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Appliance Companies in Los Angeles: Simple – Choose West Coast Chief Repair!


If you’re frustrated in your search for decent appliance companies in Los Angeles, the answer is simple – choose West Coast Chief Repair.  Instead of looking through company after company, from smaller companies to the retail chains, you need to look into this locally owned and operated business.  Since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair has been serving the greater Los Angeles area with a smile.

Appliances Here are just some of the advantages of West Coast Chief Repair:

They’re experienced – No matter what kind of problem you’re having, you’re covered because they’re seen it all and fixed it all.  With nearly 20 years of experience, you aren’t going to surprise them or stump them.

  • They’re friendly – By treating you like one of the family, you can have a pleasant repair experience instead of one that you dread.
  • They’re versatile – Not only does West Coast Chief Repair offer you repair services, but they also carry a wide selection of new and used appliances for purchase.

Just go to for more information and to schedule your appointment. Even if there’s nothing wrong yet in your home, a preventive checkup can’t hurt!

Appliance Repair Beverly Hills


If you need appliance repair, Beverly Hills homeowners can call West Coast Chief Repair.  No matter if you need a refrigerator, dryer, washer, range, or any other home appliance serviced; they will set up a convenient appointment with you, arrive on time, and complete the work to your satisfaction.  While other companies just try to rack up labor costs, West Coast Chief Repair is interested in treating you like you’re a part of their family.

 AppliancesYou just don’t see that kind of service anymore.  With the rise in home ownership, there are more service calls than ever.  And while you would think that services would become more competitive and try to be the best at customer service, the truth is that most of these companies just want to make money.  While West Coast Chief Repair doesn’t do their work for free, they’re also not going to overcharge you or treat you like you’re an idiot.  The service team is friendly as they want to create a long term relationship with you – after all, you probably have more than one appliance in your home that might need work in the future.

As a homeowner and a client of West Coast Chief Repair, you will get the respect you deserve at the prices you want.  Just go to for more information and to set up your appointment.

Beverly Hills Appliance Repair


No matter what your situation, Beverly Hills appliance repair is something you need to think about if you’re planning on investing in a refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other large appliance.  Even though you might spend a lot of money and research your purchase, you may very well need to get things fixed down the road.  But by looking at the repair team you will call, you don’t have to worry as much about the brand.


While it’s true that Carrier, Maytag, and Bosch are high quality names you can trust for appliances, no one is perfect all the time.  Air conditioning units can break, washers and dryers stop working, and even heaters start to fizzle out after a few years of use.  And it’s not your fault, but you do need someone you can trust to come out and fix it.  After all, you can’t keep buying new appliances whenever something breaks.


That’s where West Coast Chief Repair comes in handy.  This team of professionals has been in business for nearly 20 years, which means you can trust them to help you with any type of problem.  All you need to do is to go to to contact them via email or to find their toll free number.  Serving the entire greater Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair will make sure your investment is around for a long time.

Microwave Repair in Santa Monica

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Microwaves are fast time saving appliances, but what happens when your microwave breaks down?  You don’t want to turn to the stove, so you should turn to West Coast Chief Appliance.  With same day service if you call by noon and a reliable team of service professionals, you don’t have to worry about your microwave becoming the next addition to your trash can.  We can help you fix this handy appliance in your home – and a lot quicker than you might expect.


No matter if you have a Viking, GE, Panasonic, Kitchen Aid or Thermador brand, West Coast Chief Appliance can help you start popping popcorn or warming up that frozen dinner again.  We want you to know that we’re not like other repair companies who only want to take your money and do a halfway decent job.

West Coast Chief Appliance has been serving people since 1989 with the goal of treating each customer as though they are a part of our family.  We offer friendly, convenient, and thorough service – guaranteed.  You can visit our website at for more information about the areas we cover as well as plenty of other services we can provide. 

Don’t lose that speedy time saving device because you can’t fix it!  That’s our job and we’re glad to do it for you!

Microwave Repair in Valencia

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Valencia has lots of paseos which allow pedestrians to freely roam the area without worrying about traffic.  West Coast Chief Repair is your “paseo” for easy access to microwave repair in Valencia.   Most people today can’t imagine life without a microwave, so when it breaks you want service quickly.  Brands like Viking, GE, Panasonic, Kitchen Aid and Thermador have become part of the American way of life and when you hit the button, you expect it to work.  So when you need microwave service, you don’t want excuses – you want action!


