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Dryer Repair In Pasadena

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Before you head out for the night and meet your friends at McMurphy’s or the Ice House Comedy Club, in Pasadena, dryer repairs are evident; your favorite outfit is still soaking wet.But before you run out and spend your hard earned money on a new one, contact West Coast Chief Repair and have one of their certified technicians access the problem; it could be a simple fix.

They are located in Los Angeles, but they are always in your neighborhood; at no extra cost. Their certified service team specialize in most brands and models so you are ensured to have quality service; they only use factory approved parts. Not sure if you want to take a day off from work to wait for the repair tech? Well, not to worry because they have hours that will fit your busy schedule, including evenings and weekends.

You may have a gas or electric powered dryer, and why each may have their own set of problems, some may be the same, including: The dryer belt has gone bad, there are noises coming from the wheel drum, the burner components have gone bad, a valve coil issue, thermal fuses, or many others.

Before you have to head to New Era Laundry, on E. Orange Grove Blvd., in Pasadena call the professionals. Dryer repair in Pasadena is as easy as contacting West Coast Chief Repair.

Washer Repair In Pasadena

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No need to run down to Magic Cleaners or the New Era Laundry because your washing machine broke. Washer repairs, in Pasadena, means contacting the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair.You have the plan in your head, you are going to get all the piled up laundry done before heading out for the day. You have your clothes sorted, the soap ready to go; you turn on the water and nothing happens or worse, your machine stops mid-cycle so you are left with a full machine and a pile of dirty laundry. What could have happened? It was working just yesterday.

Contact the professionals at West Coast before conceding that you need to shell out big bucks for a new machine; it could be a simple fix. Their certified repair techs will come out and check out the problem. They handle most name brands and models, so they are sure to have the needed part.

You don’t realize how much you may rely on having your own machine until you are left without a washer. Repairs, in Pasadena, does not have to mean a headache and a trip to the Laundromat; just contact West Coast and let them help you get rid of that dirty laundry.

Appliance Service In Pasadena

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If you are building a new home or updating your present place, then you may want to purchase new appliances. Service, in Pasadena, means contacting the experts at West Coast Chief Repair.  They specialize in all the appliances that you would need; with most major brands and models available. Are you not sure what you need or if you can afford it? Well, let their certified technicians help you out; they don’t use salesmen with high commission rates, so the savings are passed on to you.

What if your trusty stove or refrigerator is no longer working? Where do you turn to for appliance service? In Pasadena and the surrounding areas, the place to contact is West Coast Chief Repair. Not only do they sell all the brands you want, but they also offer top of the line service. Instead of running out to purchase a new appliance, contact their staff and find out how they can help you. One of their certified service techs will come out to your home, at your convenience, and diagnose the problem. They only use factory approved parts, and they pride themselves on fixing the problem the first time.

Do worry about appliance service in Pasadena. West Coast Chief Repair will take care of your needs, whether it is purchasing a new unit or having your old one fixed.

Heating In Pasadena

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What do you do when its winter and you are cold? Sounds like you need a solution for heating. In Pasadena, people can turn to the experts at West Coast Chief Repair.Are you building a new home? Or perhaps you are looking for an updated system? There are options when it comes to heating. In Pasadena, it does get cool, so you want a unit that is effective and efficient. West Coast Chief Repair deals with a variety of name brands, such as:
* Carrier
* Rheem
* American Standard
* Bryant
* Payne
* Trane
* Ruud
* And others

The technicians at West Coast have years of field work, so you are sure to have expert advice when choosing a heating solution. They will work with you to find one that fits your needs and your budget. They do no inflate their prices to pay a salesman’s commission, because the technicians sell and install.

Can’t take time off from work? No problem, West Coast offers hours that fit your busy schedule; they even have evening and weekend hours. When you are shopping for heating in Pasadena or the surrounding area, make sure to contact West Coast Chief Repair.

Air Conditioning Repair In Pasadena

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What do you do when the air blows hot? Sounds like you need air conditioning repair. In Pasadena, the summers get hot so make sure you have West Coast Chief Repair cool you down.There are several things that could be wrong with your air conditioning unit. A few of these may be:

* The air is blowing hot
* There are funny noises emitting from the unit
* You may hear water sloshing around but not much else is happening
* There is a funny smell coming out
* The fan keeps running
* Water is leaking
* It will not turn on even though your thermometer states it should
There are other possible issues that may happen, but basically you want your unit to blow cool air when you are hot.

There are two basic styles of air conditioning units and each may need repairs, someday. There are central air units, which means it is tied into your duct work and uses a thermostat to control it; usually the same as your heat. There are also window units that are perfect for a small area or apartment. These may be installed in a window or in a special cut out, in the wall.

Stay cool during the summers in Pasadena. Air conditioning repairs can be made so your temperature doesn’t go up.

Heating Repair In Pasadena

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The winters do get chilly in Pasadena. Heating repairs are in order if you are still feeling cold in your house. That is when you need to contact West Coast Chief Repair.No matter the type of heat you have, you will want it to work when the thermometer drops. Some types of heating systems include:

* Forced Hot Air
* Radiant Heat
* Hot Water Baseboard
* Steam Radiant Heat
* Geothermal
Each one has a common denominator; to deliver heat throughout your home. However what if you come up against one of these issues:

* There is no heat
* Or there is not enough heat
* Your heating unit keeps turning on and off or constantly runs
* Strange noises
* It is blowing cold air

So where do you turn to for heating repair? In Pasadena, the place to contact is West Coast Chief Repair. Their certified technicians will come to your home, at your convenience, diagnose the problem, and fix it using only factory approved new parts. You can be a big help, by informing the technician of the style, age, and repair or service history of your heating unit.

Don’t get stuck in the cold while living in Pasadena. Heating repair is only a contact away.

