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Oven Repair In Malibu

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Who doesn’t like getting a yummy treat from the Cake Monkey or Lily’s Café, in Malibu? Oven repair is needed when your oven doesn’t work right and you want to make your own tempting treat.Has this ever happened to you? You have a house full of guests coming, you put in a large turkey, a few hours later you go and check the turkey, and it is still raw; what do you do now? Well, call for take out and then contact West Coast Chief Repair for your desperately needed oven repairs.

In Malibu, you can count on West Coast being there because they are based out of Los Angeles. They offer hours that fit your schedule and always send a certified repair technician that specializes in most brands and models.

Is your oven only heating on one side? Does it burn your food, even when you have the temperature set correctly? Is your oven latch stuck and you cannot open your door? Or perhaps you turn the dial and the oven doesn’t even get warm. Whatever the problem, you should contact West Coast before running out to purchase a new oven.

Don’t get stuck with half cooked treats; contact West Coast Chief Repair for oven repair; in Malibu they are in your neighborhood.

GE Oven Repair Los Angeles

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A common problem that occurs with ovens is the seal around the door being compromised.  This can happen for a lot of reasons.  The factory seal is carefully designed so that all heated air is trapped inside the oven when it is on.  The ovens which are self cleaning can reach extremely high temperatures though and sometimes the seals are faulty and the heat affects their ability to retain shape.  Of course, sometimes the seals are simply manufactured with flaws and there are spots around the door where the seal doesn’t fit right.

GE oven

The bottom line is that when the seal is compromised, the oven is not going to heat up the way it is intended.  You can wait all day and the indicator light will never go out, because the heat is escaping around the door edge.  You should only let a qualified repair technician repair the oven seal, because he or she can make sure that the door is tightly sealed after installation of the new seal.  This is important for your own safety.

West Coast Chief Repair has an army of qualified technicians who can repair your oven.  When you need GE oven repair, Los Angeles residents can schedule a service call at   Your oven can be re-sealed within a day and then it’s back to business as usual.

Gas Oven in Los Angeles

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The word going around is that when you need a gas oven, Los Angeles West Coast Chief Repair is the place to start these days.  Gas provides a clean, natural alternative to destructive electrical power, and these gas powered ovens are a perfect fit for any kitchen.  You can already smell the sweet aromas coming from the oven’s door, including fresh turkey and pastries beyond your wildest imagination.  When you need to have a gas oven installed in your home, trust the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair to handle you situation.  When you have served the largest city in the nation for over twenty years you must be doing something right, and West Coast Chief Repair has the experience you are looking for in repair service.  Do not waste another moment without a functional gas oven and let the people at West Coast Chief Repair solve your oven needs now.


You can do further research by going online at or by calling to set up an appointment.  Some people need their oven immediately, so same-day service is available upon request.  Your home needs an oven, so do not hold out any longer.  Together with West Coast Chief Repair, you can realize the joys of having a gas oven as soon as you want.

GE Oven Service Los Angeles

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There are lots of common problems that occur with ovens such as the seal around the door edge not fitting tightly.  Other common problems include heating elements that burn up, thermostats that break and electronic control boards that quit working and create havoc with the oven.  Of course when you talk about oven service, you care also talking about getting regular maintenance or even installing a new oven replacement unit in new construction or a remodeled house.  When you need any kind of GE oven service, Los Angeles is a great place to live because you can contact West Coast Chief Repair and get any level of service required.

GE oven

West Coast Chief Service has many qualified technicians who can service your oven by any definition.   When you need GE oven service, Los Angeles residents can schedule a service call at   Your oven can be repaired, installed or maintained quickly and efficiently.   Technicians keep their skills updated and can handle just about any kind of problem or service need.

If you want to work with a company that can back up its talk about service with action, then West Coast Chief Repair should be your appliance repair company of choice. 

Los Angeles Oven Repair

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Sometimes bad things can happen to appliances.  One of the scariest can be when the oven catches on fire.  This happens more often than we like to admit.  Sometimes the fire may be the result of spilled food inside the oven, but there are plenty of other times when it has nothing to do with food.  Oven fires can start because of faulty heating elements, wiring problems and electronic control boards that don’t operate properly.  Whatever the reason for the fire, if it is not caught quickly, a lot of damage can be done to an oven by the time it is extinguished.