Action Figures 

West Coast Chief Repair is always on the move.  We’re people of action and will service your appliance on the same day if you call by noon.  Microwave service should be done anytime you suspect it’s not working properly.  The newest microwaves are complex pieces of equipment often combining different kinds of cooking methods such as convection and standard microwaving.   Microwave maintenance should only be performed by qualified and trained service technicians. 

West Coast Chief Repair carries a full line of microwave parts for all brands.  So when you need microwave repair in Valencia or microwave replacement, call the people of action.  Our paseo leads you right to a working microwave.

Microwave Repair in Sylmar

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You thought it was a great idea to have your microwave installed over the range, but now it’s broken and you don’t know how to “uninstall” it.  That’s where we come into your life.  Microwave repair in Sylmar is efficient and effective when you call West Coast Chief Repair.  We work on all makes and models of microwaves including the newest designs which mount over the stove, sit on sliding shelves or are even built into walls.  Of course, given the life of a microwave can extend beyond 10 years, we also do microwave service work on all older models too.


Fashion Statement 

The new designs in microwaves are sleek and even fashion conscious.  They are made to enhance the appearance of the kitchen and not simply be just another necessary appliance.  But when you need microwave maintenance, it ceases to be an interior design fashion statement, and instead becomes a critical cooking tool you need working as soon as possible.  At West Coast Chief Repair we carry a full line of microwave parts, so when you call for service, we’re ready to fix your unit.  We can even provide a microwave replacement if it’s time to upgrade or replace an older or nonworking unit.


Microwave ovens are intended to make life simpler, and that’s exactly how you want your service call to be – simple and easy.  So when you need microwave repair in Sylmar, it’s best to call the best – West Coast Chief Repair.

A Good Repair Can Be Cheaper Than a Replacement – And Last Years!

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Let’s face it – buying a central air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is a major financial decision.  They are considered high-priced appliances, and you want your system to work as long as it’s economically feasible.   It’s a breakeven situation.  When it costs more to replace a system than it does to invest in a single repair, it’s often cheaper in the long run to repair. 

A good repair like you get with West Coast Appliance Repair in LA County  can restore your system to almost new condition.  It can also upgrade an older system so you get the advantages of new technology and economies.  The result of a good repair can be a system that operates almost like new and lasts for many more years.

How do you determine if you should repair or replace?  The best approach in LA County is to contact West Coast Appliance Repair and let them evaluate your current system.  Even if it’s still working and you don’t think it needs repairing, expert technicians can look for ways to increase operational efficiency to reduce power costs.  Of course, if your cooling or heating system is not working properly, repair estimates will be prepared.

With the cost of a repair in hand you can compare the repair amount to the cost of replacing the system.  Cooling and heating system repair will include labor and materials.  The cost of a air conditioner or furnace replacement should include labor and system cost also to be comparable.

The repair versus replacement calculation takes several factors into account.  You must calculate how much it will probably cost to keep the current unit running for the same length of time a new unit would last.  A new unit can be expected to last 15 years or more.   You must also calculate your current utility costs and the savings you would realize if your old system had newer parts.  You compare utility costs and maintenance or repair expenses of the old system to the investment cost and utility expense of the new system. 

When you complete this calculation, the results are often surprising.  Often it makes better sense to upgrade your current heating and cooling system even if replacing major parts like the compressor.  When you invest in a fuel efficient upgrade, your system begins a new “life”.  So instead of $15,000 for a new system, you spend $4,000 and get the same amount of additional system usage.

In LA County, West Coast Chief Repair can help you determine if a good repair will save you money over the long term.  Couple good repair with regular maintenance and your current system can give you almost new service again in many cases.   Central air conditioners and furnaces are heavy duty appliances meant to last for many years.  Companies like Trane, Bryant and American Standard build their units with the intent of providing get long-term dependable service. 

Don’t be discouraged if your heating or cooling systems are not working properly.  Visit and let the experts help save you money!

Tips For Cleaning Your Microwave


Many microwaves have a program that tells you how much time it will take to cook certain items. You just push a button and voila. Well, not always.  


