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Cheap Appliance Service Los Angeles


If you want cheap appliance service, Los Angeles has just what you’re looking for. And, by cheap, I don’t mean shoddy workmanship. For cheap appliance repair, Los Angeles residence should call on the services of West Coast Chief Repair.

For the past twenty-plus years West Coast has been providing residents in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas of California with excellent appliance service that include annual maintenance, repairs and installation of more than eighty different brands of appliances including Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Trane, American Standard, Rheem, and Ruud.

They employ only certified, factory-trained technicians, offer emergency services as well as ductwork testing. They sell brand new appliances that are always in stock at unbelievably affordable prices, and they stand behind every job they do. They service the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas of California.

Cheap appliance service doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on quality. West Coast Chief Repair is a reputable company that has built its great name on good craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and timely service. Contact West Coast if you’re in need of appliance repair and see for yourself what all the hype is about. You won’t be sorry you did.

Los Angeles Appliance Shop

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West Coast Chief Repair is a well-known Los Angeles appliance shop. The consumers who use West Coast as their appliance repair and service provider can tell you about the great service you get when you contact West Coast.

Having continually been in operation for more than twenty years, the folks at West Coast Chief repair are certainly aware of what can go wrong with appliances as well as air conditioning and heating systems. They’ve seen more appliance breakdowns that any other Los Angeles appliance shop.

Not only do they repair and service appliances, they sell new ones and can do the installation as well. They work evenings, weekends and holidays at no extra charge to you the consumer, and offer emergency service as well. They use only brand new parts and offer the best warranties in the industry. They do what they say they will, and stand behind every job they do.

West Coast handles more than eighty different brands of appliances, and has years of experience with all of them. They specialize in major home appliances, and air conditioning and heating systems, and can show you how to save hundreds of dollars on your annual energy consumption. It’s no wonder they’re such a well-known Los Angeles appliance shop!

Glendale Appliance Repair And Service

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When your appliances go on strike, and you’re in a pinch, if you live in Glendale, appliance repair and service are just a call away. There’s not much worse than coming home to find a puddle of water underneath your refrigerator. Not only is your dinner probably ruined, but now you have no place to put all those groceries you picked up on the way home. When your appliances need repair or servicing, call West Coast Chief Repair for quick, courteous, and efficient service every time.

In business for more than twenty years, West Coast has serviced many  appliances over the years. They currently service, and or repair, over eighty different brands. They are based out of Los Angeles and provide coverage to the San Fernando Valley area as well. Staffing only the best of the best in certified, factory-trained technicians, West Coast has a loyal following.

One thing that makes West Coast so appealing, besides their outstanding service, is their odd hours of operation that fit in with even the most busiest of people. In addition to providing emergency service they also offer evening, weekend and holiday hours. They also specialize in air conditioning and heating units.

West Los Angeles Appliance Repair

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Who doesn’t find themselves needing to call the repairman once in awhile. Ok, maybe the repair guy doesn‘t, but for the rest of us that live in West Los Angeles, appliance repair is a part of our destiny.

You know the scenario. Your mother-in-law is flying in from Florida, and the air conditioning in the guest room isn’t working. Or you’ve invited the guys from the office over to watch the football game, but there’s no place to keep the beer because the refrigerator isn’t working right. Just like Murphy predicted, if something can go wrong, it will. So if you live in West Los Angeles, and appliance repair is on your to-do list, who do you call? West Coast Chief Repair that’s who.

West Coast Chief Repair has been coming to the rescue of consumers for more than twenty years. They have an excellent service record and are well-know in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas of California. They offer convenient hours, and their technicians are all certified and factory-trained. They have experience with over eighty different appliance brands, and provide emergency, repair and annual maintenance services.

So, before the plane lands or the guys show up, call West Coast Chief Repair, and get those appliances repaired.

Venice Appliance Repair


Do you have a broken or malfunctioning appliance? Do you live in Venice? Appliance repair shouldn’t be left to just anyone, and the residents of Venice are lucky enough to have one of the most reputable appliance service and repair companies on the West coast servicing their area.

West Coast Chief Repair has been in business since 1989. They opened their doors with a commitment to affordable, timely, quality service, and that’s still their goal today.

They specialize in appliance repair, service and installation. They have a team of certified, factor-trained technicians that are always up-to-date on the latest technologies of the appliance industry. They service and repair over eighty different brands of appliances, and use only brand new parts.

Have you ever had your washing machine breakdown and were forced to do your washing at the Laundromat, because the repair company either had to wait for parts to come in or couldn’t fit you into their schedule for a week? You won’t get that kind of service with West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast offers evening, weekends and holidays service as well as emergency service, and they won’t have you sign on the dotted line until you’re completely satisfied with their work.

Lakewood Appliance Repair

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There’s only one company that delivers the best Lakewood appliance repair, West Coast Chief Repair. This reputable company is well known in the Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley areas. They’ve been serving these areas since 1989, and their list of satisfied customers has grown every year since.

