana air conditioning unit has ceased to function properly, call in the professionals to look at it. This is not only the wisest choice, in the long run it could be the cheapest one. Everyone would agree that solving a problem when it first arises is always better than letting it fester, and grow into a larger problem.

One final note: It is never recommended that you attempt to repair your air Amana air conditioning unit on your own. Not only might you damage the unit further, you could injure yourself.

Best Appliance Service San Fernando Valley

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Do you live in Los Angeles? Have you ever had to call an appliance repair company to fix something for you? Based on your experience, which company would you say deserves the title of best appliance service? San Fernando Valley residents who’ve ever had to call on the services of West Coast Chief Repair would surely nominate them.

For more than twenty years, West Coast Chief Repair has been there for their customers. In the middle of the night when the temperatures dipped , and their heating system malfunctioned, West Coast was there. In the dead of summer when the heat index made it feel like it was 100 degrees, West Coast was there when your restaurant’s air conditioning broke down. Even something as basic as performing the annual maintenance on your heating and cooling systems, West Coast makes the time that’s convenient for you.

West Coast is considered the best appliance service company by its loyal customers. They treat you like a close family member rather than just another paying customer. And, for a consumer, that says a lot about a company.

Next time you need an appliance serviced or repaired, contact West Coast Chief Repair, and you’ll see what everyone else is talking about.

Los Angeles Appliance Shop

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West Coast Chief Repair is a well-known Los Angeles appliance shop. The consumers who use West Coast as their appliance repair and service provider can tell you about the great service you get when you contact West Coast.

Having continually been in operation for more than twenty years, the folks at West Coast Chief repair are certainly aware of what can go wrong with appliances as well as air conditioning and heating systems. They’ve seen more appliance breakdowns that any other Los Angeles appliance shop.

Not only do they repair and service appliances, they sell new ones and can do the installation as well. They work evenings, weekends and holidays at no extra charge to you the consumer, and offer emergency service as well. They use only brand new parts and offer the best warranties in the industry. They do what they say they will, and stand behind every job they do.

West Coast handles more than eighty different brands of appliances, and has years of experience with all of them. They specialize in major home appliances, and air conditioning and heating systems, and can show you how to save hundreds of dollars on your annual energy consumption. It’s no wonder they’re such a well-known Los Angeles appliance shop!

Window Air Conditioner Sherman Oaks

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For the sake of convenience and cost, many people choose a window air conditioner. Sherman Oaks is a diverse community that represent a variety of lifestyles. Many of Sherman Oaks homeowners have window air conditioners as their source of air cooling.

Window air conditioners come in a variety of sizes; not just the actual size of the unit, but the capacity it has for cooling. The main components of an air conditioner are the same, and if there’s a problem with it one of the components is usually the culprit. If you’re window unit starts to lose it’s ability to cool your home or office, and you’re sure the thermostat is set right, and the filter is clean, then you’ll need to call a service company to come take a look at it.

West Coast Chief Repair is a well-known and reputable appliance service and repair company based out of Los Angeles. They’ve been serving the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley communities for more than twenty years. They work on over eighty different brands of appliances, and all their field technicians are certified and factory-trained.

If they call West Coast Chief Repair when you have trouble with your window air conditioner, Sherman Oaks residents will be in good hands.

Window Air Conditioner Van Nuys


The most common form of air cooling is the A typical window air conditioner. Van Nuys residents are quite familiar with air conditioning seeing as it’s rare to find a home or even a business without some form of air cooling. The most economical cooling unit for a room or a small office is a window air conditioner.

These units are easily installed and the maintenance they require is minimal. Checking to make sure the thermostat is set properly, and that the filter is clean and dry is really all the maintenance that’s required. That, however, does not ensure that a wall air conditioner is without its problems.

If you notice that your wall unit isn’t keeping your home or office as cool as it normally does, and you’ve check the thermostat and made sure the filter isn’t clogged with dust, you’ll need to call a service company to check it out.

West Coast Chief Repair is known for it’s quality, timely service it has provided, and continues to provide, to its customers. Their technicians are certified and factory-trained, and they offer evening, weekend and holiday hours at no extra charge to the customer.

Wall Air Conditioner Sherman Oaks

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If you’re wall air conditioner isn’t working right, you’ve checked the thermostat, and you’ve confirmed the filters are clean, your next step is to call a service company to look at your wall air conditioner. Sherman Oaks residents may want to call on the services of West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast specializes in the service and repair of all major home appliances, as well as installation. They opened their doors in 1989, and have provided quality, affordable appliance, air conditioning and heating service to Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley residents ever since. West Coast’s staff are all certified, factory-trained technicians with hours and hours of field work under their belts.

