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Immediate Appliance Service

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When you need immediate appliance service don’t waste precious time thumbing through the phonebook or calling Uncle Arthur to see what appliance service he uses. When you need appliance service, and you need it now, call on the folks at West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast Chief Repair employs the best service technicians in all of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and the surrounding areas. They’re not only certified, but they’re factor-trained as well. West Coast Chief Appliance also offers its customers emergency service in addition to evenings, weekends and holidays. This is great for both the business owner and home owner.

Is your furnace spitting and sputtering, and you need to keep your home warm for your newborn baby? Are you a business owner whose commercial refrigerator just stopped running, and you can’t open for business until it’s repaired? West Coast Chief Repair can help with both these problems and a host of others.

They specialize in the service and repair of all major home appliances as well as AC and heating units. Their technicians are well-trained in field work, and they are available to you evenings, weekends and holidays. Now that’s a way to keep a consumer happy.

Appliance Repair West Hollywood

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West Coast Chief Repair provides the most reliable appliance repair West Hollywood has ever had. They’ve been in business for more than twenty years, and take great pride in the number of satisfied customers they’ve had over the years.

Folks who didn’t have any heat in the winter called on West Coast Chief Repair and were back in the warmth in no time. Business who’s commercial air conditioning systems stop working in the middle of diner service have called on West Coast’s emergency services, and have had the problem resolved quickly.

They service and repair over eighty different brands of appliances. There technicians are certified, and have years of field work under their belts. They provide service on weekends, weeknights and holidays, and they don’t even charge you an additional fee for doing so. They can provide you with repair or maintenance services, or they’ll install brand new appliances for you.

The bottom line is that West Coast Chief Repair knows what to do, and they know how to do it right. They will take that extra time to make sure you’re satisfied, and they’ll treat you as if you were a part of the family.

West Hollywood Appliance Service

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If you find yourself in desperate need of an appliance repair technician, and you live in West Hollywood, appliance service is not far away. West Coast Chief Repair is one of the most well-known appliance service and repair companies in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area.

If your heater is no longer heating, your air conditioning is no longer cooling, or one of your appliances is malfunctioning, West Coast Chief Repair can fix the problem for you. They service, and repair, more than eighty different brands of appliances, and can come to your assistance if an emergency arises. They work weekends, evenings and holidays, and all their technicians are certified and factory-trained.

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night only to discover your home is ice cold, or having your commercial air conditioner stop working with a restaurant full of patrons. When you need service, and you need it right away, contact West Coast Chief Repair.

It doesn’t matter where you live in West Hollywood, appliance service should be quick and efficient. The technician should treat you with kindness and respect.  West Coast Chief Repair gives you just that.

Traulsen Refrigerator Service Los Angeles

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You can trust a commercial Traulsen refrigerator; service? Los Angeles and the surrounding areas can trust West Coast Chief Repair to take care of these needs and more.Traulsen refrigerators are commercial grade units that can be found in restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, casinos, and places of that nature. They are Energy Star rated, so you know that you will be running an energy efficient unit. They offer styles and sizes that fit all commercial refrigeration needs and budgets. Their work tops, dual temps, and side by sides are just some of the styles to choose from.

You count on your commercial refrigerator and cannot be without it for long. You never know when it may require service; its usually not during regular business hours. No need to close down or loose business because your refrigerator doesn’t work. The techs at West Coast excel in customer satisfaction and one way they ensure that is by offering hours that fit busy schedules, getting the job right the first time, and not padding the bill with travel fees. So if you are located in the area of Los Angeles; Traulsen refrigerator service is no problem.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service In Los Angeles

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Before the temperature gets unbearable in Los Angeles, commercial air conditioning service may be in order. After all, you do not want to scare off potential clients or make your employees unhappy because it is too hot to think.It has been proven that productivity and sales are up when everyone is in a good mood and the conditions are right. Who hasn’t been in a situation where you feel suffocated because the air conditioning was not working? West Coast Chief Repair can handle all air conditioning service.

