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Hotpoint Appliances

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Appliances are a must in today’s society. There’s just not enough time in the day to get done all that needs doing without the assistance of our appliances. Sure there are some that we could live without, but there are others that would send us back into the dark ages if we didn’t have them. We’re a world that’s become dependent on our appliances, and this is never more apparent than when they break down.

Imagine not having your range to cook on or your refrigerator to store food in. Although a washing machine and dryer aren’t considered a necessity, there are many people who would be lost without them. The same can be said for your dishwasher.

There are fewer and fewer homes that aren’t equipped with a trusty dishwasher to make clean up after meals quicker and easier. If you’ve got one, and it’s ever broken down, you can relate to just how much time a dishwasher can save. If your Hotpoint dishwasher isn’t acting normal or it’s completely stopped working all together, there could a number of things going on.

If the filter in the base of your Hotpoint dishwasher isn’t draining it could be something as simple as the drain at the bottom of the dishwasher being clogged. Although, a common occurrence, there could be a number of other reasons as well. There could also be a variety of reasons your dishwasher doesn’t fill. Among them is a squashed hose or a clog in the water supply system somewhere. Other woes may include the dishwasher detergent not dispensing properly. In this instance it could mean the spray arms are malfunctioning in some way.

No matter what issues you’re having it’s important to not delay in contacting a qualified Los Angeles appliance repair company. Running your Hotpoint dishwasher when it’s not functioning properly could lead to bigger headaches. The same can be said for trying to fix it yourself.

If you aren’t sure what you’re doing you could wind up making a bigger problem which could end up costing you more money in the long run. Even worse, you could break your dishwasher to the point that it can’t be properly repaired.

It’s always best to call a professional at the first sign of trouble. They’ll send out a trained appliance repair technician who’ll take a look at it, and quickly be able to pinpoint what’s wrong with it. Based on what they discover, they can advise you on how to get it up and running properly again. When you’re Hotpoint dishwasher isn’t washing your dishes like it is designed too, don’t hesitate to call a professional Los Angeles appliance repair company, and get your dishwasher fixed right away.

Appliance Service West Hollywood

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When the refrigerator isn’t staying cool anymore or the dishwasher isn’t getting the dishes clean any more, it’s time to contact an appliance service. West Hollywood residents are lucky to have one of the west coasts best appliance services at their disposal.

West Coast Chief Repair provides magnificent service to the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Their reputation is outstanding, and they are as loyal to their customers as their customers are to them. Having peace of mind, that your appliances are properly serviced or repaired, means a lot to a homeowner.

A man’s home is his castle is very true, and excluding your workplace, it’s where you spend more time than any other place. So if the air conditioner is on the blink or the heating system isn’t pumping out enough warm air in the dead of winter, fixing it right away is top priority.

The staff at West Coast Chief Repair will make your issue their top priority. They treat you more like a family member than a customer, and they are certified and factor-trained. West Coast Chief Repair is the best appliance service West Hollywood has. Contact them if you can use their services.

Appliance Companies in Los Angeles: Simple – Choose West Coast Chief Repair!


If you’re frustrated in your search for decent appliance companies in Los Angeles, the answer is simple – choose West Coast Chief Repair.  Instead of looking through company after company, from smaller companies to the retail chains, you need to look into this locally owned and operated business.  Since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair has been serving the greater Los Angeles area with a smile.

Appliances Here are just some of the advantages of West Coast Chief Repair:

They’re experienced – No matter what kind of problem you’re having, you’re covered because they’re seen it all and fixed it all.  With nearly 20 years of experience, you aren’t going to surprise them or stump them.

  • They’re friendly – By treating you like one of the family, you can have a pleasant repair experience instead of one that you dread.
  • They’re versatile – Not only does West Coast Chief Repair offer you repair services, but they also carry a wide selection of new and used appliances for purchase.

Just go to for more information and to schedule your appointment. Even if there’s nothing wrong yet in your home, a preventive checkup can’t hurt!

Appliance Repair Beverly Hills


If you need appliance repair, Beverly Hills homeowners can call West Coast Chief Repair.  No matter if you need a refrigerator, dryer, washer, range, or any other home appliance serviced; they will set up a convenient appointment with you, arrive on time, and complete the work to your satisfaction.  While other companies just try to rack up labor costs, West Coast Chief Repair is interested in treating you like you’re a part of their family.

 AppliancesYou just don’t see that kind of service anymore.  With the rise in home ownership, there are more service calls than ever.  And while you would think that services would become more competitive and try to be the best at customer service, the truth is that most of these companies just want to make money.  While West Coast Chief Repair doesn’t do their work for free, they’re also not going to overcharge you or treat you like you’re an idiot.  The service team is friendly as they want to create a long term relationship with you – after all, you probably have more than one appliance in your home that might need work in the future.

