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West Hollywood Appliance Repair

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If you’re a resident of West Hollywood, appliance repair shouldn’t be a nightmare for you; at least not if you call on the services of West Coast Chief Repair. Since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair has been loyally serving their customers. Providing quality service with the courtesy every consumer deserves.

Let’s face it, your initial instinct is to call the first appliance repair company in the yellow pages, but that’s a risky move. Settling for the first offer of help can sometimes cause you more headaches. If a repair company doesn’t know what they’re doing, it could cost you a lot of time and money.

West Coast Chief Repair only employs technicians that are certified and factor-trained. Because of this, you can rest assured you’ll get quality, timely service. They are flexible with their appointment times which can be a real blessing if your boss is the type that gets upset about you taking time off of work.

Having a broken appliance can be a real nuisance, especially if it’s your stove or refrigerator. Even a washer or dryer that’s on the blink can create some real headache. If you find yourself in the need of appliance repair, contact West Coast Chief Repair.

Dryer Repair In Van Nuys

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Dryer repair in Van Nuys means calling the experts at West Coast Chief Repair. They can handle anything that comes their way.Are your clothes still soaking wet, even after they ran a full cycle in your dryer? No need to panic and run out and purchase a new one, right away; try dryer repair.

In Van Nuys, there are diverse ethnic communities and each bring their own individualities to the area. There are many restaurants that reflect their cultures for all to enjoy. Socorro’s, Mom’s BBQ, Tequilas, and many more are a great place to gather with friends. But what about those needed appliance and dryer repairs?

West Coast Chief Repair is based out of Los Angeles, so they are in your neighborhood. Contact them if you hear funny noises, smell burning, or if your dryer simply will not work. It could be that you need a new belt, work on the drum, or a new thermal fuse. They handle most brands and models, including gas and electric fueled dryers.

There are Laundromats in Van Nuys; dryer repairs can be a viable option instead of having to travel to one or even buying a new dryer.

Dryer Repair In Pasadena

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Before you head out for the night and meet your friends at McMurphy’s or the Ice House Comedy Club, in Pasadena, dryer repairs are evident; your favorite outfit is still soaking wet.But before you run out and spend your hard earned money on a new one, contact West Coast Chief Repair and have one of their certified technicians access the problem; it could be a simple fix.

They are located in Los Angeles, but they are always in your neighborhood; at no extra cost. Their certified service team specialize in most brands and models so you are ensured to have quality service; they only use factory approved parts. Not sure if you want to take a day off from work to wait for the repair tech? Well, not to worry because they have hours that will fit your busy schedule, including evenings and weekends.

You may have a gas or electric powered dryer, and why each may have their own set of problems, some may be the same, including: The dryer belt has gone bad, there are noises coming from the wheel drum, the burner components have gone bad, a valve coil issue, thermal fuses, or many others.

Before you have to head to New Era Laundry, on E. Orange Grove Blvd., in Pasadena call the professionals. Dryer repair in Pasadena is as easy as contacting West Coast Chief Repair.

Bosch Laundry Repair Los Angeles


When an appliance has an Energy Star rating, it means you are doing what you can to protect our natural resources. An Energy Star indicates the appliance meets government standards for energy efficiency.   There are many new features now included on washers and dryers that conserve water and use less energy to get the job done.  Of course the only way these efficiency measures remain fully functional is if all of the specially designed components are working the way they were intended.  When the washer or dryer needs even a small repair it can impact the energy efficiency built into the system.


When you need Bosch laundry repair, Los Angeles is a great place to be living.  The City of Angels is a leader in protecting natural resources and has encouraged businesses which help resident “go green”.  When you need Bosch laundry repair services, West Coast Chief Repair can service your units and restore their efficient operation.  You will get service from highly trained technicians who have studied the energy efficiency features of the laundry appliances.  Their goal is to have your appliances working the way they were designed to work.

You can read more about West Coast Chief Repair at

GE Laundry Repair Los Angeles


You have done several loads of wash and are on the last load finally.  You hear the washer chugging away and will be glad when this chore is finally done.  But what is that odd sound you hear?  Why don’t you hear the washer spinning like it is supposed to be doing at this cycle stage?  You can hear the pump trying to pull the water out of the tub, but the clothes are just sitting there all soggy in the bottom of the washer tub.