On many microwaves, the popcorn setting does not match the time stated on today’s pre-packed corn kernels. As a result, many people have over-cooked this item and wound up with a microwave that has awful brown stains. As well, the odor of the burnt popcorn never seems to go away.   To get your microwave sparkling and fresh again, here are some tips: 

  • Wipe any crumbs out of the inside. Use a bowl that is safe to put into the microwave and fill it with about two of water. Add about one-third cup of vinegar, put it into the microwave and heat for about five minutes. You will find that the inside gets steamy and softens any food stuck on the inside. Just use a wet cloth, sponge or paper towel to wipe it clean.
  • To make your microwave fresh and clean smelling again, follow the previous instructions but instead of vinegar, use two teaspoons baking soda.
  • To get rid of any nasty odors, you can also add two tablespoons of lemon juice to one cup of water and follow the same procedure.
  • Some people claim that placing a wet sponge into the microwave and setting the heat at two minutes also works. The trick they say is to leave the door closed for about five minutes while the steam works on those nasty left-behind food bits.
  • If some food still sticks stubbornly to the inside of your microwave, scrape it off gently with a dull knife. If you want to use a store bought cleaner, make sure it is non-acidic, non-toxic and bio-degradable. 

Some things you should not do: 

  • Some people remove burnt on food using nail polish remover, which contains acetone. This creates a potential health hazard, as the fumes are toxic.
  • Some microwave users put a cup of coffee inside and let it boil until it splatters all over. They say they’d rather smell coffee than burnt items. A better option would be to put a cup of coffee crystals inside when you’re not using the microwave.
  • Never try taking your microwave apart, as it is a high-voltage appliance and you could easily get shocked. 

For everyday maintenance of your microwave: 

  • Leave a cup of baking soda inside when you’re not using it to combat any odors, just like you do with the refrigerator.
  • Cover foods that include liquids or sauces. Otherwise, they will splatter leaving you with another mess to clean up.
  • To avoid baked on messes, clean your microwave weekly. 

If you determine that you need a professional to inspect your microwave or are looking to purchase a new one and you live in the Los Angeles County area, go to Service technicians are available at no extra charge at night and on weekends or holidays.

Microwave Repair in Venice

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When you need your microwave repaired, you always want to know the truth.  You don’t want to deal with a company that only tells you what you want to hear and then does what it pleases.  For example, if the service person says they will be there that afternoon, that’s when you expect them.  You don’t expect phone calls telling you they can’t make it after you waited for hours.


When you need microwave repair in Venice, rely on the company that has been repairing a wide variety of microwave brands for years.   When you need microwave repair in Venice, you can expect great service from West Coast Chief Repair.  We maintain and repair all brands of microwaves – Kenmore, Panasonic, Hotpoint, Amana and many others. 

West Coast Chief Repair wants you to expect great service from our technicians.  We carry a large inventory of microwave parts and can provide microwave replacement units also.  Regular microwave maintenance can keep your appliance operating efficiently throughout the rugged wear of daily family use. Technicians value your time and come prepared to do the job as quickly as possible.

When you need microwave repair in Venice, take advantage of a company that can meet your microwave service expectations.  Schedule a service call online and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!  We arrive for the job when we promised we would be there; work quickly and efficiently because we value your time; and we always tell you the truth.  Great customer service has not disappeared – you can find it at West Coast Chief Repair.

Microwave Repair for Los Angeles

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When you’re craving microwave popcorn, a broken microwave just won’t do.  There just isn’t any other way to cook this popcorn without this convenient appliance, so you need to either replace your microwave or have it repaired.  While it’s true you could go to nearly any store to get a new microwave, why buy something new when you can get it fixed at a time that’s convenient for you?



With West Coast Chief Repair, microwave repair for Los Angeles has never been easier.  By simply calling their toll free number or filling out an online form, you will be able to get your microwave repaired within hours instead of weeks (who wants to wait that long for popcorn anyway?).  Their friendly staff treats you as though you were their friend and not just their customer.  By taking the time to listen to your concerns and always having the parts you need, West Coast Chief Repair is prepared for any situation – saving you time and money.

When you turn to West Coast Chief Repair, you will have your microwave up and running in no time – and maybe even in time for that movie you were watching.  Popcorn anyone?