The key to West Coast’s success has always been quick service without compromising quality. Their staff of technicians are all certified. They’ve got hours and hours of field work experience, and they are available evenings, weekend, and holidays as well as availing themselves for all kinds of appliance emergencies in Lakewood. Appliance repair isn’t something many people even give a second thought to. At least not until one of their own appliances malfunctions.

Leaky dishwashers, warm refrigerators, heating systems that aren’t heating and air conditioners that aren’t cooling. These are all things that could happen to you. If, or rather when, this happens to you, don’t hesitate to contact West Coast Chief Repair, and let them handle the rest.

Best Appliance Service In Los Angeles

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More and more consumers are agreeing that West Coast Chief Repair is the best appliance service in Los Angeles. And, they haven’t gotten this reputation by providing inadequate service to their customers.

West Coast is noted for its skilled technicians who are all certified and factory-trained. It is further noted for its on-time and emergency service. The staff works on evenings, weekends and holidays, and you won’t be charged extra for asking them to work on these days and times either. They certainly deliver what they promise they will, and if you contact them before noon on any given day you’re more than likely going to get same-day-service. Now what consumer isn’t going to be happy with that?

Most customers will tell you that if you do business with West Coast Chief Repair you too will be completely satisfied, and agree that they provide the best appliance service in Los Angeles.

They specialize in all major home appliances, a/c and heating units, including most brands and models. For more than twenty years West Coast Chief Repair has been loyally servicing customers all over the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. And, they’d be more than happy to serve you.

Hollywood Appliance Repair Company

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West Coast Chief Repair is a well-known Hollywood appliance repair company. They’re not actually located in Hollywood. They are located in nearby Los Angeles, but they have been providing appliance service and repair to Hollywood for years.

When people think of Hollywood they usually envision sparkly evening gowns, paparazzi camera flashes, and bright gorgeous weather. Hollywood does indeed have all these things, but it also has cold dark nights in which a person needs to find a way to keep themselves warm.

The most popular way of heating is the furnace system. But, if that system should breakdown or begin working sporadically you’ll need to find someone to repair it, and quickly. West Coast Chief Repair is the most reliable Hollywood appliance repair company in the area.

They provide 24 hour emergency repair service. They provide regular service and repair on weekends, evenings and holidays, and their technicians are certified and factory-trained so you know they know what they’re doing.

Repairing your heating system shouldn’t be a hassle. Neither should trying to set up an appointment that fits into your busy schedule. The staff at West Coast Chief Repair understand this, and are more than willing to accommodate your needs.

Immediate Appliance Service

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When you need immediate appliance service don’t waste precious time thumbing through the phonebook or calling Uncle Arthur to see what appliance service he uses. When you need appliance service, and you need it now, call on the folks at West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast Chief Repair employs the best service technicians in all of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and the surrounding areas. They’re not only certified, but they’re factor-trained as well. West Coast Chief Appliance also offers its customers emergency service in addition to evenings, weekends and holidays. This is great for both the business owner and home owner.

Is your furnace spitting and sputtering, and you need to keep your home warm for your newborn baby? Are you a business owner whose commercial refrigerator just stopped running, and you can’t open for business until it’s repaired? West Coast Chief Repair can help with both these problems and a host of others.

They specialize in the service and repair of all major home appliances as well as AC and heating units. Their technicians are well-trained in field work, and they are available to you evenings, weekends and holidays. Now that’s a way to keep a consumer happy.

West Hollywood Appliance Repair Shop

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Have you ever had your washing machine breakdown, and you called a repair appliance repair shop only to hear the guy at the other end of the phone say,” Of course we’ll take a look at it… soon as you can bring it in to our shop.” This isn’t the kind of absurd service you’ll get from West Coast Chief Repair, called by some, the best West Hollywood appliance repair shop in town.

The technicians at West Coast Chief Repair are all certified and factory-trained. They are experienced field workers, and are willing to serve you at all different hours of the day. In fact, if you have an appliance issue, and are able to contact them before noon, most times you’ll get same-day-service. West Coast Chief Repair is also an emergency repair shop that will come to your rescue anytime day or night.

Many appliances seem to breakdown just when you need them the most. Your stove malfunctions as you’re preparing dinner for your judgmental mother-in-law, or the weather has turned cold, and you are just now turning on your heat only to find its spewing out cold air. West Coast Chief Repair can perform regular maintenance on your appliances and help you such comfortable situations.

West Coast Chief Repair…no matter how you look at them, it’s all good.

West Hollywood A/C Repair

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Has your cooling system broken down? Do you live in West Hollywood? A/C repair is not far away. West Coast Chief Repair are the professionals you should contact. They’ve got a friendly, certified, factory-trained staff of technicians that will get you’re A/C up and running again in record time.

There are a million and one things that can go wrong with an A/C. Ok, maybe not quite that many, but it can seem that way. The air coming out of your A/C isn’t quite as cool as it once was. Maybe it’s not cool at all. Could be its making noises you’ve never heard before. Whatever seems to be the trouble, West Coast Chief Repair can fix it for you.

