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Cooktop Repair in Los Angeles

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No matter where you turn, people need cooktop repair in Los Angeles.  A cooktop is always enjoyed in the home setting, but without a working one you can definitely see a decrease in how much cooking is taking place.  Those who do not have a functioning cooktop live in a sad world indeed.  Just ask the kids!  However, if your cooktop is having trouble performing then you need to seek professional help.  The good people at West Coast Chief Repair are here to save the day.  For over twenty years West Coast Chief Repair has provided the people of Los Angeles with some of the best customer service available.  Your cooktop does not have to suffer in silence when you can let the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair handle the problem. 


To contact West Coast Chief Repair about your cooktop repair appointment, call or visit online at  Same-day service is available to customers who need home cooked meals now.  West Coast Chief Repair is dedicated to serving you by fixing your cooktop until it operates like brand new once again.  Fast food can take a break for now, because your cooktop will provide all the meals in the convenience of your own home.

GE Range Repair Santa Monica

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When you need GE range repair, Santa Monica is the perfect place to be living.  In Santa Monica you can easily schedule an appliance service call at www.chiefappliance.con and get service from the best company in the business.  West Coast Chief Repair has been repairing GE ranges for almost 20 years and there’s very few problems the technicians have not already handled over the years.  This means when the repair tech shows up to repair your range, you never have to worry you are paying someone to learn on the job.  West Coast Chief Repair technicians do their learning before getting to your job.

GE Range

You can read a lot more about West Coast Chief Repair at  You will read about a company that can service all brands of ranges of which GE is just one.  You will read about great service, friendly personnel and easy service scheduling.  Borrowing from the young people’s vernacular, “What’s not to like?”  The answer is you will like everything about West Coast Chief Repair.  The company has worked hard to develop an excellent reputation and works just as hard to maintain it.  As the customer, you get the benefit of the great service.

Range Repair in Los Angeles

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It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone needs range repair in Los Angeles.  Having a gas range can make life a whole lot more enjoyable, but without it you might find things a little harder.  Lacking a gas range can significantly decrease the comfort level of your home.  Fortunately, the City of Angels has its own angel when it comes to range repair.  West Coast Chief Repair has twenty years of experience serving the largest city in America, so you know they have what it takes to solve any problem you could possibly throw at them.  These trained professionals are dedicated to fixing your range and having it run error free.  You know you can always count on the best service from West Coast Chief Repair. 


You can find out more about West Coast Chief Repair by calling or visiting their website  You can schedule appointments both online and over the phone as well.  Same-day service is provided for those who wish to have their range running as soon as possible.  Range repair is a difficult task, but the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair are here to make it better.  With their help, your range will be running by the end of the day.

Santa Monica Range Repair

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You really don’t think too much about your range from day to day.  It is just one of those household appliances you rely on to work every day as you care for your family.  It keeps on working through meal after meal, and then one day something goes wrong.  One burner won’t work, the oven won’t heat or the timer buzzer refuses to buzz.  It can be a bit of a shock at first, but the first thing you should do is call West Coast Chief Repair. 


West Coast Chief Repair is a professional appliance repair company that offers rapid service and friendly customer service.  In Santa Monica, range repair services like those found at West Coast Chief Repair are hard to come by.  That’s because West Coast Chief Repair has developed a full service major appliance repair business that focuses on customer needs.  When the customer is always placed first, the result is a high level of service that aims to please. 

When you are ready for range repair services, you can contact West Coast Chief Repair online at  You can schedule an appointment for when it fits your schedule and usually same day service is possible.  Once your range is repaired, you can once again rely on it for all your cooking needs. 

Santa Monica Stove Repair

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In Santa Monica there are a lot of high end stoves found in homes.  Many of these stoves are state-of-the art and contain lots of special features.  You can find stoves that can double as convection ovens, have high powered burners, include warming zones and seem to practically think for themselves with all the electronic controls in place.  But high stoves and the simpler models all have on thing in common – they break!  Of course, the parts used on the different kinds of stoves vary widely, but for a company like West Coast Chief Repair, that is not a problem at all. 


