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Imagine your life without your appliances. How would you keep your food cold? How would you cook it? Laundry would become a nightmare, and imagine trying to survive the hazy, hot and humid summers without your air conditioner. We’ve come to rely heavily on our appliances, and often times don’t give them a second thought. Until we find ourselves in need of having to have them repaired, that is.

Appliances are great, and make life so much easier. Appliances aren’t without their problems, however, and even the best made ones will no doubt need repairs from time to time. While all appliances operate under a similar concept, this doesn’t mean they are all the same. Some have features that others don’t, and these differences can come into play with regard to repairs. GE appliances are no exception.

GE makes an array of different appliances including refrigerators, ovens, washer and dryers, air conditioners, dishwashers and many more. With use, parts can become worn out or broken. Getting them repaired quickly is a must in order to avoid huge headaches and inconveniences. GE appliance repair in Los Angeles is big business.

Choosing a Los Angeles appliance repair company

Consumers should avoid the impulse to call the first appliance repair company they come across in order to get their appliances back up and running. Calling just anyone to come fix your broken appliance, or to perform routine maintenance on one, could lead to bigger headaches. It’s always better to take the extra time to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable, reliable Los Angeles GE repair company. Not only will your appliance be repaired properly, but you won’t wind up paying out large amounts of money for shabby, inadequate repair work.

It’s important that when you find yourself in need of GE appliance repair, Los Angeles residents contact a repair company that is well versed in the operational aspects of their appliances. Not doing so could leave you with a large labor bill, and an appliance that still doesn’t work right.

Whether you’re looking to have your refrigerator serviced or find out why your washing machine isn’t spinning your laundry out the way it is designed too, always make sure you are dealing with a technician who is knowledgeable, and properly trained to perform repairs and maintenance on your GE appliance. There are many safety issues that come into play when repair work or routine maintenance is being done on an appliance. Inadequate knowledge or skill could result in serious injury to both you and the technician, and could render your GE appliance permanently inoperable.

Make the investment in time to contact a Los Angeles GE appliance repair company who can fix your appliance correctly, and meet any other of your GE appliance needs in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

GE Appliance Repair


Looking for a trusted name in GE appliance repair? Do you live in Los Angeles County? No problem there, contact the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair. They will get you up and running in no time at all, and at your convenience; no more wasting a day off from work to wait for the repair tech because they offer hours that includes evenings, weekends, and even some holidays!It is true that we are living in a time that we need to save money and run out and buy something new just because it is not running at top performance; this is true for appliances. GE appliance repairs may save you unneeded spending. Their techs will come to your home, diagnose, and fix the problem; the first time.

GE offers a variety of household appliances and their name has stood the test of time and competing companies. They pride themselves on providing energy efficient appliances that will also add beauty to your home.

Who wants to spend their hard earned money on new appliances when a simpler solution may be GE appliance repair. That way you can save for a rainy day or that vacation you always wanted to take.

GE Appliance Repair Santa Monica


You don’t want to get stuck with a refrigerator full of spoiled food or uncooked cupcakes; contact West Coast Chief Repair for GE appliance repair. Santa Monica is one of the many areas that they cover.GE appliances come in many forms: washer/dryer combos, stoves, efficient dishwashers, refrigerators in all styles; and they come with certain guarantees and warranties, but eventually you may need someone to provide GE appliance repairs. Santa Monica is a part of Los Angeles county; where West Coast is located.

They handle many brands and models so you are sure to receive top customer service from their certified repair techs. Not sure if you want to take a day off from work, just to wait for the repair tech all day? Well, no worries because they offer convenient hours that fit your needs and schedule. So, if your refrigerator quits working on the weekend then contact them; evenings and some holidays too.

Hey, everyone is trying to conserve money these days so do not go out and spend your savings on a new GE appliance; repairs may be a more cost effective solution.

There are great places to choose from for a incredible meal in Santa Monica; GE appliance repair makes sense when you are ready to cook again.

