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Heating Calabasas

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It may be in sunny California, but Calabasas requires heat when the temperature goes down. Contact West Coast Chief Repair and find out how they can help with all of your heating needs.When it comes to choosing an energy efficient heating system or finding service for your existing unit, it can get confusing and stressful. Don’t try to do it all on your own; the professionals at West Coast can fit your home with a proper heating system that will meet your needs and your budget. They are able to pass on savings to you because they do not have salespeople with high commission rates, but experienced field technicians that are in the know.

They deal with all the top brands and manufacturers, like:
• Carrier
• Trane
• Bryant
• American Standard
• Rheem
• And many more

If you are not in the market for a new system, but are finding your existing unit is working harder then it should then they are able to meet your service needs. You see, they offer appointments on the weekends and evenings, at no additional cost. Also, they only use factory recommended parts so you are getting top rated service and the job will be done correctly the first time.

Don’t get stuck in the cold, contact West Coast Chief Repair and find out how they can keep you warm.

Furnace Repair Calabasas


Imagine you have just come home from a hard day at work and all you want to do is make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate, turn up the furnace, slip into your pajamas and watch your favorite prime time television series.

Then, reality rears its ugly head. Your favorite show has been preempted for a football game, you dog decided your pajamas would make a nice chew toy and you are out of cocoa. Well, at least you can just crank up the furnace and go to bed.

You go to turn on the furnace and nothing happens. You check to make sure the unit is in fact in the On position. You check to make sure that the lever is set to Heat and that the thermometer is set high enough for the unit to start. Still, nothing happens so you check your home breaker box to make sure the breaker does not just need to be reset. Still, nothing.

You begin to wonder what you are going to do. First, you had to work late, so you did not get home until late. Then, you went through all of the trauma with the nonexistent cocoa, the chewed up PJs and missing your favorite show for a while. After trying to find some way to make the furnace work on your own, it is now ten o’clock on Saturday night and you are cold, tired and just plain sad.

As you wipe the tears from your eyes, you see a brochure. Your prayers have been answered. West Coast Chief Repair does not charge extra for night and weekend furnace repair. Calabasas is definitely in their service area. You give them a call and suddenly things are a little brighter. Maybe tomorrow you can pick up some cocoa and try it all one more time, at least you know your furnace will be working.

Furnace Installation Calabasas: Provider Review

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If you are looking to install a new furnace system and you live Calabasas then you need to contact West Coast Chief Repair, located in the Los Angeles area.

West Coast Chief Repair specializes in the service, repair, and installation of all major home appliances, air conditioning, and heating units. They are able to get the job done right the first time, in a timely manner and with the best prices around.

If you need a new furnace installed, then call the folks at West Coast Chief Repair and you will see that they deal with:

• American Standard
• Trane
• Carrier
• Rheem

West Coast Chief Repair never charges extra for evenings, weekends, or holidays; so there is always a right time, that will fit into your schedule to have them do what they do best; provide top of the line service.

A new furnace is not a light matter, so contact those who will guide you to the correct system and install it with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. They do not deal with the middle man or salespeople, so they are able to pass the savings on to you; their customer. Let West Coast Chief Repair show you how it is done.