As a homeowner and a client of West Coast Chief Repair, you will get the respect you deserve at the prices you want.  Just go to for more information and to set up your appointment.

Beverly Hills Appliance Repair


No matter what your situation, Beverly Hills appliance repair is something you need to think about if you’re planning on investing in a refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other large appliance.  Even though you might spend a lot of money and research your purchase, you may very well need to get things fixed down the road.  But by looking at the repair team you will call, you don’t have to worry as much about the brand.


While it’s true that Carrier, Maytag, and Bosch are high quality names you can trust for appliances, no one is perfect all the time.  Air conditioning units can break, washers and dryers stop working, and even heaters start to fizzle out after a few years of use.  And it’s not your fault, but you do need someone you can trust to come out and fix it.  After all, you can’t keep buying new appliances whenever something breaks.


That’s where West Coast Chief Repair comes in handy.  This team of professionals has been in business for nearly 20 years, which means you can trust them to help you with any type of problem.  All you need to do is to go to to contact them via email or to find their toll free number.  Serving the entire greater Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair will make sure your investment is around for a long time.

Beverly Hills Subzero Refrigerator

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If you’re in Beverly Hills, Subzero refrigerator and appliances are probably on your wish list for your dream kitchen.  With their sleek lines and high quality functions, you can keep your foods crisp and fresh for longer than you ever could with a traditional refrigerator.  But sometimes, even the Subzero refrigerator can act up – and you need someone who can deal with this high tech appliance and bring it back to life.

 Subzero Fridge

West Coast Chief Repair has been in business since 1989, serving the greater Los Angeles area with a friendly team of professionals trained in handling troubles with every type of refrigerator, even the new Subzero models.  Because they understand how important your refrigerator is, they can often come out to your home the same day to help you get things working again.  Don’t worry, they have the parts they need on their trucks, so no one’s going to need to run back to the shop, wasting your time and increasing your labor costs.


Just head to their informative website at for more information and for their toll free service number.  You’ve spent a lot on your refrigerator and there’s no reason for you to simply replace it with a new one when it can be fixed so quickly and so conveniently.

Dishwasher Repair in Encino


There used to be a time when you had to wash your dishes by hand – but those days are long gone.  The invention of the dishwasher not only helps you save time, but it’s also environmentally responsible by limiting the water that you use with each load of dishes you wash.  Instead of going back to hand washing when your dishwasher takes a dive, you might want to turn to West Coast Chief Appliance.


While we might not wash your dishes for you, we will come out to your home at a convenient time (often the same day you call) and fix your dishwasher’s troubles.  Whether you have an Admiral, GE, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid dishwasher, we have the parts necessary to get things up and running again.  And if we can’t fix your problem, we can replace your dishwasher completely.

Since 1989, we’ve been serving not only Encino but the entire Los Angeles area with convenient scheduling, friendly service employees, and attention to detail.  We know that you don’t have time to wait around for your dishwasher to be fixed, so we come to you with answers, not more problems.

Come to for more information and to schedule your service call with us.

Dishwasher Repair in Toluca Lake

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New dishwashers are quiet and smart.  That’s right – they’re smart.  They are energy efficient, do a much better job of handling all kinds of dirty dishes and are easier to load.  When you need dishwasher repair in Toluca Lake, you want service technicians who can restore your dishwasher’s intelligence using factory authorized dishwasher parts.  That’s what we carry at West Coast Chief Repair – new parts for old and new dishwashers.


Spending to Save 

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money.  Dishwashers are manufactured with energy ratings, but peak performance depends on regular dishwasher maintenance.  For examples, hoses should be kept in excellent condition at all times.  West Coast Chief Repair technicians don’t just replace a part.  They check out the general operation of the appliance at no extra charge.  You get double dishwasher service for a single price.  We can even help you with a dishwasher replacement if you’re ready for some dishwashing intelligence in your kitchen.

Great dishwasher repair in Toluca Lake is as easy as calling West Coast Chief Repair!

Dishwasher Repair in Stevenson Ranch


When you need dishwasher repair in Stevenson Ranch, West Coast Chief Repair offers the best service you can locate in your area.  When the dishwasher quits working properly, you have more than just hand washing to worry about.  Dishwashers are not only time saving appliances, but they also serve an important role in hygiene and food safety.  Food recalls and increasing instances of food poisoning are reminders you want your dishes to be as absolutely sanitary as possible.