When you have an oven fire in Los Angeles, oven repair services are easy to find at West Coast Chief Repair.  West Coach Chief Repair has been servicing the greater Los Angeles area for almost 20 years.  The technician can evaluate the cause of the oven fire and determine what damage has been caused.  In most cases, the oven can be repaired because fires are usually caught quickly during cooking.

You can visit and read more about the extensive repair services available.  West Coast Chief Repair carries a complete line of oven repair parts so your oven will be working quickly again.

Los Angeles Oven Service

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Food is not cheap and it is actually getting more expensive every day.  So when you thaw out an expensive roast, you expect to be able to cook it as planned.   But things don’t always go as planned, and one of those things may be the oven quits working just when you are really counting on it.  It seems like a disaster if you thawed out that roast because you have a party planned that evening.   


Fortunately, if you live in Los Angeles oven service is easy to find.  The Los Angeles area is serviced by West Coast Chief Repair.  When you call them in the morning or by early afternoon, you can get same day service.  The company carries a warehouse of parts that fit all brands of appliances.  Your oven can be working like new again in plenty of time to cook that roast for your evening party. 

When you need oven service quickly, West Coast Chief Repair is the company to call.  You can even schedule a repair visit online at  You will rest easy knowing that the company takes your service needs seriously and will do everything within its power to get your oven in working order as soon as possible.   

Oven Repair in Los Angeles

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There comes a time when people need oven repair in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.  Learning to cook at home can be a valuable skill, but much good it will do you if the oven does not run right.  It’s hard to bake cookies in an oven that will not heat up.  Fortunately, there is help and West Coast Chief Repair is that help.  West Coast Chief Repair offers quality customer service and has the professional experience needed to fix anything that may be not working on your oven.  With over twenty years of service to one of the largest metro areas in the world, they are just the people you need to see.  The smells coming from an oven are too good to ignore, so the oven must be fixed as soon as possible!


To learn more about West Coast Chief Repair, visit online at  A call can also be made to set up an appointment for your oven repair.  They offer same-day service to serve you in the timeliest fashion possible.  So that home cooking is a possibility again, just let West Coast Chief Repair show you the light by giving your oven the fix-up it needs.  Fresh baked goodies can be yours in no time.

Santa Monica Oven Installation

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You decided it was time to remodel the kitchen.  This is a major remodel too, because you are getting new cabinets and new appliances.  Newer appliances are larger and everything is coming out of the kitchen so new cabinets and appliances can be refitted.  The new kitchen is going to have a lot of great features too.  One of those features is a double wall oven.  You will finally have enough room to cook those big meals you enjoy making for your family. 


In Santa Monica, oven installation is easy to schedule when you start with West Coast Chief Repair.  West Coast Chief Repair has been installing new ovens for almost 20 years.  Your oven will be properly connected to the power source, balanced and ready to get to work in your new kitchen.  The company can install all styles of ovens too, not just wall ovens. 

You can read about the great service provided by West Coast Chief Repair at  If you like what you see, you can either complete the online service request form or call the company and speak with a representative.  West Coast Chief Repair is always ready to help you with all of your appliance needs.

Santa Monica Oven Repair


It’s hard to imagine today how early settlers managed to cook over open fires.  We can’t imagine doing without an oven for more than a day.  The oven is like the centerpiece of the kitchen and when it doesn’t work properly, it is distressful.  Even when you cook most of the food on the burners, it’s usually kept warm in the oven. 


With all the electronic controls on ovens today, it requires a trained service technician to do the work.  The ovens are controlled by electronic boards with delicate sensors.  It is these boards which give the oven its many different features.  But not all ovens are electronic.  There are plenty of older ovens and non-electronic ovens that require service also.  At West Coast Chief Repair, all oven styles can be repaired because thousands of parts are maintained in a local warehouse.   