West Coast Chief repair carries a large inventory of parts for both electronically controlled stoves and stoves which are simpler in design.  That means when you call for service, the technician can bring the parts that will most likely be needed for the repair.  But even if the part must be ordered from the warehouse, they are all available locally so your service is not delayed. 

You can go online at and find more information about the great service provided by West Coast Chief Repair.  You will find a company that aims to please its customers by providing quality and dependable service.

Stove Repair in Los Angeles


There are many people everyday who need stove repair in Los Angeles.  The sweet aroma of a warm home cooked meal is a luxury enjoyed by many worldwide, but stoves require professional maintenance in order to run at their best.  With the proper maintenance, stoves can bring the wonders of home cooking into any house.  Professional assistance is available from many services across the Los Angeles area, including West Coast Chief Repair.  It takes a lot to provide expert service to the people of the most populated city in the nation, but the people at West Coast Chief Repair have been doing it for over twenty years.  With their expert service and professional experience, you will never have to settle for takeout again.


For more information about West Coast Chief Repair or stove repairs in the Los Angeles area, visit  You can also call to schedule a service appointment, and same-day service will have your stove ready before the day is through.  Nothing beats a good meal straight from a warm stove, and with professional repair you can have these meals in no time.  Let West Coast Chief Repair help you get those meals ready to eat by fixing your stove.

Appliance Companies in Los Angeles: Simple – Choose West Coast Chief Repair!


If you’re frustrated in your search for decent appliance companies in Los Angeles, the answer is simple – choose West Coast Chief Repair.  Instead of looking through company after company, from smaller companies to the retail chains, you need to look into this locally owned and operated business.  Since 1989, West Coast Chief Repair has been serving the greater Los Angeles area with a smile.

Appliances Here are just some of the advantages of West Coast Chief Repair:

They’re experienced – No matter what kind of problem you’re having, you’re covered because they’re seen it all and fixed it all.  With nearly 20 years of experience, you aren’t going to surprise them or stump them.

  • They’re friendly – By treating you like one of the family, you can have a pleasant repair experience instead of one that you dread.
  • They’re versatile – Not only does West Coast Chief Repair offer you repair services, but they also carry a wide selection of new and used appliances for purchase.

Just go to for more information and to schedule your appointment. Even if there’s nothing wrong yet in your home, a preventive checkup can’t hurt!

Appliance Repair Beverly Hills


If you need appliance repair, Beverly Hills homeowners can call West Coast Chief Repair.  No matter if you need a refrigerator, dryer, washer, range, or any other home appliance serviced; they will set up a convenient appointment with you, arrive on time, and complete the work to your satisfaction.  While other companies just try to rack up labor costs, West Coast Chief Repair is interested in treating you like you’re a part of their family.

 AppliancesYou just don’t see that kind of service anymore.  With the rise in home ownership, there are more service calls than ever.  And while you would think that services would become more competitive and try to be the best at customer service, the truth is that most of these companies just want to make money.  While West Coast Chief Repair doesn’t do their work for free, they’re also not going to overcharge you or treat you like you’re an idiot.  The service team is friendly as they want to create a long term relationship with you – after all, you probably have more than one appliance in your home that might need work in the future.

As a homeowner and a client of West Coast Chief Repair, you will get the respect you deserve at the prices you want.  Just go to for more information and to set up your appointment.

Beverly Hills Appliance Repair


No matter what your situation, Beverly Hills appliance repair is something you need to think about if you’re planning on investing in a refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other large appliance.  Even though you might spend a lot of money and research your purchase, you may very well need to get things fixed down the road.  But by looking at the repair team you will call, you don’t have to worry as much about the brand.


While it’s true that Carrier, Maytag, and Bosch are high quality names you can trust for appliances, no one is perfect all the time.  Air conditioning units can break, washers and dryers stop working, and even heaters start to fizzle out after a few years of use.  And it’s not your fault, but you do need someone you can trust to come out and fix it.  After all, you can’t keep buying new appliances whenever something breaks.


That’s where West Coast Chief Repair comes in handy.  This team of professionals has been in business for nearly 20 years, which means you can trust them to help you with any type of problem.  All you need to do is to go to to contact them via email or to find their toll free number.  Serving the entire greater Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair will make sure your investment is around for a long time.