LG Dishwasher

Just Like New in Stevenson Ranch 

In the area of Stevenson Ranch, dishwasher maintenance performed by West Coast Chief Repair on a regular basis keeps your dishwasher working like new.    The newer dishwasher innovations include design features intended to distribute water evenly on all dishes.  To keep your unit working as efficiently as the design intended, only new authorized factory dishwasher parts are used.  Dishwasher service includes rapid response time and qualified technicians who are trained to work on most brands including Admiral, GE, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid and dozens of others.


We can also assist you with dishwasher replacement if you’re ready to upgrade your appliance.   Dishwasher repair in Stevenson Ranch has never been easier thanks to the great service, full parts inventory and brand familiarity found at West Coast Chief Repair. 

Dishwasher Repair in Santa Clarita

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When you want to serve meals on clean plates for your guests, you need to have a dishwasher that can handle even the toughest stains and dirt.  Much like the washer for your clothes, a dishwasher that doesn’t work just isn’t much help to you.  If you’re in need of dishwasher repair in Santa Clarita, maybe you need to figure out how West Coast Chief Repair can work for you.


With a professional staff and all the parts your dishwasher needs, the folks at West Coast have been helping others just like you get their dishes clean again.  Their friendly attitude makes you forget that you’re actually getting a service call and that’s really the attitude that West Coast wants to promote.  No more bored repair vans coming out to your home – you’re going to talk to someone that genuinely cares about making your life better.

By coming out day or night, holidays and weekends, West Coast Chief Repair will get your life back on track in hours, not days or weeks.  When you need help, you should be able to get it right now.  Convenience is the goal of West Coast – now, let them prove it to you.

Dishwasher Repair in Universal City


Dishwashers are designed to handle a variety of jobs.  They can now gently wash small loads of crystal, tough loads of casserole dishes with baked on food, or large loads of dishes after a family meal.  Dishwashers are designed with innovations that take advantage of technology.  You may own a Kenmore that has two dishwashers built into one unit or a Whirlpool with a soak-and-scrub feature.  There are dozens of brands on the market, and no matter which one you own, dishwasher repair in Universal City is available from West Coast Chief Repair.

DishwasherAt West Coast Chief Repair we believe dishwasher service should be dependable and productive.  Technicians are skilled in dishwasher maintenance requirements for almost all brands.  This means service addresses all the features of your dishwasher.  When our technician is done with the work you requested, those innovations you admired in your Tappan or Modern Maid dishwasher will once again be working to your satisfaction.

When you use West Coast Chief Repair for dishwasher repair in Universal City, you know you can trust the technician to only use new factory authorized parts.   Dishwasher replacement parts should never be generic or rebuilt parts, because that’s not what you paid for when you bought your dishwasher.  It’s also not what you ordered when you scheduled repair service either.

When you need dishwasher repair, call the service company you can trust will give full value for your dollar!

Dishwasher Repair in Glendale


Dishwashers are designed to be energy and water efficient.  In fact, an Energy Star rating on a dishwasher means it must exceed federal energy standards by 41 percent.  Dishwashers used to be boring, almost feature-less units, but that’s not true anymore.  You come to depend on your dishwasher to do the hard dish cleaning work, and you should depend on West Coast Chief Repair for dependable dishwasher repair in Glendale. 


The great news is we can do dishwasher service on both old and new makes and models.  Our service technicians have unparalleled expertise in dishwasher maintenance.  When your Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, or Frigidaire dishwasher, or any other brand, is not working, there is a simple solution.  Let one of our qualified technicians analyze your appliance problem and then access the hundreds of dishwasher parts in stock. 

Even if you have decided you need a dishwasher replacement, West Coast Chief Repair can help.  We sell many dishwasher brands and can help you locate the make and model you want while providing easy installation and hook-up.    Dishwasher repair in Glendale can’t be easier.  You can schedule service that fits your timeframe with the knowledge we take your job seriously.  We bring your dishwasher up to its maximum performance level so you continue to enjoy the energy and water savings.

Dishwasher Repair in Palmdale

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Dishwashers were first considered a luxury, but now a home without one is rare.  That’s because today’s active lifestyles doesn’t allow for standing at the kitchen for hours doing dishes.   Even older homes originally built without dishwashers usually are remodeled so a new dishwasher can be added.


When the dishwasher breaks, it’s tough to go back to the old-fashioned dish hand washing method.  Fortunately, you won’t have to do too many dishes by hand, because dishwasher repair in Palmdale is easily scheduled through West Coast Chief Repair.  We have trained technicians who are familiar with the variety of dishwasher brands on the market.  You can get dishwasher service for brands like ASKO, LG Electronics and Kenmore plus dozens of other brands.


