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Heating Alhambra

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West Coast Chief Repair knows a lot about heating. Alhambra natives know a lot about staying comfortable. When the beautiful people of Alhambra want to best in comfort, they look to West Coast Chief Repair for all of their home heating needs.Just as with all other appliances, a forced air furnace must be regularly maintained in order to remain efficient and trouble-free. By taking a few simple steps like replacing the filter when it is saturated with dirt can save you a fortune in repairs to your home heating system in the future.

As the weather in California begins to get increasingly colder, it would be worth your time to make a checklist for seasonal maintenance of your forced air furnace. If you are not sure what all should be included on your list, call one of the experienced professionals working for West Coast Chief Repair and ask them what you should be doing to ensure a long life for your home heating system.

It is a good idea to schedule an annual evaluation each fall before the temperature drop too low. A qualified technician from West Coast Chief Repair will take a look at you home and your heating system, check for any leaks or other common issues. Then he or she will tell you everything you need to do to get ready for the approaching winter season.

Heating Alhambra

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Many people today are looking for alternative methods of home heating. Alhambra residents are turning to heat pumps to keep their families warm these days. However, many people are wondering how to measure the efficiency of a heat pump. There are actually four different kinds of measurements used to determine the efficiency of a specific model.One way to measure efficiency is to compare the amount of energy that is delivered by a heat pump to the amount of actual energy that is consumed. Remember for your comparison that the higher the number is, the greater the efficiency of that particular heat pump.

The most popular method for measuring the efficiency of a heat pump is the Coefficient of Performance, sometimes referred to as COP. This is the ration of the BTU heat output of the pump to the BTU electrical output. A ground or water source heat pump should have a rating of about three to five.

An air source type heat pump generally has a rating of about two to four. When the temperature outside drops, the air source heat pumps go down in rating. Be sure when you are comparing ratings that your are conducting your research under the same temperature conditions.