Microwave Repair for South Pasadena

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It happens to the best of us – we’re in the middle of cooking our favorite frozen dinner when the microwave just stops.  Confused, we try to hit the buttons again or we try to unplug it and plug it in again.  When it still doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to look into microwave repair in South Pasadena from the folks at West Coast Chief Repair. 


With their almost twenty years of expertise and serving the Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair is the right team to call in the event of a microwave emergency.  Even if you could manage with the regular oven to cook your meal, why not call in a professional service team to help you fix this problem? 

They will come to your home, diagnose the problem, offer a solution, and then fix the issue right away.


Sure, a microwave is a convenience that most of us take for granted.  With the low prices, we seem to think that replacing it is the best way to fix our microwave problems.  But instead of heading to the store, call West Coast Chief Repair to fix your microwave’s problems – it will save you the trip and the shopping headache.

Microwave Repair in Canyon County

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Microwaves now come with a variety of features.  LG Electronics makes a microwave with a coffeemaker and a microwave with a built-in toaster.   Sharp manufactures a unit that has a cook top and a microwave drawer.  Then there’s the GE convection microwave oven.  Of course, some people aren’t interested in high tech engineering features.  They just want a simple microwave they can trust will work every day.


Regular microwave maintenance has become more important with the complex features.  In order to keep your microwave in great working order, trust your microwave maintenance to West Coast Chief Repair.  You’ll find our technicians ready to perform microwave service on any brand you may own – even if it’s the simplest or most complex microwave on the market.  


When you need microwave repair in Canyon County, you’ll find us convenient to schedule and ready to do the job in a professional manner.  We carry a large inventory of microwave parts and microwave replacement units.    Technicians are required to stay current in their brand training making them qualified to work on any microwave problem. 


Microwave repair in Canyon County is easy to schedule online.  We are ready to help you insure you get the best performance with your microwave at all times.

Microwave Repair in Manhattan Beach

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Have a microwave that just started to smoke in the middle of cooking your favorite leftovers?  Had your microwave stop while you were steaming some veggies?  If you have a need for microwave repair in Manhattan Beach, you’re going to find all the expertise that you need from West Coast Chief Repair.  Even if you need your microwave replaced completely, you can leave the work to West Coast Chief Repair.



Since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair has been helping people just like you with their microwave repairs.  Whether it’s an emergency or just something you want looked at, you can call up the company of friendly service professionals and have them come to your home, often the same day that you call.  Because West Coast Chief Repair treats every customer as though their service is the most important, you’ll never feel like you are someone that is a low priority because your problem is not as important as someone else’s.


A microwave is supposed to be a convenient piece of kitchen equipment that helps make your life easier.  But instead of relying on repair service that only makes your life more complicated, try West Coast Chief Repair for your repair needs.

Microwave Repair in Lancaster

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Someone told the kids they could put the dish with the metal trim in the microwave.  So they did.  Next thing you know, the microwave is broken – your favorite appliance because that’s where you reheat your coffee throughout the day.  Fortunately, you live in LA County where microwave repair in Lancaster is easy to find at West Coast Chief Repair.


Things happen in the kitchen all the time.  It’s a busy place, and everyone uses the microwave for different purposes.  Keeping your microwave working is important, and we understand that fact.  West Coast Repair provides professional microwave service, which includes maintenance or repair.  Our technicians have extensive experience and spend their time on the job actually doing repair work, not trying to figure out how to repair your brand.


West Coast Chief repair carries microwave parts for many different brands.  We can service Amana, Frigidaire, Hotpoint, Litton, Tappan and many other makes and models.  Whatever you have, we can service.  That makes it simple for you, because you don’t have to spend hours trying to find a company that carries you microwave replacement parts. 


When you need microwave repair in Lancaster, call West Coast Chief Repair.  Microwave maintenance can keep your microwave working the way it was meant to work – reheating your coffee!!

Microwave Repair in Calabasas

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Some people love to own every gadget with every feature, and others are satisfied with simple models.  This is true for everything from cell phones to microwaves.  You can easily find microwaves loaded with special features that do great things in the kitchen.  There are also still simple models sold for those who know they won’t use a lot of the newest features.  Why spend the money on something you’re not going to use?