As diverse as the residents of Sherman Oaks are, air conditioning is something most all residents have in common. Air conditioning is more a necessity than a luxury in Sherman Oaks, and when it stops working there’s a real rush to get it fixed. Calling in the first repair company you come across, however, isn’t always a good choice.

If you need some sort of care for you wall air conditioner, Sherman Oaks residents should call on the expertise of West Coast Chief Repair

Wall Air Conditioner Van Nuys

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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got central air conditioning, a widow unit or a wall air conditioner, Van Nuys residents want their air cooling systems to function properly. While there are more things that can go wrong with a central air conditioning system, a wall air conditioner can have its fair share of troubles.

The air conditioners three main components, the compressor, the evaporator and the condenser, all need to operate at the maximum efficiency in order for the wall unit to function properly. When something stops working with any one of these components, the air conditioner will not cool properly. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling the room it’s in, there are a few things you can, and should, check before making a call to a repair company.

It may sound like common sense, but check the thermostat to see that it hasn’t been accidentally turned down. Ideally, it should be set at no less than 70 and no higher than 72. The filters should also be checked to be sure they aren’t clogged with dust. This will seriously impair the units ability to cool a room. If these things have been checked and, if needed, corrected and the unit still fails to properly cool, the next step is to call for service.

Home Air Conditioning Service Los Angeles

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If you’re looking for the best home air conditioning service Los Angeles has, then you must be looking for West Coast Chief Repair. West Coast is based out of Los Angeles, but services the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area as well.

Air conditioning is an essential part of any home in Los Angeles during the warm season. Well, you’d certainly feel that way if your’s were to break down and you were without it, anyways. There are any number of things that could go wrong with your home air conditioning.

There are three main components that make up an air conditioning system. The compressor,  the condenser and the evaporator. If any one of these components break down or becomes worn and loses it’s ability to keep up with the other two components, your air conditioning system will, at the very least, not properly cool your home. At the very worse it will cease to function all together. In either event, you’re going to need some sort of home air conditioning service. Los Angeles residents are lucky to be able to call on the expertise of West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast has been in service for over twenty years, and services over eighty different brands of appliances.

Burbank Appliance Repair

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The residents of Burbank, California are used to the finer things in life, and more often than not they get it. So who do people want if one of their appliances stops working or there’s some sort of problem with their heating system and  they live in Burbank? Appliance repair specialists, West Coast Chief Repair, that’s who.

West Coast is based in Los Angeles, and has been providing quality, on-time service to the 100,000 residents of Burbank since they opened their doors in 1989, and not just the homeowners either. West Coast avails themselves for the hospitals, schools, prestigious restaurants, country clubs and businesses, both small and large.

Burbank is home to some of the most recognized names in the movie and television industries. Warner Bro. Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal. It’s also a place where the name, West Coast Chief Repair, is just as recognized among those that make their homes there.

Because they specialize in the service, repair and installation of all major home appliances, A/C and heating systems, West Coast can handle a wide variety of issues that can arise, and many times does, with appliances.

For the best Burbank appliance repair contact West Coast Chief Repair and put your mind at rest.

Lakewood Appliance Repair

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There’s only one company that delivers the best Lakewood appliance repair, West Coast Chief Repair. This reputable company is well known in the Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley areas. They’ve been serving these areas since 1989, and their list of satisfied customers has grown every year since.

The key to West Coast’s success has always been quick service without compromising quality. Their staff of technicians are all certified. They’ve got hours and hours of field work experience, and they are available evenings, weekend, and holidays as well as availing themselves for all kinds of appliance emergencies in Lakewood. Appliance repair isn’t something many people even give a second thought to. At least not until one of their own appliances malfunctions.

Leaky dishwashers, warm refrigerators, heating systems that aren’t heating and air conditioners that aren’t cooling. These are all things that could happen to you. If, or rather when, this happens to you, don’t hesitate to contact West Coast Chief Repair, and let them handle the rest.

Long Beach Appliance Repair

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Being without air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter can make for an uncomfortable stay in Long Beach. Appliance repair can be a pain, especially if you’ve got to wait days for the repair tech to show up. Even then you stand the chance of hearing that dreaded appliance repair guy say, “Well, I can fix it for you, but I have to wait until the part comes in, but it shouldn’t take more than a week at the most.” Urgh!