Air Conditioning Service In Pasadena

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You want the a/c unit running in prime condition if you live in Pasadena. Air conditioning service is needed when your system is not keeping you cool.Essentially there are two popular types of air conditioning units. They are the window unit and the central air unit. The window unit is perfect for those who live in an apartment or want to cool a smaller area of a home. The central unit is the most efficient style for those living in a warmer climate. Air conditioning service in Pasadena may be needed for both styles. West Coast Chief Repair can take care of that for you.

What are some air conditioning service symptoms? Things like:
* The unit does not turn on
* The fan is running but there is no cool air
* The motor is running but there is not any air blowing
* The air smells musty
* There is water leaking
* You hear water sloshing around
* The unit never shuts down

If you have a window unit, then you could take it in to be serviced, but a central unit will need a service call. West Coast Chief Repair offers hours that are convenient for you; including evenings, weekends, and some holidays. They are located in Los Angeles, but are always in your neighborhood.

Don’t get stuck in the heat in Pasadena. Air conditioning service is available for you.

Heating Service In Pasadena

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Even though it is in sunny California, it can get cool in Pasadena. Heating service is vital to keep your heating unit running.A good habit to get into would be to have your heating unit serviced each year. This could prevent future costly repairs. West Coast Chief Repair can do this for you. They excel in customer service and staff only certified service technicians. They offer hours that are convenient for you, including evening and weekends.

There are things that can be done to help keep your heating unit running at top performance. Including:

* Filter replacement
* Vacuum the areas, including the crevices
* Check and replace fan belts, as needed
* Lubricate bearings (especially in older systems)
* And more

There are full range of heating units available; forced air furnaces, wall units, floor heaters, and others.

West Coast Chief Repair carry a variety of name brands that are reputable, including:

* Trane
* Rheem
* Carrier
* Bryant
* Payne
* American Standard
* And many others

There is a common misconception that if it is not broken then don’t fix it, but it makes sense to have heating service. In Pasadena, there is a need for heat, so to have a properly running unit is key.

Air Conditioning Pasadena

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Summers get hot in Pasadena. Air conditioning solutions make it easier to sleep and live. You have choices, but contact West Coast Chief Repair and let the experts find the right solution for you.There are basically two choices when it comes to styles of units. You can have a central air conditioning unit installed, so each room stays at a comfortable setting; or if you only need to control one area or if you live in an apartment then a window unit will be best for you.

If you do own a home, then you should consider installing a central unit because they are more efficient, for multiple rooms, in the warmer climates. They utilize your duct work to deliver cool air throughout your rooms. They work on a thermostat and are usually tied into the same one as your heat.

If you need to purchase a window unit then be sure to purchase one that is large enough to cool the room or rooms of choice. When you are shopping for a window unit, it will state how large of a room it is for.

Coming home after a hot day can be more refreshing when you step into a home that is at a perfect temperature. This can be achieved by having proper air conditioning. Pasadena and the surrounding areas can turn to West Coast Chief Repair.

Heating Pasadena

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Twenty-five to fifty percent of your monthly budget most likely goes to heating. Pasadena is a region that is cold during the winter months and residents are paying double what they were just a couple of years ago to heat their homes. This is due to the rapidly rising cost of propane, oil and kerosene. However, the experienced professionals at West Coast Chief Repair can educate you in ways to cut the cost to heat your home significantly, in addition to providing Los Angeles County residents with several other home heating services.You can schedule a technician to audit the energy in your home to identify any areas where air may be leaking. He or she will check around all of your doors, windows, around your fireplace and any other areas that may have a draft. If your home is not properly insulated, it would be worth your while to add more insulation, which will reduce heating costs.

The friendly staff of skilled professionals at West Coast Chief Repair have been are more than happy to assist you in preparing your Pasadena home for the cold of winter. West Coast Chief Repair has services available for homeowners, landowners, business owners, etc.; give them a call today to find out what they can do to help your family stay comfortable all year long.

Furnace Repair Pasadena

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All too often, home owners think of their furnace as something that they can just run all the time when it is cold outside. Many people even remember to change the filter from time to time. However, a furnace is actually and entire heating system. There is a main unit, there are the ducts to carry the warm air to all the rooms in your home, thermostats and other possible attachments. Not taking proper care of your entire heating system can become a major hassle if the main unit fails to properly warm your home.

When it comes to furnace repair, Pasadena residents know they can trust West Coast Chief Repair to keep their entire system running properly. They have all of the parts that you may need to repair your system. They can also help you decide if any part of your system is in need of replacing. The trained service technicians will check your system for any obstructions to the flow of air or any leaks in the duct work. They will also make sure you have clean filters and properly functioning thermostats.

A home heating system is a major investment. It is just good sense to take care of the entire system so that the unit will continue to warm your hole house year after year.

Furnace Installation Pasadena

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Home of the Rose Bowl, The Tournament of Roses parade and the same neighborhood of West Coast Chief Repair; perfect when you need a new furnace installed.

If you are putting in a new furnace, considering replacing your old one for an efficient system, and not how to start; then contact the people at West Coast. They are based in Los Angeles and service all the surrounding areas without extra travel fees.

Do you know which furnace system you want or need? Well, let them come to your home and help you decide which type of system will best suit you and your home. Perhaps you are considering forced air, oil vs. gas, a floor unit, a wall unit, or maybe a combination unit that offers air conditioning too? Well, the installers will not only provide the initial estimate, but they will walk you through the process and be there for the final hook up.

They will help you decide amongst these top brands:

• American Standard
• Carrier
• Bryant
• Rheem
• Trane
• Ruud
• Payne
• And more

It is important to choose the correct system that not only runs efficiently but also is installed properly, so give West Coast Chief Repair a call and see how they can assist you.