GE Laundry

This is just one of many problems you can experience with a washer.  The tub not turning is a common repair issue, just like the dryer tub refusing to spin.  When you need GE laundry repair, Los Angeles has West Coast Chief Repair to call on for appliance servicing.  West Coast Chief Repair has been repairing washers and dryers for almost two decades and has seen almost every type of repair problem imaginable. 

When you schedule a service visit at you know you are going to get professional help from qualified technicians.  You can normally get same day service too.  West Coast Chief Repair can get those tubs spinning again on your washer and dryer so you get your chores done and begin enjoying the great Los Angeles weather.

Dryer Repair Los Angeles

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There are scores and scores of people who need dryer repair in Los Angeles.  As one might guess, clothing is a very important part of society and having a dryer definitely speeds along the process of doing laundry.  Without a dryer, one might have to resort to the time-tested method of hanging clothes out to dry.  Is that effective?  Yes, it is.  Is it efficient?  It is not in the least bit efficient at all, but that is why services are offered to fix your dryer problems.  Having a functional dryer makes laundry a breeze and the good people at West Coast Chief Repair can help you get that dryer working in no time at all.  With over twenty years of service to the Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair offers the customer service you want in dryer repair.  Nobody wants to get stuck without a dryer, so make the call today. 


To contact West Coast Chief Repair about your dryer repair, call or go to schedule your appointment.  Same-day service is available to those who request it.  Remember, you need a functional dryer, and West Coast Chief Repair is who you need to solve all of your dryer repair problems.

GE Dryer Repair Los Angeles

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When your washer works, but your dryer does not, it can be an enormous problem dealing with the laundry.  You can wash the clothes, but picking up a basket of wet laundry takes a lot of muscle.  But most homes no longer have clothesline outside, so you have no option but to go to the laundry mat.  Hauling all of those wet clothes requires the services of a muscle man, but most of the time it is just mom that has to take care of the problem.

GE Dryer

When you need GE dryer repair, Los Angeles area residents can count on West Coast Chief Repair to bring some repair muscle power.  You can schedule a repair visit online at and call in the weightlifters of appliance repair.  West Coast Chief Repair has trained technicians and promises you that everything within their power will be done to get your dryer working again on the same day.  You can forget about hauling those heavy wet clothes to the laundry mat and just wait for the muscle repair power of West Coast Chief Repair service personnel.

So when the washer works, but the dryer refuses to start, the next step is to call West Coast Chief Repair!

Bosch Repairs Santa Monica


Getting appliances repaired is one of those things in life you just have to take care of every now and then.  Usually the first response to an appliance breaking is aggravation and then worry about how you are going to take a whole day off to wait for a repair person.  Many appliance repair companies don’t care about your schedule or needs, and that attitude is reflected in their service policies.  It’s up to you to make time for their schedule if you want their services.  On the other hand, there are companies like West Coast Chief Repair that have service policies which prove they put the customer first!


When you need Bosch repairs, Santa Monica is the ideal city because West Coast Chief Repair services the area.  You are able to schedule service at and have the service technician come to your home when it is most convenient for you.  In deference for your time constraints, the company maintains a large parts inventory so your Bosch appliance can be restored to new working order as quickly as possible.

West Coast Chief Repair is ready to repair your Bosch appliances.  You will enjoy the refreshing attitude that the customer comes first. 

Maytag Laundry Repair Los Angeles

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The Maytag commercials used to show a lonely repair man waiting for someone to call for service.  The idea being conveyed was that Maytag appliances seldom break down and customers hardly ever need service.  The fact is that the Maytag washer and dryers are reliable and get high ratings for being dependable, but anything mechanical can break down eventually.  Maytag appliances are no different.

Maytag Laundry

When needing Maytag laundry repair, Los Angeles has access to one of the most efficient appliance repair companies.  West Coast Chief Repair has been fixing Maytag laundry units for almost twenty years.  The service technicians are well trained and use only factory authorized repair parts.  Your Maytag washer or dryer can be repaired quickly and easily.