No matter which microwave you choose to buy, eventually it will need maintenance or repair.  At West Coast Chief Repair, we do microwave repair in Calabasas and the rest of LA County, on any brand you chose for your kitchen.  From the simple to the feature-filled, microwave maintenance is just one of our specialties.

West Coast Chief Repair has been servicing microwaves for many years.  We carry a full line of microwave parts, and promise to give you the best service possible.  Technicians are experts in microwave service and can supply your job with all the microwave replacement parts needed. 

Microwave repair in Calabasas can be scheduled online making service easy to obtain.  We are reliable and dependable, and have thousands of customers who will back up that statement.  Maybe efficiency should be our middle name!

Qualities of Reliable Appliance Service

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If you live in LA County, you’re in our service area.  We are a locally owned company that’s been doing appliance repair and maintenance for years.  We also make the claim that we provide reliable and dependable service.  The problem is a lot of businesses make that claim, and then you find out they can’t fulfill their boastful promises.  West Coast Chief Repair has earned a sterling reputation by proving we can do everything we say we can do – and we do it well! 

When you need appliance service, finding a company that fulfills your needs can be difficult.  Many don’t adhere to their service schedule and always show up late.  Other businesses have a high rate of employee turnover, and as a result, technicians are not always properly trained.  To make matters worse, appliance parts always have to be “special ordered”, because they’re not in stock.

At West Coast Chief Repair, we are not your typical appliance maintenance business.  We offer reliable appliance service, which means you get service when you need it and how you need it.  You’re the boss – not us.  The qualities of reliable appliance service include the following.

  • Extensive service network so you don’t have to wait weeks to schedule an appointment

  • Fair prices that reflect actual time spent working on the problem

  • Trained service personnel who are familiar with most appliance brands

  • Ability to analyze appliance problem and offer dollar-saving solutions

  • Easy access to a large supply of appliance parts

  • Ability to handle appliance replacement when required

  • Good attitude towards every job no matter how small it might be

  • Honest invoicing

A reliable appliance service company will also stay current in appliance technology developments.  Electronics has affected the appliance industry as much as it has gaming, computers and telephones.  Service technicians who don’t recognize or understand the latest appliances certainly will not be able to repair them in a reasonable amount of time, if at all.

Appliance service that’s reliable will also understand energy guides and labels.  The newest appliance models made by Whirlpool, Maytag and Subzero, and many other brands, are high tech units designed to be energy efficient.  A professional service technician will always check to make sure your appliance is operating at its peak performance.  An appliance using more energy than it should indicates a problem may exist beyond the original service call order.

If you live in LA County, service is easy to schedule just by visiting  There you will find West Coast Chief Repair and a great example of a company that offers quality and reliable appliance service.  We meet all the requirements for dependable service and will provide service that never disappoints.   That’s a daring promise to make in the appliance maintenance and repair business.

If you live in LA County, there’s no reason to tolerate inferior appliance service – not when you can get great service quickly and efficiently through West Coast Chief Repair.  We can service all major appliances including washers, dryers, furnaces, heat pumps, refrigerators, ovens and ranges, range hoods and disposals. 

What does reliable appliance service mean?  It means when you call us, we show up ready to do the job the right way!

Microwave Repair in Panorama City

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When you need microwave repair in Panorama City, there are some things you should NOT expect from a microwave service company.  You should not have to find out the company made false statements about their abilities after the repairman shows up at your house.  You also should not find out they want to charge you more than the written estimate.  And you certainly should not expect them to come to your job unprepared to do the work.


microwave Unfortunately, that’s how some repair companies work.  West Coast Chief Repair works with the opposite philosophy.  When you need microwave repair in Panorama City, we only tell you the truth about the estimate for repairs.  Our technicians are fully capable and always professional and able to do microwave maintenance on a variety of brands.  If you tell us you have a Thermador, Quasar, GE or Sears microwave, and we tell you we can repair it, we come to your job prepared to complete the job. 

West Coast Chief Repair carries thousands of microwave parts in stock for most microwave brands.  We give you an honest estimate for any microwave repair in Panorama City.    We also can assist you with choosing a microwave replacement if you decide it’s time to upgrade.  In other words, it’s safe to expect great service with West Cost Chief Repair.

Microwave Repair in Calabasas

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While there are a number of reasons for microwave repair in Calabasas, you should know that there are certain instances in which you should definitely call up a professional. 