In Los Angeles, which is in Southern California, it is not unlikely that the temperature can reach into the hundred degree mark. There is no question that a company would need proper cooling solutions. The professionals at West Coast can help you purchase a system that is right for your needs or they can help with any commercial air conditioning service; in Los Angeles is where you will find them. Their techs have years of experience with commercial air conditioning systems, so you are ensured the right system for your space.

Make sure you are running your business at top efficiency, right down to your commercial air conditioning. Service in Los Angeles means contacting the folks at West Coast Chief Repair.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair In Los Angeles

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Keep your customers and employees cool with properly running commercial air conditioning. Repair in Los Angeles, can be as easy as contacting West Coast Chief Repair.Going into a hot store or having to work in a hot office can be extremely frustrating. You cannot concentrate and you only have “getting out of here” on your mind. So, what can be done? Of course the answer is to have your commercial air conditioning repaired.

In Los Angeles, the temperatures are usually in the 90 degree area, during the hot months. It is important to keep your customers and your employees happy and cool. Your productivity levels will be higher and your customers are more likely to stick around; which could mean potential sales.

Some things that could go wrong include:

• Zone issues
• Musty smells
• Fan running constantly
• Hot air blowing
• Too cold

If these problems sound familiar then do not hesitate to contact West Coast Chief Repair for your needs in commercial air conditioning repair.

In Los Angeles, there are vast choices for people to go; don’t let your hot air issues drive them away.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Santa Monica

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Surrounded by Santa Monica Bay and Los Angeles lays the city of Santa Monica; commercial refrigeration repair can be handled by the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair. They are based in Los Angeles so they can get to you in no time.Commercial refrigeration comes in many forms. You can truly find a refrigeration solution to fit any kitchen. You can find things like:
• Work tables with refrigeration underneath – This will give you a work space and a place to keep your finer things cool.
• Pass Thrus – These help manage any kitchen’s work space more efficiently
• Reach In w/ Dual Temps – These are great for limited space issues and will give you more for your money
• And many more options

The bottom line is that you need to choose refrigeration pieces that work with your kitchen layout. You know how important it is to have an efficient working kitchen.

However, no matter the style of your choice unit; when it is not keeping your food cool then you will need commercial refrigeration repair. Santa Monica is in the same area of West Coast Chief Repair, so their expert repair techs will be able to attend to you in a timely manner.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Beverly Hills

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A trusted repair tech is needed for all commercial refrigeration repair. Beverly Hills is full of top star shopping, accommodation, and restaurant venues. There is a need for professional help for when the temp goes up and nothing is staying cool in your restaurant’s kitchen.There are many choices when it comes to commercial refrigeration, including:
• Reach In Models with one, two, and three sectionals
• Dual temps so you can customize your refrigeration needs
• Under the counter models to make the most of your space
• And more

Blast chillers refrigeration units are also a great choice for your restaurant. During the cooling process of food, the most danger of contamination occurs when food is chilling from 140 degrees to 40 degrees. The HAACP requires that the hazardous foods are not in that danger zone for more then four hours; the blast chiller will shorten that time by two hours.

If your refrigeration units are not keeping your food cool then it is time to contact the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair. They excel in customer service with all repairs, including commercial refrigeration repair. Beverly Hills is noted for its high class style and treatment; continue that for your customers with top refrigeration for your restaurant.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Los Angeles


Do you own a restaurant? Then you should make sure you have West Coast Chief Repair’s contact information handy for all needs of appliance and commercial refrigeration repairs.Los Angeles is nicknamed the City of Angels and sports many restaurant choices; yours should be one that patrons can count on for top customer service. If you discover that your commercial refrigeration unit is not keeping your essentials cool, then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at West Coast.

They send certified repair techs that have years of field experience and they only use factory approved new parts. They specialize in most brands and models, so you are ensured to receive top customer service.

Perhaps the inside of your refrigeration unit feels warm, it makes loud noises, it will not defrost, it runs constantly, or it is freezing the food; these are all reasons for commercial refrigeration repair.

Los Angeles has many choice restaurants and businesses but your choice for commercial appliance repairs should be West Coast Chief Repair. Keep your restaurant up and running, don’t loose business because you have to close to wait for a repair technician; contact them today.