GE Appliance Repair Beverly Hills

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Those who live in modest and extravagant homes may, someday, find a need for GE Appliance Repair. Beverly Hills is in the service area of West Coast Chief Repair, so you can receive top service in no time at all.GE appliances have been around for many years; it is a name that you can trust and delivers high performing, time tested appliances. They offer a full range of appliances, including stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more; anything that you may need to run a efficient household.

If you refrigerator is no longer staying cold, if your stove cooks unevenly, or if your dishwasher is leaking then make sure to contact them; no matter the problem, no matter the appliance.

The certified techs, at West Coast, handle most brands and models; including GE. They will come to your home, at your convenience, and get right to your GE appliance repairs.

Beverly Hills is known for the mansions, movie stars, and designer boutiques; but anyone who lives there may find that they need their appliances serviced. West Coast offers that service to those who live in and around Beverly Hills. GE appliance repairs, sales, and more are not a problem for them.

GE Appliance Repair Los Angeles

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It is a name that has stood the test of time when it comes to reliable appliances and those who have owned them in the past attest to their performance capabilities; GE appliances. However, everything has its point where it does not work like it once did. That is when you need to consider GE appliance repair.Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in California, so there may be many places to consider contacting, but there is only one that excels in customer service; West Coast Chief Repair. They are located within the city but service all surrounding areas and without adding a travel fee to your bill.

There expert service techs will come to your home, at your convenience, and provide top GE appliance repair. Los Angeles is centrally located, so they can reach you in a timely manner. Why run out and spend a lot of money on purchasing a new stove or refrigerator; having them come out may result in a simple fix that will save you a lot of money.

You can count on the certified repair techs, at West Coast for your needed GE appliance repairs. Los Angeles is home to millions of people who may be in need of heating, cooling, and appliance services; and West Coast Chief Repair is ready.

GE Profile Repair Los Angeles

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If your contemporary styled GE Profile stove, refrigerator, dishwasher is not working properly then you need someone to come to your home for GE Profile repairs. Los Angeles is home to one of the top names in service; West Coast Chief Repair.GE has come out with a line of appliances that combine technology with style. The contemporary look of the GE Profile appliances will update any home and compliment any renovation. They offer a line of washers, dryers, refrigeration, stove, dual fuel cooking solutions, and much more. These stainless appliances look sleek in any décor. However what if your new stove or washer is not working correctly? Then you are in need of GE Profile repair. Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are serviced by West Coast Chief Repair.

These certified technicians will come to your home, at your convenience. They offer hours that will fit just about any schedule; including weekends and evenings, so you do not have to take a day off from work to wait for the service repair technician. They will access and fix the problem using only factory approved parts. They are the folks to contact for Los Angeles repairs. GE Profile appliances are a great choice for your new home or your newly renovated living area.

GE Monogram Repair Los Angeles


An infamous symbol that everyone knows in appliances is the GE monogram. Repairs, Los Angeles; people know West Coast Chief Repair. They are who they turn to for their appliance needs.GE has been revolutionary in appliance technology. They offer all the appliances that one would need to run a successful household. Their kitchen appliances come in a variety of styles and colors that will fit anyone’s design plan. “Imagination at work” has been their mantra since 1907. They have been a leader in the appliance game. It has become a name and symbol you can count on; GE monogram.

Repairs? Los Angeles and the surrounding areas can count on West Coast Chief Repair. They specialize in most major appliance brands. They offer hours that fit your schedule, including evenings and weekends. Their certified technicians will come to your home and diagnose the problem. If you end up needing a replacement part then you can rest assured that they only use brand new factory approved parts. They can get the job done correctly the first time so you do not need to waste your time with countless return trips.

The test of time has proven that the consumer can trust the GE monogram. Repairs? Los Angeles has West Coast Chief Repair that they can count on.

GE Refrigerator Service Los Angeles

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Do you own a GE refrigerator? Has your ice cream melted? Milk gone sour? Seems as if you could use some GE refrigerator service.  Los Angeles is a great place to live if that’s the case; there are many choices for restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and appliance service.

