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Finding heating repair in the Agoura Hills is not a problem; West Coast Chief Repair is in your neighborhood. Located in Los Angeles, they will be able to offer top rated service that will fit within your busy schedule.Have you considered replacing that old heating system with one that has an Energy Star rating? The small investment that you spend today will save you money tomorrow. There are several different companies that offer heating systems that fit this bill, including Amana. Generations of Americans have trusted Amana for all of their a/c and heating needs. They have been proven to outlast some of the other leading brands, so their customers receive lasting comfort. Call the experienced technicians, at West Coast, and ask about an Amana heat pump. These pumps are designed to take the cold air from outside, transfer it to the interior of your home, and heat the air.

They also deal with other makes and models of heating systems, including top manufacturers, like:
• American Standard
• Carrier
• Bryant
• Trane
• Ruud
• And others that you have come to know and trust.

Think you are too busy to meet with someone? Well, rest easy because they offer hours that will fit even your hectic schedule; including evenings and weekends. Don’t put up with that old heating system, contact West Coast Chief Repair today and find out how you can save your money.

Heating Agoura


The thermostat on your furnace is the main component of a home heating system. The thermostat is your main point of control that decides when the furnace will kick on and how much heat it will produce when it does. For all that is does and the power that it possesses, a home furnace thermostat is actually not as complicated as you might think. In fact, all a furnace thermostat is simply a switch that is pressure sensitive.An analog or non-digital thermostat is made up of three major components, which includes a heat anticipator, a bimetallic coil or strip and contact. As the temperature of you home increases and decreases, in order for an analog thermostat to function properly, something must move. That is where the bimetallic strip comes into play.

As the bimetallic strip moves, the vial of mercury is tipped until the until the element moves enough to either open or close the switch contact. The contact works similar to a light switch.

There is an electrical resistance wire on the center disc that is connected to the bimetallic strip and allows the thermostat to turn the furnace off and on.

There are several different thermostats available for home heating. Agoura residents always turn to West Coast Chief Repair for all of their heating and cooling questions and problems.

Furnace Installation Agoura Hills


The city of Agoura Hills, California has a population of more than twenty thousand people according to the most recent census. You may recognize the city as the hometown of Erin Brockovich, who inspired the Oscar-nominated motion picture Erin Brockovich.

The beautiful city of Agoura Hills just happens to be situated in an area abundant with coyotes. The Los Angeles basin is the coyotes’ natural habitat and they have adapted to living near human beings. Coyotes frequently show up in the parks, along the freeway in the areas that have been landscaped as well as in the residential areas.

The residents of Agoura Hills are not surprised when they find a coyote sipping water from their birdbaths or sprinkler heads. If you have pets and are planning to relocate to Agoura Hills, it is recommended that you keep your pets in at night and always accompany them when they go outside.

Another thing you want to be sure to have in order before you move in is your furnace system. You should check with West Coast Chief Repair about furnace installation. Agoura Hills can get cool at night, so unless you want to try snuggling with the coyotes to stay warm, you should have a qualified technician evaluate your new home and recommend a furnace that will suit you best.

Furnace Repair Agoura Hills – Troubleshooter

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On most older gas furnaces, there is a “pilot light” (newer ones tend to have electronic ignition instead). It serves to light the flame of the larger gas burner that powers your furnace. Because the flame on your heater is extinguished when the air in the home reaches the desired temperature, there must be some way for the furnace to re-light itself the next time the heater comes on. Voila! The pilot light. It stays on all the time, using a very small amount of gas, and is always there to light the larger burner. Except, sometimes it goes out. Windy days, drafts, whatever. But wait! Hold that call to furnace repair!

Agoura Hills’ heaters are no different than heaters anywhere else. Re-lighting the pilot light is fairly easy (unless there’s a deeper problem). Here’s what to do.

The easiest thing to do is check inside the door of your furnace (or possibly the instruction manual, if you still have it) to see if there are instructions for your specific model to re-light the pilot light. No luck? All right. First, turn the thermostat as high as it will go. Next, find the pilot light assembly (usually a box-shaped metal thing) and turn the valve on it to “Off” (it usually says things like “On,” “Pilot,” and “Off”). Wait 3-5 minutes for any residual gas to clear. Now, turn the valve to “Pilot,” and use a fireplace match to light the pilot light inside. Slowly turn the pilot valve to “On,” so it can turn on and off as the heater requires.

And don’t forget to turn your heater thermostat back down!

Didn’t solve the problem?   Not comfortable troubleshooting on your own?  Time to call an experienced service technician for furnace repair – Agoura Hills has some of the best around!