If you need oven repair services, you can start by visiting  In Santa Monica, oven repair services have been provided by West Coast Chief for almost 20 years.  You can simply leave your contact information and a service representative will shortly get hold of you to schedule same day service.  Technicians are experienced and ready to get your oven back into service.

Appliance Companies in Los Angeles: Simple – Choose West Coast Chief Repair!


If you’re frustrated in your search for decent appliance companies in Los Angeles, the answer is simple – choose West Coast Chief Repair.  Instead of looking through company after company, from smaller companies to the retail chains, you need to look into this locally owned and operated business.  Since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair has been serving the greater Los Angeles area with a smile.

Appliances Here are just some of the advantages of West Coast Chief Repair:

They’re experienced – No matter what kind of problem you’re having, you’re covered because they’re seen it all and fixed it all.  With nearly 20 years of experience, you aren’t going to surprise them or stump them.

  • They’re friendly – By treating you like one of the family, you can have a pleasant repair experience instead of one that you dread.
  • They’re versatile – Not only does West Coast Chief Repair offer you repair services, but they also carry a wide selection of new and used appliances for purchase.

Just go to for more information and to schedule your appointment. Even if there’s nothing wrong yet in your home, a preventive checkup can’t hurt!

Appliance Repair Beverly Hills


If you need appliance repair, Beverly Hills homeowners can call West Coast Chief Repair.  No matter if you need a refrigerator, dryer, washer, range, or any other home appliance serviced; they will set up a convenient appointment with you, arrive on time, and complete the work to your satisfaction.  While other companies just try to rack up labor costs, West Coast Chief Repair is interested in treating you like you’re a part of their family.

 AppliancesYou just don’t see that kind of service anymore.  With the rise in home ownership, there are more service calls than ever.  And while you would think that services would become more competitive and try to be the best at customer service, the truth is that most of these companies just want to make money.  While West Coast Chief Repair doesn’t do their work for free, they’re also not going to overcharge you or treat you like you’re an idiot.  The service team is friendly as they want to create a long term relationship with you – after all, you probably have more than one appliance in your home that might need work in the future.

As a homeowner and a client of West Coast Chief Repair, you will get the respect you deserve at the prices you want.  Just go to for more information and to set up your appointment.

Beverly Hills Appliance Repair


No matter what your situation, Beverly Hills appliance repair is something you need to think about if you’re planning on investing in a refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other large appliance.  Even though you might spend a lot of money and research your purchase, you may very well need to get things fixed down the road.  But by looking at the repair team you will call, you don’t have to worry as much about the brand.


While it’s true that Carrier, Maytag, and Bosch are high quality names you can trust for appliances, no one is perfect all the time.  Air conditioning units can break, washers and dryers stop working, and even heaters start to fizzle out after a few years of use.  And it’s not your fault, but you do need someone you can trust to come out and fix it.  After all, you can’t keep buying new appliances whenever something breaks.


That’s where West Coast Chief Repair comes in handy.  This team of professionals has been in business for nearly 20 years, which means you can trust them to help you with any type of problem.  All you need to do is to go to to contact them via email or to find their toll free number.  Serving the entire greater Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair will make sure your investment is around for a long time.

Oven Repair in Studio City


West Coast Chief Repair is baking up great service just for you!  We’ve been in the business of appliance repair since 1989 and can do expert oven repair in Studio City and surrounding areas with extreme efficiency.  Ovens made today are nothing like what your grandmother used for baking.  Today’s ovens are made to cook faster and cleaner while using less energy.  Regular oven maintenance is a necessity though in order to keep it working according to manufacturer specifications.  That’s where we can help.


Wonder Ovens 

When your appliance quits working, you need a repair technician who has been trained to fix your wonder oven.  West Coast Chief Repair carries brand new factory authorized oven parts for almost all brands.  These include GE, Amana, Frigidaire, Hotpoint, Sears and Tappan.  We can also fix special ordered ovens like Sub Zero.  Our oven service is quick and efficient, and our technicians are friendly and ready to answer all your repair needs.

West Coast Chief Repair can also assist you with oven replacement if you’re ready to upgrade an older model.  Oven repair in Studio City doesn’t have to be a problem as long as you call the experts in your area – West Coast Chief Repair.