That’s easy for him to say. He’s not the one that’s got to sleep under seven layers of blankets and wake up to an ice-cold floor in the morning. Don’t let this happen to you. Call West Coast Chief Repair at the first sign of trouble.

West Coast has been coming to the aid of thousands of consumers for over twenty years.  They have a full staff of repair technicians that are all certified and kept up-to-date with all the latest technology in the world of appliances. They treat you as if you matter, and they won’t consider the job done until you consider it done.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter, or smolder in the heat of the summer, call West Coast Chief Repair and rest at ease.

Samsung Mini Split System Repair

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Is there anything worse than trying to fall asleep when it’s still 76 degrees at 10:00 at night and the humidity is at 90%? Alright, maybe there is, but those sleeping conditions are still at the top of the list, and when your cooling system malfunctions what do you do? If you’ve got an environmentally friendly Samsung Mini Split System, repair is just a call away with West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast Chief Repair services the entire Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas. Their certified factor-trained technicians are always up-to-date with the latest technologies in cooling systems, so they’ll have no problem getting your Samsung Mini Split System repaired for you.

Whether your system is located in your bedroom, basement recreation room or your home office, having it break down can put a real damper on things. West Coast Chief Repair offers their customers quick response time, and excellent service. In fact, in most cases, if you contact them before noon they’ll be able to provide you with same-day-service. They also have evening, weekend, and holiday hours so they can pretty much get you fixed up no matter when your system breaks down.

Give them a shout when you need Samsung Mini Split System Repair, and see for yourself.

Wall And Window A/C Repair Los Angeles


If you’ve got an air conditioner, you want to be sure it’s in good operating condition before the mercury starts to rise. If your unit isn’t working, you may need to seek out wall and window A/C repair. Los Angeles is no place to mess around with air conditioning repair when the hot months arrive.

Your wall or window unit should be cleaned annually, and tested for output capabilities. Depending on the BTU’s of your unit, it should cool a room the size it’s designed for relatively quickly. If it isn’t keeping the room cool, you need to have it looked at, and if so, repaired.

West Coast Chief Repair can figure out what’s wrong with your air conditioner and repair it accordingly. They’re experts in the field of appliance service and repair, and they’ve been doing it for more than twenty years. They employ an able staff of certified, factory-trained technicians who work evenings, weekends and holidays. Because they are so flexible with their hours of operation, it shouldn’t be to hard to set up an appointment that doesn’t interfere with work or other obligations.

Don’t leave your wall and window A/C repair to just anyone. Call West Coast Chief Repair, and rest assured you’re unit will be working to its maximum efficiency before they’re done.

Immediate Appliance Service

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When you need immediate appliance service don’t waste precious time thumbing through the phonebook or calling Uncle Arthur to see what appliance service he uses. When you need appliance service, and you need it now, call on the folks at West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast Chief Repair employs the best service technicians in all of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and the surrounding areas. They’re not only certified, but they’re factor-trained as well. West Coast Chief Appliance also offers its customers emergency service in addition to evenings, weekends and holidays. This is great for both the business owner and home owner.

Is your furnace spitting and sputtering, and you need to keep your home warm for your newborn baby? Are you a business owner whose commercial refrigerator just stopped running, and you can’t open for business until it’s repaired? West Coast Chief Repair can help with both these problems and a host of others.

They specialize in the service and repair of all major home appliances as well as AC and heating units. Their technicians are well-trained in field work, and they are available to you evenings, weekends and holidays. Now that’s a way to keep a consumer happy.

Appliance Repair West Hollywood

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West Coast Chief Repair provides the most reliable appliance repair West Hollywood has ever had. They’ve been in business for more than twenty years, and take great pride in the number of satisfied customers they’ve had over the years.

Folks who didn’t have any heat in the winter called on West Coast Chief Repair and were back in the warmth in no time. Business who’s commercial air conditioning systems stop working in the middle of diner service have called on West Coast’s emergency services, and have had the problem resolved quickly.

They service and repair over eighty different brands of appliances. There technicians are certified, and have years of field work under their belts. They provide service on weekends, weeknights and holidays, and they don’t even charge you an additional fee for doing so. They can provide you with repair or maintenance services, or they’ll install brand new appliances for you.

The bottom line is that West Coast Chief Repair knows what to do, and they know how to do it right. They will take that extra time to make sure you’re satisfied, and they’ll treat you as if you were a part of the family.

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