Beverly Hills Subzero Refrigerator

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If you’re in Beverly Hills, Subzero refrigerator and appliances are probably on your wish list for your dream kitchen.  With their sleek lines and high quality functions, you can keep your foods crisp and fresh for longer than you ever could with a traditional refrigerator.  But sometimes, even the Subzero refrigerator can act up – and you need someone who can deal with this high tech appliance and bring it back to life.

 Subzero Fridge

West Coast Chief Repair has been in business since 1989, serving the greater Los Angeles area with a friendly team of professionals trained in handling troubles with every type of refrigerator, even the new Subzero models.  Because they understand how important your refrigerator is, they can often come out to your home the same day to help you get things working again.  Don’t worry, they have the parts they need on their trucks, so no one’s going to need to run back to the shop, wasting your time and increasing your labor costs.


Just head to their informative website at for more information and for their toll free service number.  You’ve spent a lot on your refrigerator and there’s no reason for you to simply replace it with a new one when it can be fixed so quickly and so conveniently.

Range Repair in Beverly Hills

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There’s nothing more frustrating during the holidays than a range that won’t work the way you expect it to.  Right when you’re cooking Grandma’s special gravy recipe, the burner flashes too hot and you end up with crusted gravy at the bottom of the pan.  If you want to avoid this kind of family catastrophe, you need West Coast Chief Appliance repair services.



Since 1989, West Coast Chief Appliance has been serving Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area.  We can come to your home at a convenient time – and actually show up when we say that we will.  We have knowledge of all brands of ranges: Sears, JC Penney, Hotpoint, GE, Amana and most others.  This allows us to come into your home and fix the problem instead of taking days to determine what the problem is in the first place.

At West Coast Chief Appliance, we make sure that we have the parts you need to do the work you need done.  And if we don’t, we also carry a large stock of ranges at our store so that you don’t have to go one day without the heat that you need.

Head to for more information on what we can offer you as well as to set up your next appointment.  You’ll never burn Grandma’s gravy again.

Range Repair in Culver City

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If slaving over the stove isn’t your idea of a good time in Culver City, you’re not alone.  And if you’re going to be cooking anyways, you want the range to be working the way it should be, right?  With West Coast Chief Appliance, you can be certain that your range will be ready for every spontaneous romantic dinner as well as for all of the relatives that seem to show up for the holidays.


West Coast Chief Appliance can help you with smaller problems and issues as well as major range issues.  Whether you have a Bosch, GE, Kelvinator or any other brand of range, we can come to your home at a convenient time and help you get cooking again (even if you don’t really want to).

You really don’t have any more excuses to not cook on your range anymore.  With West Coast Chief Appliance, we can fix any problem within a reasonable time and for a reasonable price.  We don’t believe that we should treat our customers any less special than we would treat our own families – and that’s a promise we make to you.

You can find West Coast Chief Appliance contact information at, as well as plenty of other helpful pieces of information.  While we know you don’t want to cook, if you’re going to make the effort, your range should be ready to go too.

Range Repair in Valley Village

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Living in a heavily populated area like Valley Village has its ups and downs.  But if you want to make sure you have a pleasant and successful appliance service call, you should call West Coast Chief Repair for range repair in Valley Village.  It would be nice if all homeowners could do their own repairs, but the truth is you should have a trained technician perform all range service work.  Our staff can make sure your range is operating properly which is important for safety reasons.  Regular range maintenance insures your appliance investment is delivering the service promised by the manufacturer. 


I Need It Tonight 

West Coast Chief Repair carries a full line of range parts which means you don’t have to wait for repairs.  In most cases, if you call for service before noon, you’re range will be working by the end of the day.  We understand you need your stove and oven working right now and not a week from now.  If you decide it’s time to upgrade your older range to a newer model, West Coast Chief Repair can assist with a range replacement too.  The newest models offer a wealth of options that include many features to make your life simpler such as expandable burners, 5 or 6 burners, and touch controls.

When you call West Coast Chief Repair, range repair in Valley Village will become one of the items on your list of reasons why you live where you do!

Range Repair in Verdugo City

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Odds are that when you are looking for range repair in Verdugo City it’s important to find a company that can work on the latest innovations in ranges, ovens and cooktops.  You won’t find more qualified technicians to do range maintenance than you meet at West Coast Chief Repair.