If you own a Maytag washer or dryer, you hope they never need repair and the Maytag man continues to sit all by himself.  But when the appliance doesn’t work properly and needs service, you can schedule an appointment at  This is convenience and service rolled into one package.  Your West Coast Chief Repair technician can usually show up the same day so you don’t have to go long without the use of your appliances.  

Dryer Repair Santa Monica

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When needing dryer repair, Santa Monica residents can call upon West Coast Chief Repair.  The company has been serving Santa Monica appliance repair needs for two decades.  A locally owned company, West Coast Chief Repair is familiar with the area and can be at your home quickly.  The company has proven to thousands of customers that it provides exceptional repair services and always puts the customer first.


Talking about dryer repair is usually not someone’s choice of conversation.  That’s true until the dryer stops working and then you become obsessed with getting it repaired.  That’s understandable, because you need your dryer in order to take care of your laundry needs. Every mother knows that when you have kids in the house, it’s important to do laundry almost every day.  When you have to skip several days, it’s not long before you feel like the dirty laundry is taking over.

You can contact West Coast Chief Repair at  You will discover that West Coast Chief Repair is as anxious as you to get your dryer repaired.  If you contact the company by early afternoon, you can get same day service.  That’s the fastest service possible.  You don’t have to let your laundry pile up when you can call West Coast Chief Repair.

Amana Laundry Repair Los Angeles

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Washers and dryers have gone high tech!  They used to be simple work dogs that did the most basic of all household chores – wash and dry clothes.  But now even these appliances are designed with elaborate electronic controls, coordinated cycles and a range of choices for how you want your clothes to be handled during washing and drying.  These great new features are wonderful to have, but it also means there is more to service when something goes wrong.

Amana Laundry

At West Coast Chief Repair you can count on the technicians to be trained to repair even the most sophisticated washer and dryers like those made by Amana.  Amana laundry repair service offered by West Coast Chief Repair is high quality service backed by technicians who have spent considerable time becoming certified in the repair of your electronically controlled appliances.  You can schedule a service call online at and know you will get same day service if at all possible.

Your Amana laundry units may be sophisticated and high tech, but for West Coast Chief Repair they are just appliances in need of great service.  The technicians are always up to the challenge and will provide incomparable service.

Laundry Service Los Angeles

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When needing laundry services, Los Angeles residents can call upon West Coast Chief Repair. Online, you can find plenty of information at and what you will find is a company ready to work on almost all laundry appliances.  Their warehouse contains an amazing number of parts which supply repair needs for both older and newer washer and dryer models.


West Coast Chief Repair has been doing business in the greater Los Angeles area for almost 20 years.  When you buy laundry appliances, you want to choose a washer and dryer that have a good repair history.  You want reliability and dependability.  Eventually though, all appliances will need servicing and that means you will also need a repair company that understands your equipment.

West Coast Chief Repair offers same day service and a high level of customer service.  Technicians are always cognizant of your time and closely adhere to appointment times.  You don’t have to wonder if your repair technician is going to show up like you do with other companies.  West Coast Chief Repair is committed to customer service.   Your service person will arrive with a van full of parts because he or she tries to anticipate repair needs.  This kind of service is rare today, but for West Coast Chief Repair it is standard practice.

Santa Monica Dryer Repair

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When you place your clothes in the dryer, shut the door and hear the drum start spinning, the assumption is that everything is working properly.  So an hour later you hear the buzzer go off, reach through the door opening and find a pile of still wet clothes.  Obviously your assumption that all was well was seriously flawed.  When the dryer seems to be working, but won’t heat inside the drum, you know you need dryer repair.  In Santa Monica, dryer repair services are easy to find as long as you go right to West Coast Chief Repair.


West Coast Chief Repair has been servicing the Santa Monica area for almost 20 years.  The technicians are highly trained and can repair almost any problem that same day.  The company maintains a large inventory of dryer parts so that you don’t have to wait for special order deliveries.  Long service delays are not considered good business by West Coast Chief Repair. 

When you need dryer repair services, you can schedule service online at  If you prefer, you can call and make a service appointment by talking to a representative.  Once you make the appointment, it won’t be long before you know your clothes are actually dry when the buzzer says they are done!