When your GE or JC Penney dishwasher, or any other brand, isn’t doing the job it should anymore, it’s probably time for dishwasher maintenance.  Dishwashers are like any other appliance requiring regular care and cleaning to maintain optimum performance.  We are happy to do anything we can to be of service whether it’s a small or large job.  The goal is always to leave your home with the confidence the appliance is once again working like new.


When you need dishwasher repair in Palmdale, calling West Coast Chief Repair gives you access to thousands of new dishwasher parts.  Dishwasher replacement parts are available for most dishwasher makes and models so you don’t have to wait for special order delays.  Life is good when the dishwasher works and you don’t have to face the sink!

Dishwasher Repair in Los Angeles

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Having a dishwasher in your life is one of the best modern day conveniences.  However, as soon as one breaks, you begin to realize just how much you need dishwasher repair in Los Angeles.  From smaller problems to bigger ones, you can count on West Coast Chief Repair to help you get those dishes clean again.


Hand washing dishes is actually a more wasteful way of handling your dirty dish problem.  With a dishwasher, you can monitor the water levels and do more dishes with the same amount of water – saving your water bill as well as the environment.  And of course, since you don’t have to do the ‘dirty’ work, you get to save yourself time and effort – and that’s what convenience is all about.


When you need dishwasher repair in Altadena, be sure to call the professionals at West Coast Chief Appliance.  They’re ready to serve you day or night, weekends and holidays in order to get your dishwasher repaired quickly and professionally.  Instead of waiting around for that other repair company, you can put your fair in a repair business that’s been around the LA area since 1989.


Washing your dishes doesn’t have to be your chore anymore when you get your dishwasher back in working order.

Do You Need To Do Maintenance For Your Dishwasher?

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Regular maintenance on your dishwasher will save you time and most importantly – money. However, before you pull out the toolbox, you need to know how your particular brand of dishwasher works.

Bosch dishwasher
There are two basic designs of dishwashers. A Direct Drive model has parts that are small and straightforward. When running, the drain valve is open and the drain tube is closed. Water is then directed to the spray arms. When draining, the valve closes and water goes out the drain tube. In a Forward-Reversing machine the wash, drain and drive pumps are larger and the parts can move both forward and backward. When washing, the pump pushed the water into the spray arms and the drain pump pumps backward so it has no effect. In drain mode the motor reverses direction, the pump pushes the water out the drain tube and the wash pump turns backward. If the water does not drain properly, you need to understand the difference between the two. A forward-reversing machine stops the motor and restarts in the other direction to drain water. A direct drive does not. If your dishwasher is not operating properly, you might be able to fix the problem. 

If your dishes are not clean, change your brand of soap. You should also clean the filter. Ensure the water temperature is between 125 and 140 F. Also check for splits or leaks in the spray arm and pump.
If the machine will not starting and/or complete a cycle, be sure the door is closed securely. If this is not the problem, check the plug, socket and switch to ensure they are working.

If the water is not spraying during the wash cycle, be sure the hot and cold hoses are connected to the proper caps and are turned on.
If the water doesn’t drain, look for kinks or food stuck in the outlet and drain hoses.
You also need to know how to access the parts in your dishwasher. First, you must remove the access panel. On most models, it is located on the front at the bottom. Behind this panel, you will find the motor and pump system, water-inlet valve, drain solenoid, float switch, thermostat, drying fan and garbage disposal, if there is one.At the top of the dishwasher are the timer, selector switch and (maybe) a soil sensor. The heating element is at the bottom of the machine under the lower spray arm.If you determine that you need a professional and you live in the Los AngelesCounty area, you will want to go to for more information on the details and services that are available.  If you need to replace your dishwasher, Chief Appliances has a wide variety of brands and models to choose from. The cost can range anywhere from $550 to $1,500 depending on the make and model. However, remember that you get what you pay for, so it’s best to compare both prices and features.    

Dishwasher Repair in Arcadia


You’re getting ready for a big party and you’re washing all of the special dishes to set out on the table, but that’s when it happens – your dishwasher stops working.  While you could start doing them by hand like you have in the past, why not look into dishwasher repair in Arcadia?  With West Coast Chief Repair, you can get your party underway without anyone being the wiser.


If you give the pros at West Coast Chief Repair a call, you won’t have to worry about whether they’re going to show up or not.  In most cases, these seasoned staff members will be over to your home within twenty-four hours, if not the same day.  And don’t worry if the dishwasher decides to break on a weekend or a holiday – West Coast will be there no matter what. 

In business since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair is committed to not only providing you with the most reliable service in the LA area, but also in developing a relationship with you.  With a friendly attitude, they will not only provide you with peace of mind, but they’ll also be pleasant along the way.

