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Heating Service In Northridge

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Don’t get stuck in the cold, make sure you have top heating service. In Northridge, the summers may be extremely hot but even the winters can get cold, so you will want your furnace in top running order.West Coast Chief Repair handles top brands that are highly respected in the heating business. They stock names like:
* American Standard
* Rheem
* Carrier
* Bryant
* Trane
* And many more.

Their technicians have many years of field work experience, and they will follow the project through from sale to install; there is no middle man to deal with. You will receive top customer service from the start.

Looking for a way to prevent costly repairs? How about annual cleaning heating service? In Northridge, you will be able to have the certified techs from West Coast come to your house and inspect your present system. They will clean and inspect your heating system and replace any needed parts with only factory approved parts.

When the temperature goes down you will want to make sure you can stay warm, so be sure to get the best in heating service; in Northridge you can contact West Coast Chief Repair.

Air Conditioning Service In Northridge

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Located in Southern California, it is easy to understand that the temperature goes up, during the summer, in Northridge.Air Conditioning service will be needed if your system is not working properly so the long hot months are more bearable for you. The professionals at West Coast Chief Repair can help cool you down and get your system back in working order.

Central air systems are the most economical and efficient units for the area. They are tied into the central duct work that houses the heating system and is controlled by the same thermostat; cool air is delivered throughout the house. You can inquire about having annual air conditioning service. In Northridge, West Coast Chief Repair will come out and perform a cleaning and service check on your system which will help prevent costly repairs.

They specialize in most models and brands, so there is no question that you will receive top air conditioning service. In Northridge, you will find choices in styles of homes, types of restaurants, and more; West Coast is based out of Los Angeles, so they are always in your neighborhood.

Heating Northridge


A gas furnace that has an electronic ignition is a recent development that you can rely on better than you can a standing pilot furnace. An electronic ignition system will also use less energy and better efficiency.Older furnaces, which are less energy efficient than the model you will find on the market today, have standing pilots. A standing pilot is a gas flame that burns continuously. Pilot lights have a history of causing problems because they tend to go out from time to time and you must light them again to keep your furnace heating properly.

The issues with pilot lights led to the creation of the electronic ignition system for mid and high level efficiency heating systems, which exceeds the minimum AFUE rating that has been established by the United States government to be 78%.

When it comes to pilot lights, electronic ignition furnaces and all other issues related to home heating, Northridge residents always turn to West Coast Chief Repair. Their staff of skilled professionals is always ready to provide you with any information or home heating or cooling service that you require. Give them a call today to find out what they can do to help keep you and your family safe and warm this winter and all year long.

Furnace Repair North Ridge


The community of Northridge is situated in the region of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. The almost 85,000 people that call Northridge home realize the importance of proper maintenance and furnace repair.

One of the main functions of a furnace filter is to remove dust and other harmful particles from the air that flows throughout your home. Over time, tie filter becomes covered in dust and the air flow through the filter is significantly reduced.

Gas and oil furnaces, as well as all other air conditioning and heating equipment, are built to have a particular amount of air flowing through them at all times. This is important for proper operation and the most efficiency possible.

If the filter is left in your furnace until it begins to have a negative impact on the air flowing through your heating system, you could be at risk of serious dangers. As the air flowing over the heat exchanger decreases, the temperature increases. Then, the heat exchanger will begin to crack. The hotter the exchange gets the more it continues to expand. When the system is off and allowed to cool it will contract. The constant contracting and expanding will cause the exchanger to warp. This will allow combustion gases to combine with the air that is distributed throughout your home and inhaled by you and your family.

Northridge is a beautiful place to be in the wintertime, but neglecting to properly maintain your furnace and heating system could lead to potential danger such as a house fire or carbon monoxide exposure.