Whirlpool Laundry Repair Los Angeles


There you are sitting in the family room reading a book and waiting for the washer to finish a cycle so the clothes can be transferred to the dryer.  All of a sudden you hear a loud clanking noise that sounds like the washer is falling apart.  You run to the laundry room and see your washer walking across the floor.  Well, it’s not really walking, but it is vibrating and clanking and the tub is hitting the inside walls making the machine move around on the floor. 


Connectors can break in washers, and the tub can lose control.  The same thing can happen in dryers also.  It is a bit disconcerting to have your laundry appliances start acting out of control, but there’s no need to panic.  You can get quick and easy service just by requesting service online at  When needing Whirlpool laundry repair, Los Angeles residents can count on West Coast Chief Repair for all their appliance repair needs.


At West Coast Chief Repair, you will find qualified and trained technicians.  The company uses factory authorized parts and can provide same day service.  Walking washers are just not something you want in your home and West Coast Chief Repair can take the “walk” out of your appliance.

Appliance Companies in Los Angeles: Simple – Choose West Coast Chief Repair!


If you’re frustrated in your search for decent appliance companies in Los Angeles, the answer is simple – choose West Coast Chief Repair.  Instead of looking through company after company, from smaller companies to the retail chains, you need to look into this locally owned and operated business.  Since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair has been serving the greater Los Angeles area with a smile.

Appliances Here are just some of the advantages of West Coast Chief Repair:

They’re experienced – No matter what kind of problem you’re having, you’re covered because they’re seen it all and fixed it all.  With nearly 20 years of experience, you aren’t going to surprise them or stump them.

  • They’re friendly – By treating you like one of the family, you can have a pleasant repair experience instead of one that you dread.
  • They’re versatile – Not only does West Coast Chief Repair offer you repair services, but they also carry a wide selection of new and used appliances for purchase.

Just go to for more information and to schedule your appointment. Even if there’s nothing wrong yet in your home, a preventive checkup can’t hurt!

Appliance Repair Beverly Hills


If you need appliance repair, Beverly Hills homeowners can call West Coast Chief Repair.  No matter if you need a refrigerator, dryer, washer, range, or any other home appliance serviced; they will set up a convenient appointment with you, arrive on time, and complete the work to your satisfaction.  While other companies just try to rack up labor costs, West Coast Chief Repair is interested in treating you like you’re a part of their family.

 AppliancesYou just don’t see that kind of service anymore.  With the rise in home ownership, there are more service calls than ever.  And while you would think that services would become more competitive and try to be the best at customer service, the truth is that most of these companies just want to make money.  While West Coast Chief Repair doesn’t do their work for free, they’re also not going to overcharge you or treat you like you’re an idiot.  The service team is friendly as they want to create a long term relationship with you – after all, you probably have more than one appliance in your home that might need work in the future.

As a homeowner and a client of West Coast Chief Repair, you will get the respect you deserve at the prices you want.  Just go to for more information and to set up your appointment.

Beverly Hills Appliance Repair


No matter what your situation, Beverly Hills appliance repair is something you need to think about if you’re planning on investing in a refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other large appliance.  Even though you might spend a lot of money and research your purchase, you may very well need to get things fixed down the road.  But by looking at the repair team you will call, you don’t have to worry as much about the brand.


While it’s true that Carrier, Maytag, and Bosch are high quality names you can trust for appliances, no one is perfect all the time.  Air conditioning units can break, washers and dryers stop working, and even heaters start to fizzle out after a few years of use.  And it’s not your fault, but you do need someone you can trust to come out and fix it.  After all, you can’t keep buying new appliances whenever something breaks.


That’s where West Coast Chief Repair comes in handy.  This team of professionals has been in business for nearly 20 years, which means you can trust them to help you with any type of problem.  All you need to do is to go to to contact them via email or to find their toll free number.  Serving the entire greater Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair will make sure your investment is around for a long time.

Dryer Repair in Tarzana

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DryerDid you know you can now buy a washer and dryer set that can be timed to finish together?  This is just one of the newest innovations in dryers on the market. When you own one of these marvels of technology, it doesn’t take long before you depend on its incredible convenience.  When you need dryer repair in Tarzana the best place to start is with West Coast Chief Repair.   We can do dryer maintenance on the oldest GE or the newest Bosch and most other brands on the market. 

