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Malber Compact Washer And Dryer Angeles


Do you have little room for a laundry solution? Check out the Malber compact washer and dryer. Angeles, or Los Angeles, California is just one area that has come to appreciate such style and functionality.Malber is a world wide company that distributes its products in every continent. Malber USA has done so since 1933; beginning in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. Now there are well over 20,000 units in use within the states; that’s a lot of tumbling laundry. The manufacturing plant is located in Italy; the state-of-the-art facility covers over 1,000,000 square feet and is producing at a rate of 11,000 machines a day.

Who does this system target? Well, all walks of life are enjoying the benefits of an all in one, vent free system. There are those who live in small apartments that cannot have a traditional set up, elderly of handicapped that cannot walk down the cellar stairs, and just those that are too busy to switch over the laundry or head to the Laundromat.

Where can you purchase a Malber compact washer and dryer? Angeles, California is home of West Coast Chief Appliance and a dealer in these incredible machines. Contact them today and find out how they can make your life a little easier.