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Best Appliance Service Santa Monica

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When it comes to choosing the best appliance service, Santa Monica residents are, more likely than not, going to choose West Coast Chief Repair. That’s because they know, first-hand, the kind of quality service you get from this company, as well as the many types of services offered.

They specialize in the service and repair of major home appliances, air conditioning and heating systems and they also perform duct testing. They offer the best warranties  in the industry, have evening, weekend and holiday hours, and they offer a full range of heating and air conditioning appliances: central air conditioners and heaters, heat pumps, packaged units, forced air furnaces, wall furnaces, floor heaters, and wall units. They offer financing on select products, and they stock major brands like Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Trane, American Standard, Rheem, and Ruud.

You can begin to see why West Coast would be called the best appliance service company in the Santa Monica area. West Coast is located in Los Angeles and provides service to the surrounding areas including the San Fernando Valley. Look them up when you need service on your appliances. It won’t take long for you to see why they deserve the title of best appliance service company.

Best Appliance Service Sherman Oaks

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For the best appliance service Sherman Oaks has to offer, contact West Coast Chief Repair. If you think about it, your appliances are the basically a necessary part of your life.

Imagine coming home from work and having no stove or microwave oven to cook in. Sure, you could order take-out, but that can get real pricey after awhile. Or what if you do wan to save money, and you buy groceries to prepare your own food, where would you put the perishables if you didn’t have a refrigerator? The list goes on. No heat in the winter without your heating system, and no cool air in the summer without your air conditioning system. Or , worse yet, trips to the Laundromat if you didn’t have a washing machine. Now that’s a scary thought.

So, now that we’ve established just how essential your appliances are to your everyday life, wouldn’t you want to be sure the appliance company you call to work on them knows what its doing? Of course you would.

The next time you need appliance repair, contact West Coast Chief Repair, and see for yourself why they’re the best appliance service Sherman Oaks has to offer.

Top Appliance Service Beverly Hills


If there were an award for the top appliance service, Beverly Hills would surely choose West Coast Chief Repair as the winner. If you know anything about Beverly Hills, and its many famous residence, then you know they like the finest of things and the best of services. But, it’s not just the socialites that want and deserve this type of service. Every resident of Beverly Hills is entitled to the same quality of service. West Coast Chief Repair knows this and stands by it.

West Coast is a reputable appliance service and repair company located in Los Angeles. They’ve been in operation for more than twenty years, and have a loyal customer base like no other appliance service company in the area. In addition to quick, quality service and repair, West Coast also performs installations, does duct inspections and sells affordable, dependable appliances.

It’s a lot for one company to do, but West Coast has been doing a fine job of it all over the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and the surrounding area. For top appliance service, Beverly Hills residents know who to call if they want the job done right, efficiently and one time. Now you do also.

Cheap Appliance Service Los Angeles


If you want cheap appliance service, Los Angeles has just what you’re looking for. And, by cheap, I don’t mean shoddy workmanship. For cheap appliance repair, Los Angeles residence should call on the services of West Coast Chief Repair.

For the past twenty-plus years West Coast has been providing residents in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas of California with excellent appliance service that include annual maintenance, repairs and installation of more than eighty different brands of appliances including Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Trane, American Standard, Rheem, and Ruud.

They employ only certified, factory-trained technicians, offer emergency services as well as ductwork testing. They sell brand new appliances that are always in stock at unbelievably affordable prices, and they stand behind every job they do. They service the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas of California.

Cheap appliance service doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on quality. West Coast Chief Repair is a reputable company that has built its great name on good craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and timely service. Contact West Coast if you’re in need of appliance repair and see for yourself what all the hype is about. You won’t be sorry you did.

Los Angeles Appliance Shop

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West Coast Chief Repair is a well-known Los Angeles appliance shop. The consumers who use West Coast as their appliance repair and service provider can tell you about the great service you get when you contact West Coast.

Having continually been in operation for more than twenty years, the folks at West Coast Chief repair are certainly aware of what can go wrong with appliances as well as air conditioning and heating systems. They’ve seen more appliance breakdowns that any other Los Angeles appliance shop.

Not only do they repair and service appliances, they sell new ones and can do the installation as well. They work evenings, weekends and holidays at no extra charge to you the consumer, and offer emergency service as well. They use only brand new parts and offer the best warranties in the industry. They do what they say they will, and stand behind every job they do.

West Coast handles more than eighty different brands of appliances, and has years of experience with all of them. They specialize in major home appliances, and air conditioning and heating systems, and can show you how to save hundreds of dollars on your annual energy consumption. It’s no wonder they’re such a well-known Los Angeles appliance shop!

West Hollywood Appliance Shop

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For most people, investing in a new appliance is a big step. In fact, for many people it’s one of the major purchases of a lifetime. But, there are so many questions. What brand should you purchase? Will it do all you need it to do? What’s a good price? These are all legitimate questions. West Coast Chief Repair is a West Hollywood appliance shop that can answer all your questions.

Located at 355 N. Fairfax Ave, West Coast Chief Repair has no problem servicing West Hollywood. Appliance shop after appliance shop will promise you something. The difference between them, and West Coast Chief repair, is that West Coast will deliver on their promises.

Their certified, factory-trained staff of technicians won’t call the job complete until you’re one-hundred percent satisfied. They are loyal to their customers, and this is one of the reasons West Coast Chief Repair has been in business for more than twenty years.

West Coast Chief Repair is a reputable, dependable, West Hollywood appliance shop that cares about its reputation as one of the best appliance shops on the West Coast. Providing you with fast, friendly, reliable service has earned them this prestigious reputation.

West Hollywood Appliance Store

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Are you in the market for a new air conditioner? Maybe you’re finally going to get that new refrigerator you’ve been talking about for months. Whatever type of appliance you’re looking for, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on it. West Hollywood Appliance Store is a one of the most well-known appliance stores that service West Hollywood.

They specialize in appliances that work great but won’t cost you a whole bunch of money. They stand behind their work, and pride themselves on more than twenty years of loyal service to their customers. They have very flexible working hours that can accommodate almost any schedule, and their technician staff is completely certified and factor-trained.

Making the investment in a new appliance is exciting, but doing business with a company that installs it, and then disappears into the night, isn’t the type of company many people care to do business with. What happens if something goes wrong, and there’s no one to call?

West Coast Chief Repair is a reputable business that serves West Hollywood. Appliance stores are all the same right? Wrong. West Coast Chief Repair can successfully meet all your appliance needs. And, better yet, they’ll be around if you need to contact them again.

Appliance Sales Los Angeles

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Do you need a new refrigerator, stove, or microwave? Is your washer and dryer not working efficiently and you’re thinking about purchasing a new set? Then you need a company that specializes in appliance sales. Los Angeles and the surrounding areas can benefit from the experts at West Coast Chief Repair.An appliance is a major commitment; you hope to stick with it for a long time, so you need one that runs efficiently and has a good track record. But, look at all the choices you have? So, instead of pouring over multiple periodicals or searching the net for hours; how about asking the experts at West Coast? They can help you find what you are looking for and at the price you need.

Are you building a new home? Or do you have space restrictions? Just let them know and they can steer you in the right direction. No need to feel alone during this major purchase decision making time. They offer hours that fit your schedule, so you do not have to take time off from work for this specific task.

Trust the excellent customer service team at West Coast Chief Repair for all of your needs in service and appliance sales. Los Angeles may have a lot of choices, but the only choice should be West Coast.