Saving Your Clothes 

A poorly working dryer needs to be repaired quickly.  Even if the dryer doesn’t completely break down, poor performance can ruin your expensive clothes, cost you additional energy usage and generally complicate your life.  So when you need dishwasher service, you want to choose a repair company that understands how a simple event like a dryer not working can impact your entire household.  West Coast Chief Repair technicians are skilled and trained to install new factory authorized dishwasher parts quickly and efficiently.  We want your dryer operating like new as soon as possible.

If you need a dryer replacement, we can assist with selection and installation of a new dryer too.  So for all your dryer repair needs, you should call West Coast Chief Repair.  We are the best at what we do which is dryer repair in Tarzana and the surrounding areas.

Dryer Repair in Topanga

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Topanga is home to many celebrities, but it doesn’t matter how famous you are when the dryer breaks.  Just like everyone puts their pants on the same way, everyone dries their clothes alike too.   The best place to turn for dryer repair in Topanga is West Coast Chief Repair.  We carry dryer repair parts for all makes and models including the newest innovative dryers on the market. Amana dryer

Unlike the older dryers, new dryers are made to be energy efficient.  They also are made with a variety of electronic controls for all kinds of fabrics.  Keeping the dryer working properly is important in order to protect your clothes from damage.  West Coast Chief Repair carries dryer repair parts for most brands including Admiral, Jenn Air, JC Penney, Maytag and Amana to name just a few.  Dryer repair maintenance is even available the same day if you call before noon.

A Local Celebrity 

West Coast Chief Repair in Topanga is as famous as some of its residents.  We have been doing business in your area for almost 20 years, and have built a reputation for reliability.  We take all dryer repair service calls seriously, because we understand how much people depend on their appliances to work when the time comes.  You can also rely on us to assist you with choosing and purchasing a dryer replacement that fits your requirements. So take advantage of your local celebrity – West Coast Chief Repair!  We can help you will your dryer repair needs.

A Good Repair Can Be Cheaper Than a Replacement – And Last Years!

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Let’s face it – buying a central air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is a major financial decision.  They are considered high-priced appliances, and you want your system to work as long as it’s economically feasible.   It’s a breakeven situation.  When it costs more to replace a system than it does to invest in a single repair, it’s often cheaper in the long run to repair. 

A good repair like you get with West Coast Appliance Repair in LA County  can restore your system to almost new condition.  It can also upgrade an older system so you get the advantages of new technology and economies.  The result of a good repair can be a system that operates almost like new and lasts for many more years.

How do you determine if you should repair or replace?  The best approach in LA County is to contact West Coast Appliance Repair and let them evaluate your current system.  Even if it’s still working and you don’t think it needs repairing, expert technicians can look for ways to increase operational efficiency to reduce power costs.  Of course, if your cooling or heating system is not working properly, repair estimates will be prepared.

With the cost of a repair in hand you can compare the repair amount to the cost of replacing the system.  Cooling and heating system repair will include labor and materials.  The cost of a air conditioner or furnace replacement should include labor and system cost also to be comparable.

The repair versus replacement calculation takes several factors into account.  You must calculate how much it will probably cost to keep the current unit running for the same length of time a new unit would last.  A new unit can be expected to last 15 years or more.   You must also calculate your current utility costs and the savings you would realize if your old system had newer parts.  You compare utility costs and maintenance or repair expenses of the old system to the investment cost and utility expense of the new system. 

When you complete this calculation, the results are often surprising.  Often it makes better sense to upgrade your current heating and cooling system even if replacing major parts like the compressor.  When you invest in a fuel efficient upgrade, your system begins a new “life”.  So instead of $15,000 for a new system, you spend $4,000 and get the same amount of additional system usage.

In LA County, West Coast Chief Repair can help you determine if a good repair will save you money over the long term.  Couple good repair with regular maintenance and your current system can give you almost new service again in many cases.   Central air conditioners and furnaces are heavy duty appliances meant to last for many years.  Companies like Trane, Bryant and American Standard build their units with the intent of providing get long-term dependable service. 

Don’t be discouraged if your heating or cooling systems are not working properly.  Visit and let the experts help save you money!

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