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For the most part, California is one of the warmer states in the country. In fact, that is one of the main attractions to the region. However, the concept of wintertime is not foreign to California residents. Recently, the state has been experiencing quite a cold snap.

This type of weather has homeowners making sure that they are prepared when it comes to home heating. Castaic natives know the name they can trust for all of their home heating and cooling sales, service and repair needs. West Coast Chief repair has been providing quality service to customers throughout Los Angeles County for many, many years.

One problem that many homeowners face this time of year is thermostat failure. If you do find yourself in need of replacing your current thermostat on your home heating system this year, you may want to consider and electronic programmable thermostat.

An electronic programmable thermostat is like a really smart digital thermostat. It gives you the power to set the temperature, time and days of the week. There are also features that allow you to override the presets, temporarily hold the temperature or custom program it however, you see fit.

The greatest benefit is the amount of energy that you will save by converting to an electronic programmable thermostat. Call West Coast Chief Repair today to find out more information.

Furnace Repair Castaic Lake

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As your home furnace gets older, it is more difficult for it to do its job of warming your home. Several different things can go wrong and cause you to seek service for furnace repair. Castaic Lake residents have been trusting West Coast Chief Repair with all of their furnace purchase, repair and replacement needs for more than twenty years.

It is critical that you have a qualified technician perform regular maintenance on your system. This will not only keep your home heating system safe and problem free; it could also save you from some very costly repairs in the future.

Having a technician like the skilled professionals you will find at West Coast Chief Repair conduct regular inspections on your home furnace can eliminate any potential dangers. The technician will test for carbon monoxide and replace your furnace filter. You should also expect the service person to verify that your thermostat and all safety controls are in proper working order.

Regular inspections of your home heating system by West Coast Chief Repair will give you confidence knowing that your furnace is going to last for many years to come. If your furnace is more than fifteen years old, you should consider purchasing a replacement unit that is much more energy efficient and safer for you and your family as well. The friendly staff at West Coast Chief Repair will be happy to assist you in finding the unit that is right for your home.