Here are some of the warning signs that your microwave needs more help than you can give it:

The electrical system is malfunctioning – Either you can’t see the numbers that you push in or the numbers are difficult to push in

There is any strange odor coming from the microwave


There is smoke or too much heat coming off the microwave


Your food isn’t getting as warm as it used to

If you begin to see these signs, you should think about calling West Coast Chief Repair to help you with your microwave troubles.  With convenient scheduling and hours on weekends and holidays, you will be able to fix up your microwave in no time – or rather, have them fix it for you.

The courteous and professional staff at West Coast Chief Repair is ready for any challenge, so if you’re noticing that your microwave isn’t acting like it used to, just give them a call.  There may be a number of reasons why your microwave doesn’t work, but that fact that you can’t use it is reason enough to get it fixed.

Things You Should Never Put In A Microwave


Microwaves operate with electromagnetic energy, so everything you cook in them will be affected by that energy. Particular foods will either absorb or reflect the waves of energy while being cooked.  MicrowaveItems that absorb energy and/or cannot tolerate high temperatures should not be put into your microwave.

Here is a partial list of items that should never be put into a microwave: 

  • Styrofoam cups and plates should never go in, as they will soften and collapse when the temperature reaches the boiling point.

  • Metal pans, bowls or utensils, as they may spark a fire.

  • Eggs in the shell, as they will explode.

  • Baby bottles, as they can easily overheat.

  • Clothes that you want dry may cause a fire instead.

  • Meat skewers, as they are metal.

  • Tin foil, as it will smoke or burn.

  • Plates or cups that have gold edging or decoration as they could spark a fire.

  • Fleshy fruit with skin such as grapes, as they may explode and leave a big mess to clean up.

It is all right to put the following items in your microwave: 

  • Most plastic, as they don’t absorb microwaves

  • Glazed ceramics, but not unglazed

  • Glasses and mugs

  • All microwave safe products

  • New metal cookware that is safe for microwave use. The packaging will clearly state that.

Although most plastics have been deemed safe for microwave use, fears abound that dangerous chemicals can get into your food. This is especially true of pre-packaged meals. Even pre-package popcorn gave the food industry a scare a few years ago, when it was found that small amounts of benzene had leached into the popcorn.  A plastic attached to aluminum for crisping things like pizza was also found to be dangerously high in benzene. The two are bonded together with an adhesive that creates benzene when heated. Apparently, manufacturers have now eradicated this problem. 

New technology has lead to the creation of all kinds of packaging, including polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. The latter item contains chemicals that give plastic more flexibility. There is some concern that plasticizers emit endocrine disrupters that can affect a person’s hormones, cause birth defects, cancer and other serious health problems.  Fortunately, Tupperware and Rubbermaid items do not contain plasticizers. However a very small amount was found in plastic wrap, but many products you buy that are covered in cling wrap were found to be high in benzene.  

To date, no one really knows the health risks of chemicals that are released at low levels, but there is a couple if things you can do to avoid them. Remove all store packaging before putting an item in the microwave. Use a microwave safe plate instead. Avoid using plastic wrap to cover food. Use a microwave cover instead.  

If you need a professional to inspect your microwave or are looking to purchase a new one and you live in the Los Angeles County area, go to

Microwave Repair in Pasadena

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Think about it for a moment: what do you use your microwave for? Most of us have a microwave on our kitchen counters, just waiting for its next use.  From heating up water to making a frozen dinner, melting butter, and reheating leftovers, a microwave has become the convenient way to cook in this busy world.  What used to take hours now takes minutes and seconds to heat up, so when your microwave is not working, your life can come to a halt – or at least, things will take longer than you are used to.


Microwave repair in Pasadena is made possible by West Coast Chief Repair.  With trained repair specialists and access to all of the parts they need for any job, you can have your microwave ready to work again for that bag of popcorn in just hours.

If you call West Coast Chief Repair before noon, most of the time, you will see someone come out to your house that same day – and that’s almost as quick as that frozen pizza you wanted to eat this afternoon.  Friendly and caring, this isn’t a team of repair workers that simply comes and goes as they please without talking to you.  They genuinely want to help you get on with your life – and shouldn’t that be a pleasant experience?