Oven Repair in Playa del Rey

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Although many of us don’t really use out ovens anymore since the invention of the microwave, they still have a special place in our kitchen.  Whether we’re cooking a special meal for a loved one or we’re just trying out a family recipe from scratch, the oven is still useful in many ways.  Funny enough, though you may not use your oven that often, once it’s not working, it’s certainly missed.


When you’re looking for oven repair in Playa del Rey, you need to look into using West Coast Chief Repair.  In business since 1989, this team of professionals will come to your door, no matter when you need them.  With a friendly smile, your repair specialist will help you fix the problem you have and make sure the job is done right the first time.  All of the right parts are on hand and service calls are often made the same day – so you don’t have to waste or wait another minute.

Your oven may not be the most often used piece of equipment in your kitchen, but it still needs to have some TLC every now and then when it breaks down or simply needs replacing.

A Good Repair Can Be Cheaper Than a Replacement – And Last Years!

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Let’s face it – buying a central air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is a major financial decision.  They are considered high-priced appliances, and you want your system to work as long as it’s economically feasible.   It’s a breakeven situation.  When it costs more to replace a system than it does to invest in a single repair, it’s often cheaper in the long run to repair. 

A good repair like you get with West Coast Appliance Repair in LA County  can restore your system to almost new condition.  It can also upgrade an older system so you get the advantages of new technology and economies.  The result of a good repair can be a system that operates almost like new and lasts for many more years.

How do you determine if you should repair or replace?  The best approach in LA County is to contact West Coast Appliance Repair and let them evaluate your current system.  Even if it’s still working and you don’t think it needs repairing, expert technicians can look for ways to increase operational efficiency to reduce power costs.  Of course, if your cooling or heating system is not working properly, repair estimates will be prepared.

With the cost of a repair in hand you can compare the repair amount to the cost of replacing the system.  Cooling and heating system repair will include labor and materials.  The cost of a air conditioner or furnace replacement should include labor and system cost also to be comparable.

The repair versus replacement calculation takes several factors into account.  You must calculate how much it will probably cost to keep the current unit running for the same length of time a new unit would last.  A new unit can be expected to last 15 years or more.   You must also calculate your current utility costs and the savings you would realize if your old system had newer parts.  You compare utility costs and maintenance or repair expenses of the old system to the investment cost and utility expense of the new system. 

When you complete this calculation, the results are often surprising.  Often it makes better sense to upgrade your current heating and cooling system even if replacing major parts like the compressor.  When you invest in a fuel efficient upgrade, your system begins a new “life”.  So instead of $15,000 for a new system, you spend $4,000 and get the same amount of additional system usage.

In LA County, West Coast Chief Repair can help you determine if a good repair will save you money over the long term.  Couple good repair with regular maintenance and your current system can give you almost new service again in many cases.   Central air conditioners and furnaces are heavy duty appliances meant to last for many years.  Companies like Trane, Bryant and American Standard build their units with the intent of providing get long-term dependable service. 

Don’t be discouraged if your heating or cooling systems are not working properly.  Visit and let the experts help save you money!

Oven Repair in Castaic

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Do you think that your oven needs some special attention?  Are you noticing that things are taking longer to cook?  Are your buttons and knobs sticking in place?  Are your oven coils ready to break in half?  No matter what the problem is or what you think your problem might be in the future, you need to call West Coast Chief Repair for oven repair in Castaic.


GE Oven

There are a number of reasons to choose West Coast Chief Repair over other repair companies in the Los Angeles area.  First of all, this is a repair team that prides itself in wanting to be a friendly alternative to the stodgy repair teams of the past.  You don’t have to have an unpleasant experience with our repair team as well as with your broken oven.

By calling the toll free number for West Coast Chief Repair, you will get into contact with their service team who will come out to your home within hours instead of days or weeks.   Even holidays and weekends are open for your oven repair needs. Every customer is important to West Coast, so you are always the priority when it comes to oven repair and other service needs.

Oven Repair in Canyon Country

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When your oven begins to break down, there are a number of different signs you might see before the ‘end.’  And when you notice these signs, you may want to be proactive in calling in help to make sure you can fix the problem before your oven needs to be replaced completely. 