Cooking Up Variety 

At one time, choosing a range involved picking the color or deciding whether you wanted to include a microwave as part of the unit.  Today when you shop for a range, what you find is a variety of styles, materials, optional features and prices.  With all these innovations, it’s important to call technicians who are familiar with all brands, including the most upscale versions, when you need range service in Verdugo City.  But we carry range parts for the older and simpler models too or can help you with a range replacement.

In other words, if you have a range, we can fix it!  West Coast Chief Repair has been in business since 1989 and can proudly say we’ve worked on just about every kind of range on the market.  It doesn’t matter if you have a Bosch, GE, Kelvinator or any other brand of range.  West Coast Chief Repair can help you have pain-free range repair in Verdugo City.

Range Repair in Stevenson Ranch

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Every kitchen can save you time and plenty of energy, but only if the appliances are energy rated and working efficiently.  If you have an older model range and want to upgrade to one of the high energy rated units, West Coast Chief Repair can assist you with installing a range replacement.  But that’s just the beginning.  We are also experts at range repair in Stevenson Ranch and the surrounding area.  Electronic controls or simple knob replacement, and any other repair, present no challenge to our expert technicians.


Taking the Heat 

The old expression that says if you can’t take the heat to get out of the kitchen never applies to West Coast Chief Repair.  We like being in your kitchen after you call for range service.   Efficient range maintenance and repair brings the heat back to your kitchen right where it belongs.  If you call us before noon, we’ll do everything possible to have you cooking again by dinner time.  We carry a full line of range parts for most range makes and models from GE to Subzero.  It’s impossible to find the level of quality service you get with range repair in Stevenson Ranch when it’s done by West Coast Chief Repair.

Range Repair in Woodland Hills

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When you’re looking for a company that can do range repair in Woodland Hills, West Coast Chief Repair is the best choice.  In business since 1989, our service technicians are familiar with the area and the variety of range brands.  A good range service requires service technicians able to repair the newest features, because ranges have changed over the years.  The newest features include programmed computerized features and special view windows and heat seals.  When something goes wrong, it can require range parts unique to the unit.


Thousands of Parts on Hand 

West Coast Chief Repair has a complete inventory of parts for older and newer ranges.  We can replace simple burner elements or install replacement computer boards.  Our technicians are trained to work on all brands too.  It doesn’t matter if you have a 20 year old Kenmore range or a brand new Jenn Air.   The thousands of range parts on hand enable us to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. 

In fact, West Coast Chief Repair can help you upgrade your range with a new range replacement.  You too can take advantage of the new designs which provide easy cleaning, expandable elements and self-cleaning features.   So when you are looking for a replacement unit or range repair in Woodland Hills, West Coast Chief Repair has the answers to all your questions.

Range Repair in Westlake Village

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It never seems to fail.  The range breaks on a weekend or holiday when you’re expecting company.  Unless you call West Cost Range Repair for range repair in Westlake Village, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in extra fees for holiday service.  We have one rate schedule and you pay the same for range service on any day of the week.   We want your range working as quickly as possible and work diligently to keep rates reasonable and necessary.

Electronic Control 

It’s just as important to keep your range well maintained as it is any other appliance in the house.  People often tend to neglect range maintenance, because it’s a reliable appliance that often works trouble free for years.  But newer models have electronic parts, and as a result, need more frequent servicing.  West Coast Repair has a large inventory of range parts including all the electronic igniters, memory boards and controls.  Parts are available for all range brands including Sears, JC Penny, Hotpoint, GE, Amana and most others.


West Coast Chief Repair can also assist you with the purchase and upgrade of a range replacement unit.  So for all your needs related to range repair in Westlake Village, turn to the people who have been in business for almost 20 years.  Experience does count!


Cleaning Your Range Hood


To keep your range hood working perfectly and looking great, you need to clean it regularly. Range HoodEspecially important is the aluminum meshing, because it catches any grease and keeps it from going into the blower. You need to remove this and clean it with a degreaser, followed by a good soaking with water and dish soap. If you have a dishwasher, you could give it a run through that too. If you have a ventless range hood, you will either have to wash or replace the filter. If it is a charcoal type, you will need to replace it with a new one about every 12 months. Some new models have a light that comes on when it’s time to put in a new filter. 