They’ve been doing business since 1989, and they come highly recommended. They are one of the most well-known appliance repair companies in your area. They’ll get right on the problem as soon as you call. In fact, if you contact them by noon on any given day, there’s a real good chance they’ll be able to give you same-day-service.

It can get pretty hot in West Hollywood. A/C repair isn’t something you want to put off. Contact West Coast Chief Repair A.S.A.P.

Heating Installation Los Angeles

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One thing you never want to mess around with on your own is your heating installation. Los Angeles residents, and surrounding communities, can take advantage of one of the most widely known appliance service and repair companies on the west coast. West Coast Chief Repair has been doing business in the Los Angeles for a better part of twenty years.

They specialize in all kinds of appliance needs, including heating installation. Los Angeles is indeed a fast paced place to be, but some people are sitting home all day waiting for the repairman to showed up. You won’t get that kind of service from West Coast Chief Repair.

When you call for a repair or service of any kind, this company is right there. In fact, if you contact them before noon, there’s a 90% change you’ll end up with same-day-service. Now that service to brag about! And, that’s one of the reasons West Coast Chief Repair has stayed in business for so long.

People who have used their services are so satisfied they recommend the company to all their friends and family. Call on West Coast Chief Repair for your entire appliance needs, including heating installation. Los Angeles is a beautiful city; don’t waste your day away waiting for the repairman to show up.

Emergency Furnace Repair Santa Monica

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West Coast Chief Repair understands the importance of emergency furnace repair. Santa Monica, California is just one of the many cities that are in their service area.

The unpredictable weather is challenging to the furnace repair needs of the residents of Santa Monica. The problem is that many homeowners simply do not think about all of the factors that affect how comfortable they are in their own home. For instance, if the winter is mild, mold and other allergens become more abundant. It is important to schedule regular cleaning of your air ducts to protect your family against the cold and sinus symptoms that are often caused by mold in the home.

West Coast Chief Repair is available at all hours, even nights, weekends and holidays. You can have peace of mind knowing that emergency furnace repair service is no more than just a phone call away if you should ever need it.

Call West Coast Chief Repair today and find out more about emergency furnace repair and a list of other available services. The friendly staff of skilled professionals is eager to help you find what you need to keep your family nice and cozy all year long.

Emergency Furnace Repair Beverly Hills

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One night, I was scheduled to do a little housesitting for a friend of mine in Beverly Hills. The task seemed simple enough. All I had to do was water the plants, feed the dog and make sure that the place does not burn to the ground. Easy as pie, right?

Things got a bit more complicated when I got to the house. As it turns out, the plant I am supposed to water is a Venus Flytrap. If you know anything about this particular plant, it is not as simple to water as your everyday houseplant. A Venus Flytrap must be watered from a tray and you have to spray them every day. You must only use distilled bottled water or collected rainwater. This type of plant must also maintain a certain temperature; therefore, the house must stay warm.

The dog that I am supposed to feed is a teeny little thing that is wearing a sweater nicer than my own. The instruction sheet left for her care said that she gets cold very easy and must have her sweater on all day. However, she does not like to sleep with it on, so at night, the sweater comes of and Tiny slumbers in the nude. She is prone to colds and could catch pneumonia if she gets too cold; therefore, the furnace must stay at a certain level to keep her safe and warm.

The problems came when the furnace would not kick on at all. It was two in the morning on New Year’s Eve and I was in serious need of emergency furnace repair. Beverly Hills just happens to fall in the service region of West Coast Chief Repair. I was happy, Venus and Tiny were happy and the place did not burn to the ground. All in all, a grand adventure.

Emergency Furnace Repair Los Angeles

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Most people don’t do any kind of maintenance on their heatings systems in Los Angeles during the summer months. Heck, most of us don’t even remember we have one in July, when the average temperature is like 90 degrees. But come December, boy, it sure can come in handy to have a working heater. And what do you have if you flick on the thermostat after 8 months of silence and absolutely nothing happens? An emergency, that’s what. But try googling “emergency furnace repair Los Angeles,” and you get 2,700 companies to choose from—and that’s just in Los Angles proper! How do you make sure you get the best deal, and don’t end up getting ripped off?

First of all, and most importantly, if you smell gas, LEAVE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait to call anyone, certainly DO NOT light any matches and try to light the pilot light, just leave as quickly as possible. You can call the furnace repairman from the neighbor’s house, if necessary. If you don’t smell any gas, but the furnace doesn’t light, check the switch (usually a blue or red switch located near the boiler). A second thing to try is that the circuit breaker or fuse is not blown, usually located with the rest of the house circuit breakers. If neither of these problems is apparent, a good idea is to check around with people you know, and see if any of them have had a particularly good experience with HVAC (that’s “heating/ventilation/air conditioning) repairmen that they could recommend.