Here are some signs you may need oven repair in Canyon Country:

  • Foods are cooking at different temperatures – some of the parts of the meal are warm or hot and others are not

  • You smell strange smells whenever you turn on the over – this is really important and you should call a repair person immediately

  • The oven takes a long time to preheat for your cooking needs

  • The oven knobs are broken or are hard to turn

  • The door of the oven is very hot whenever you cook

If you’re noticing any of these issues, you might want to call West Coast Chief Repair.  This team of professionals will come out to your home to fix or to replace your oven – no matter what the problem actually is.  Whether it’s the weekend or a holiday, you will be able to get the service you need to get your oven running again – and to make the oven safe for your home.

Oven Repair in Verdugo City

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Convenience and efficiency are important qualities every kitchen should promote.  The only way kitchen efficiency can be achieved though is if all the appliances are working. One of the major units that make cooking easy and dependable is the oven. So when you need oven repair in Verdugo City, it only makes sense to hire a service company that understands how important it is to get your oven service completed as quickly as possible.

 ovenThere are a lot of oven brands on the market.  You may own a Coldspot, GE, or Kenmore oven.  Your kitchen might have a Sub Zero or a Wolf or a Gaggenau.  No matter what brand you own, your oven is central to your kitchen.  That’s why at West Coast Chief Repair, we are prepared to perform oven maintenance work on almost every brand of oven on the market.  We have thousands of oven parts in stock so there’s no delay in your oven repair. 

West Coast Chief Repair believes in making appliance service efficient.  Let’s face it – people often dread trying to get work done on any appliance in the house.  Oven repair in Verdugo City, or any other appliance repair, doesn’t have to be dreaded because West Coast Chief Repair streamlines the entire process.  We understand you want us to service your oven as quickly as possible, and to know that when we leave, the oven works well.

Of course, sometimes repairs are not cost efficient.  If you have an old oven that needs upgrading, we can help you with oven replacement too.  I guess you could say we are experts in every aspect of ovens and oven maintenance and repair!

Oven Repair in Stevenson Ranch


Thanks to the electronic revolution, the oven landscape has changed in many ways in the last five years.  You now have the luxury of choosing from among a large variety of oven brands.  You may own a simple oven with no extraordinary features or you may own an oven that is digitized and computerized. 


Fortunately, dependable oven repair in Stevenson Ranch is easy to find because West Coast Chief Repair services most oven brands.  Popular brands like Kenmore, Whirlpool and Amana are just a few of the names we repair.  Oven parts are stocked so you don’t have to wait for your service to be completed. 

Oven repair in Stevenson Ranch also includes oven maintenance.  If your oven doesn’t seem to be working properly, but isn’t broken, it’s possible it needs routine maintenance.  West Coast Chief Repair technicians can provide oven service that includes oven replacement parts when necessary.

If you are not happy with your oven’s performance, or need repairs because it’s quit working, professional technicians can restore your oven performance back to its peak operating levels.  Whatever brand you have – we can fix.  Whether you have a Gaggenau, Hotpoint, or Magic Chef or any other brand, your oven will be working efficiently once again once we leave your home.

Oven Repair in Los Angeles

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While most of your life may be at ‘microwave speed,’ there are other times when the oven is an appropriate choice for your cooking needs.  Think about holidays and special events that you want to celebrate – can you really picture cooking that turkey in the microwave?  (Would it even fit?)



So, when you’re faced with an oven that doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did, you need professional help.  The folks at West Coast Chief Repair are experts in helping you with any appliance repair problem, but they can also help you buy a new oven if that’s what you need to get cooking again.


Carrying an array of models and brands, West Coast Chief Repair prides itself in being a high quality service team that not only arrives with a smile, but they are also available any time, day or night.  Convenient service calls and times will help you get your problems sorted out in a reasonable time frame – hours, not days or weeks.


If you’re looking for oven repair in Los Angeles, West Coast Chief Repair is the place to turn to.  Simply call their toll free number or fill out their online form to get fast and professional service.

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