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Central Heating and Air Conditioning Replacement in Long Beach


Although much of the focus of going Green is on solar panels, electric cars, and public transportation, there’s actually a lot you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint while saving hundreds on energy bills.

A green choice can almost be made during the purchasing stage of a central heater and a/c. Newer central air conditioners and heating system are naturally more efficient, as more companies realize that people are becoming more conscious of their energy consumption. In particular, if you are in the market for a new HVAC, look for the energy star mark. These really are indicative of a more energy efficient unit. A slightly higher cost will certainly be offset by the hundreds of dollars you will save on home energy bills, in the long run.

central air conditioning troubleshooting Long Beach


In almost any air conditioner, there are several main parts:

  1. blower fan
  2. condensor coil
  3. compressor
  4. evaporator coil
  5. filter

If your air conditioner is not working properly, here’s a list of causes that will make doing your own troubleshooting less overwhelming.

  1. If the unit doesn’t work at all; doesn’t turn on, it could be a motor overload or a faulty switch
  2. If it’s not cooling properly, but still works, it could mean a dirty filter, dirty coils, or that the unit is leaking coolant (e.g., freon).
  3. If your a/c turns on and off repeatedly, it could mean dirty coils and/or a dirty filter

Try to be as cautious and informed as possible. Some air conditioners are more D.I.Y-friendly than others. Do a bit of research online before you proceed. Just remember: it’s not always best to roll up your sleeves, and assume all of the responsibility for fixing it. It’s OK to ask for help!

Long Beach Appliance Repair

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Being without air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter can make for an uncomfortable stay in Long Beach. Appliance repair can be a pain, especially if you’ve got to wait days for the repair tech to show up. Even then you stand the chance of hearing that dreaded appliance repair guy say, “Well, I can fix it for you, but I have to wait until the part comes in, but it shouldn’t take more than a week at the most.” Urgh!

That’s easy for him to say. He’s not the one that’s got to sleep under seven layers of blankets and wake up to an ice-cold floor in the morning. Don’t let this happen to you. Call West Coast Chief Repair at the first sign of trouble.

West Coast has been coming to the aid of thousands of consumers for over twenty years.  They have a full staff of repair technicians that are all certified and kept up-to-date with all the latest technology in the world of appliances. They treat you as if you matter, and they won’t consider the job done until you consider it done.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter, or smolder in the heat of the summer, call West Coast Chief Repair and rest at ease.

Heating Long Beach

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I would like to share with you a little story about love and home heating. Long Beach is where I was born and raised. It was also where I met Alice.It was the first week in February and it was cold. I had not seen the mercury go this low in several years. I was on my way home from a business trip and I stopped in the local diner for a quick bite before heading to my house.

Alice was the picture of beauty in her white waitress uniform as she walked over and poured me a cup of hot coffee.

“Cold enough for you?” she said with a smile. “Oh, yes. I dread going home; my heater broke the day before I left. It is going to be like an ice cave at my house. “Well, it just so happens…I know a thing or two about home heating and my shift is over. Want me to take a look?”

I accepted her proposal and away we went. Our breath was visible as we entered my artic abode. Alice suggested I call West Coast Chief Repair to come have a look at my system. We got to know each other over cocoa as we waited.

That winter brought a new job, a powerful new home heating system and Alice, the love of my life.

Furnace Repair Long Beach

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It seems as if your furnace never breaks down until your really need it the most. For instance, the coldest day is the last five years is today and instead of kicking on and keeping you warm and toasty all the live long day, your furnace spits and sputters before dying all together.

Proper maintenance can help your system run better for longer, but eventually you may require furnace repair. Long Beach residents have been trusting West Coast Chief Repair with all of their furnace needs for more than twenty years. So if it is freezing outside and your furnace is not treating you as it should, you may want to give the friendly staff over at West Coast Chief Repair and call and have a technician come out and evaluate your heating system for repair or replacement.

Although it does not happen all that often, cold weather does happen in Long Beach. The last thing you need with old Jack Frost is nipping at your nose is to turn on your furnace to hear “rattle, rattle, clank, clank” without heating as much as a small closet. Properly maintaining your home furnace will save you lots of money and heartache in the end, so call West Coast Chief Repair and have them look at your system today.