Why not give West Coast Chief Repair a call when you’re running out of time and out of dishes?

Dishwasher Repair in Altadena

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“Load and run” is the motto of most busy mothers and dads.  There’s soccer and band practice, PTA meetings, tennis dates and the daily 3-mile run with your best friend.  Eat, load the dishwasher, and run out the door is a perfect description of life for many active people at mealtime.  So when you need dishwasher repair in Altadena, you need it now – not 2 weeks from now.


If you live in Atladena, you’re going to love our service.  We want to “repair and run”.  In other words, our goal is to provide dishwasher service as quickly and efficiently as possible so we can get out of your life and you can get on with yours!  At West Coast Chief Repair we understand you don’t have time to waste washing dishes by hand or waiting hours for a service technician.


When you need dishwasher maintenance, you’ll be pleased to discover we stock almost all the dishwasher parts for hundreds of brands.  It’s rare we have to special order parts from a manufacturer.  We carry dishwasher replacement parts and whole units for brands like Kitchen Aid and Montgomery Wards.   We have it all in stock – Bosch parts, control boards, water pumps and even new basket inserts.

When you can’t “load and run” anymore, and need dishwasher repair in Altadena, call us to schedule a “repair and run”!

Dishwasher Repair in Pacific Palisades

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Do you remember the days when you had to clean your dishes before you even put them in the dishwasher?  You had to spend almost as much time rinsing the dishes as you did before you owned a dishwasher.  It seemed self-defeating at times, but that’s all changed with newer models.  Today’s models have jet water streams and soak cycles that do all the rinsing and scrubbing for you.  So you know you need repair services when you unload the dishwasher, and the dishes are still not cleaned to your satisfaction.

dishwasherWhen you require dishwasher repair in Pacific Palisades, it’s always good to use local companies that have proven to be dependable.  At West Coast Chief Repair, we’ve proven our experience and reliability to thousands of customers for many years.  Customer testimonials always talk about our professional staff, honesty and quality work.  Dishwasher service includes quick analysis of the problem, brand new dishwasher parts, and fine-tuning of working components.

Meeting dishwasher maintenance needs is a breeze for our service technicians.  They are trained to repair dozens of dishwasher brands including Whirlpool, Thermador, Hot Point, GE and Bosch. If you need dishwasher replacement, the technician can offer advice and easy access to a number of brands we sell and service.  Dishwasher repair in Pacific Palisades has never been simpler!

Dishwasher Repair in La Canada Flintridge


You have a GE, Bosch, or Uline dishwasher, and the last service call you had to schedule was completely unacceptable.  The technician was late, didn’t have the equipment, had to keep calling the office for advice, and when he left, the appliance still wasn’t working right.  When you need dishwasher repair in La Canada Flintridge, you need to use a locally owned company that can prove it has the experience in appliance repair – a company like West Coast Chief Repair.

dishwasherThe last repairman from the other company indicated you were doing something wrong and that’s why you need dishwasher service.  The truth is every appliance will probably need maintenance or repair at some point. Things break and it’s nobody’s fault.  But when you need dishwasher maintenance, you want it fast, and you want it accurate, and you certainly want it friendly.

When you use West Coast Chief Repair for dishwasher repair in La Canada Flintridge, you get it all.  You get friendly and helpful service, easy scheduling, sound advice, timely service and quality dishwasher replacement parts.  What you don’t get is service with an “attitude” except for an attitude showing the desire to serve customers.

You don’t have to endure poor service – not when you can schedule reliable service through West Coast Chief Repair!

Dishwasher Repair in Granada Hills

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How many people actually have time to do their dishes anymore?  With our over-packed schedules and crazy family lives, sometimes it just seems easier to buy new dishes when the old are dirty, doesn’t it?  To help ease the burden of washing those dishes, you may have invested in a dishwasher – which is a great way to save some time and still have clean dishes everyday.  It’s a great invention…until it fails on you.

DishwahserMaybe you were filling the dishwasher in the morning and noticed that something was broken or that a piece was cracked, or you came home to a kitchen floor that was covered in water – in any case, you need dishwasher repair in Granada Hills.  And with West Coast Chief Repair, you can get your problems solved within a day – even the same day if you make the call before noon.

With all of the parts you need right on our trucks, you can be certain that your dishwashing woes will be over quickly.  We don’t believe in making you wait for us to order parts – we do that ahead of time.  And because we employ a skilled staff, you’re not going to have to wait around for the repair to be done right.

When you choose West Coast Chief Repair, you’re getting quality service at a reasonable price – and you’re also getting your time-saving dishwasher back too.

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