West Coast Chief Repair is located in Los Angeles, but services the surrounding areas as well. They do no charge extra to go these surrounding areas, so you are not stuck paying more then you need to.

The certified technicians are trained for a variety of appliance names and only use factory approved parts. Be sure to contact them before going out to spend money on a new unit; you may only need your GE refrigerator serviced. Los Angeles gets quite warm in the summer so you will want to ensure you can have a cold drink at the end of a hot day.

It is helpful to know the age of your unit, the model, and the service record; if any. This will give the certified technician a better idea of what they are getting into, however it is not necessary to receive top service. Don’t get stuck with sour milk. West Coast Chief Repair is located in Los Angeles. GE refrigerator service can save you from purchasing a new refrigerator.

GE Appliances Los Angeles


Eventually a warranty on a new appliance will run out.  Of course, if you are like most people, the appliance will then promptly break.  People are always telling stories about how their appliance quit working the very next day after the warranty expired.  It just seems to be one of life’s many mysteries.  The problem is deciding if it is better to pay for that first repair out of your pocket or to buy a new appliance.  Of course, one of the determining factors will be the age of the appliance.  Some warranties last for years if they have been extended several times, while some people never extend the original warranty.


These kinds of issues are much easier to deal with when you request service of your GE appliances to be done by a reliable company like West Coast Chief Repair.  Technicians are trained on the servicing of this brand of appliances, and all other major brands, and can give you an honest estimate of what it will cost to repair your appliance.  You can compare that estimate to the cost of a new appliance and decide which course of action is better to take. 

You can request a service call at or by calling the office.

GE Laundry Repair Los Angeles


You have done several loads of wash and are on the last load finally.  You hear the washer chugging away and will be glad when this chore is finally done.  But what is that odd sound you hear?  Why don’t you hear the washer spinning like it is supposed to be doing at this cycle stage?  You can hear the pump trying to pull the water out of the tub, but the clothes are just sitting there all soggy in the bottom of the washer tub.

GE Laundry

This is just one of many problems you can experience with a washer.  The tub not turning is a common repair issue, just like the dryer tub refusing to spin.  When you need GE laundry repair, Los Angeles has West Coast Chief Repair to call on for appliance servicing.  West Coast Chief Repair has been repairing washers and dryers for almost two decades and has seen almost every type of repair problem imaginable. 

When you schedule a service visit at you know you are going to get professional help from qualified technicians.  You can normally get same day service too.  West Coast Chief Repair can get those tubs spinning again on your washer and dryer so you get your chores done and begin enjoying the great Los Angeles weather.

GE Washer Repair Los Angeles

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When you go on vacation it is important to turn off the water that is hooked up to the water. When you don’t use a washer for a long period of time, the water pressure can increase at the faucet and eventually cause the water hose to break or a small explosion to occur at the connection.  When this happens while you are gone the damage to the house can be extensive.  In fact, not only can the wall behind the washer be ruined, but the appliance itself can be damaged.  Cleaning up the mess requires expert assistance and that’s where West Coast Chief Repair can help with any repairs needed to your washer.

GE Washer

When needing GE washer repair, Los Angeles residents are fortunate they have a company like West Coast Chief Repair to call on.  This is an appliance repair company that knows what it’s doing, because the business has 20 years of experience to claim.  Thousands of parts are carried in a warehouse and when you call for service, the technician will arrive prepared to do the job.  There’s no delay with your repair.

For your convenience, you can schedule a service call online at  You will find out quickly what real customer service is all about.

GE Range Repair Los Angeles

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It’s that time of year!  You have lots of people coming over for the holidays to eat a big meal.  That means you have to start cooking days ahead of time, because you want everything to be perfect.  Then disaster strikes.  You are ready to put the pies in the oven and the oven won’t heat up like it is suppose to!   This can be a truly awful feeling, because when your family and friends are counting on you the last thing you want to do is disappoint them, even if it isn’t your fault.

GE Oven

Fortunately, when you have emergency repair needs, Los Angeles residents can call on West Coast Chief Repair for emergency service.  Except in this case, the services offered by West Coast Chief Repair always include rapid response and efficient repairs.  It doesn’t matter if it is a holiday or just the middle of the week, the appliance repair company will treat your problem as if it is a true emergency needing immediate attention.  You can call for service and usually have a technician at your house on the same day.  That means your pies are safe, because they will be baked before the day is over.

You can learn more about West Coast Chief Repair at  You will discover that appliance emergencies are their specialty!

GE Refrigeration Los Angeles


You come home from work and find out that there is water leaking everywhere, and it seems to be coming from behind the refrigerator.  Everything was fine when you left this morning and now there is this mess to deal with in the kitchen.  After a lot of investigation, including pulling the refrigerator away from the wall, it seems some pesky little mouse has eaten through one of the rubber hose lines.  Now the ice maker and water maker do not work right.

GE refrigerator

This may sound far fetched, but it is a true story.  West Coast Chief Repair deals with a lot of true stories that involve refrigerators and other major appliances.  For repairs to GE refrigeration, Los Angeles is the perfect place to live.  You can schedule a service visit online at and get your refrigerator fixed on the same day most of the time.  You can show that mouse who is boss in your house!

West Coast Chief Repair offers quality and reliable appliance repair services.  When your refrigerator stops working the way it is supposed to be working, then calling the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair should be the next chapter in your true story.

GE Range Repair Santa Monica

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When you need GE range repair, Santa Monica is the perfect place to be living.  In Santa Monica you can easily schedule an appliance service call at www.chiefappliance.con and get service from the best company in the business.  West Coast Chief Repair has been repairing GE ranges for almost 20 years and there’s very few problems the technicians have not already handled over the years.  This means when the repair tech shows up to repair your range, you never have to worry you are paying someone to learn on the job.  West Coast Chief Repair technicians do their learning before getting to your job.

GE Range

You can read a lot more about West Coast Chief Repair at  You will read about a company that can service all brands of ranges of which GE is just one.  You will read about great service, friendly personnel and easy service scheduling.  Borrowing from the young people’s vernacular, “What’s not to like?”  The answer is you will like everything about West Coast Chief Repair.  The company has worked hard to develop an excellent reputation and works just as hard to maintain it.  As the customer, you get the benefit of the great service.

GE Cooktop Repair Los Angeles

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You can get a real sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you turn the knob on your cooktop and it just keeps on turning.  There can be several different reasons why this can happen.  The plastic knob may be broken or the screw fitting has somehow been stripped.  It may be something serious like the part which leads to the heat control has broken somehow.  But it really doesn’t matter if it is a serious or simple problem, because you just need it fixed.

GE Cooktop

There can be many different repair issues related to cooktops, and West Coast Chief Repair can address them all.  At West Coast Chief Repair you will find technicians who have extensive experience in cooktop repairs.  They have been trained and certified which means they can restore your cooktop back to working order as defined by manufacture specifications.   For GE cooktop repair, Los Angeles and the surrounding area can schedule a service visit at and usually have a technician there the same day.

When the knob on your cooktop just keeps turning, call West Coast Chief Repair.  You can let them worry about what the real problem is because that is their job.  It is a job they do well too which means you can expect great service.

GE Stove Repair Los Angeles

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Have you ever noticed that when you walk into the kitchen at night, the appliances glow like the dashboard of a space capsule?  Even on the stove there is a digital readout of the time and the status of the oven or lights telling you that the burners are all turned off.  Then one night you walk into the same room and it is dark, dark, dark.  It takes a minute to figure out what is missing, and it’s the green or red or blue glow of the digital lights.   That can only mean that all systems are not “go”.

GE Stove

When you need GE stove repair, Los Angeles is the right place to be.  In Los Angeles you can call West Coast Chief Repair.   West Coast Chief Repair can repair both old and new models of GE stoves and most other brands.  The technicians have been trained in the repair of the newest state-of-the-art appliances also manufactured by GE.  So when the digital lights go out and the electronic boards need replacing, West Coast Chief Repair technicians are prepared to get all systems in working order again.

If your kitchen space age stove refuses to glow in the dark, you can go online at and schedule service.  You will soon have the comforting lights once again filling your kitchen at night..

GE Oven Repair Los Angeles

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A common problem that occurs with ovens is the seal around the door being compromised.  This can happen for a lot of reasons.  The factory seal is carefully designed so that all heated air is trapped inside the oven when it is on.  The ovens which are self cleaning can reach extremely high temperatures though and sometimes the seals are faulty and the heat affects their ability to retain shape.  Of course, sometimes the seals are simply manufactured with flaws and there are spots around the door where the seal doesn’t fit right.

GE oven

The bottom line is that when the seal is compromised, the oven is not going to heat up the way it is intended.  You can wait all day and the indicator light will never go out, because the heat is escaping around the door edge.  You should only let a qualified repair technician repair the oven seal, because he or she can make sure that the door is tightly sealed after installation of the new seal.  This is important for your own safety.

West Coast Chief Repair has an army of qualified technicians who can repair your oven.  When you need GE oven repair, Los Angeles residents can schedule a service call at   Your oven can be re-sealed within a day and then it’s back to business as usual.

GE Refrigerator

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The GE refrigerator has been an American appliance standard for decades.  GE has always been considered an innovator when it comes to appliance design and the addition of new features.  The units are well built and can operate trouble free for years.  Because the appliances are reliable though, there are plenty of older models still running.  Finding qualified service technicians can be a challenge when your model has been discontinued.  It’s frustrating to be told your refrigerator is “too old” to be repaired when the repair should be inexpensive. 

GE Refrigerator

At West Coast Chief Repair you don’t have to worry about whether you can get assistance with the repair of your older refrigerator model.  West Coast Chief Repair carries a huge inventory of parts for all makes and models of refrigerators.  Technicians have extensive on-the-job experience so they are able to work on refrigerators that are old and new and the rest that fall somewhere in between.

Of course, West Coast Chief Repair service technicians can also address other service needs.  For example, if you need a water filter installed in your refrigerator then West Coast Chief Repair can help.  You can find out more about West Coast Chief Repair by visiting 

GE Appliance Installation


There are certain qualities that service must have in order to be considered superior.  These qualities include features like attention to detail, prompt scheduling, speedy service, good communication and the ability to handle a variety of repair needs.  There are not that many companies out there which can claim all of these service features, but West Coast Chief Repair is one of them.   


By providing excellent customer service, West Coast Chief Repair has developed an outstanding reputation as being a superior appliance repair company.  You can often get same day service.  The company maintains a local supply of repair parts so you don’t have to wait days for your appliance repair to be complete.  Customers are kept informed of service availability and also of any specific work performed.  The prices are extremely competitive too.  West Coast Chief Repair has an army of technicians who can work on most appliance brands.

When you need appliance work, such as a GE appliance installation, you can count on West Coast Chief Repair.  Installation service calls can be scheduled just by visiting  Of course, you should only call West Coast Chief Repair when you really want old-fashioned service that places the customer’s needs first.

GE Dryer Repair Los Angeles

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When your washer works, but your dryer does not, it can be an enormous problem dealing with the laundry.  You can wash the clothes, but picking up a basket of wet laundry takes a lot of muscle.  But most homes no longer have clothesline outside, so you have no option but to go to the laundry mat.  Hauling all of those wet clothes requires the services of a muscle man, but most of the time it is just mom that has to take care of the problem.

GE Dryer

When you need GE dryer repair, Los Angeles area residents can count on West Coast Chief Repair to bring some repair muscle power.  You can schedule a repair visit online at and call in the weightlifters of appliance repair.  West Coast Chief Repair has trained technicians and promises you that everything within their power will be done to get your dryer working again on the same day.  You can forget about hauling those heavy wet clothes to the laundry mat and just wait for the muscle repair power of West Coast Chief Repair service personnel.

So when the washer works, but the dryer refuses to start, the next step is to call West Coast Chief Repair!

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