For removable filters, you should clean them with a degreaser, wash and if possible, run through the dishwasher. If you aren’t sure what type of filter you have, check your owner’s manual.  Actual range hood owner’s advice runs the gamut from using engine degreaser and baking to water softener. For the latter, the owner advises that you fill a pail with water and softener. Throw in the filter and let it sit for a bit. Then remove any grease with a brush. Another owner suggests using a dryer sheet and letting it sit over night. For the baking method, line a baking pan with several layers of newspaper and place the filter on it. Put it in the oven at about 250 degrees, so it just becomes warm. Wait until the grease melts off the filter and then wash it. Using cream of tartar and vinegar was also suggested. For this method, you make a paste and put it on the filter. Leave it for about an hour and then clean it. It is advised that you may have to do this a second time to remove all the grease and grime. 

To clean the top, front and sides of your range hood, use a degreaser or gentle cleaner. Before you attempt to clean the inside parts to the range hood, ensure that it is not on first. Use a degreaser or other good cleanser to remove grease and grime. If there is just too much build-up, try using water and ammonia. If you had the foresight to by a range hood that is self-cleaning, then you are the lucky one. You can program this type of hood to clean itself.  You will also need to clean the fan blades as they catch grease and grime too. If they are not cleaned, the airflow can be affected causing the motor to overheat. Wash the blades with warm, sudsy water. Do the same with the blower wheel. When it comes to cleaning the vent, you need to hire a professional. If you live in the Los Angeles County area and need assistance with this or any other part of your range hood, you need to go to West Coat Chief Appliance offers maintenance, parts and repairs by qualified service technicians.


Do You Know How to Use Your Range Hood?


So you’ve installed a brand new range hood. Now, do you know how and when to use it?  

Most likely, your answer would be when you’re cooking to eliminate excess heat, grease, smoke and food odors. Well, that is certainly true and a good start, but your range hood can do a lot more. It can also get rid of steam, moisture, pollen, chemicals, mold, mildew and even animal dander. Cooking on a gas stove releases carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These chemicals can be particularly damaging to your respiratory system. 

If you use your range hood often, your kitchen will be cleaner, smell better and be a much healthier place for you and your family. Here are some tips on how and when to use it: 

  • You can change the setting from high to low to meet your air circulation needs. For instance, for regular cooking low may be just fine, while burning something on the stove will require a high setting.

  • Use your range hood to re-circulate the air in your kitchen and keep moisture from building up while boiling food. This moisture can easily move to other areas of your home and create a health hazard. Excess moisture helps mold, mildew and dust mites to thrive in your home.

  • Use your range hood when frying food with oil, as particles go into the air that can hurt your lungs when inhaled. As well, burned food releases carcinogens. It is vital that this air is drawn out of your kitchen and replaced with healthy fresh air.

  • Use your range hood to clear the air when cooking with other appliances, such as microwaves, slow cookers, toasters and convection ovens.

  • While baking or cooking, you may need to switch on your range hood to eliminate smoke, which contains harmful carbon particles, as well as sulfuric acid. These can irritate your lungs and are harmful to plants as well.

  • If the smoke alarm sounds, turn on your range hood.

  • Use your range hood to get rid of all kinds of pollutants inside your home. As you know, air in homes is often much more polluted than the air outside. Note that the filters do not catch germs or dust mites that can cause allergies.

  • Use your range hood to eliminate chemicals in the air after cleaning in the kitchen and even other areas of the house.

You can test the efficiency of your range hood by holding a piece of paper up to the vent filter. If it sticks, the system is working nicely. If not, it may have too much build-up of grease and other by-products of cooking, and needs to be cleaned. In case of a fire on your stove or in the oven, turn the range hood off immediately, so any flames will not be sucked up into the vent.
Range Hood
If you need a professional to service your range hood or venting system and live in the Los Angeles County area, you will want to go to  New range hoods are also available.

When You’re Out Shopping For A New Range…

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When you’re looking for a new range, there are so many makes and models that it may be difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Viking Range

The first thing you must consider is whether you want the range to be electric, gas or a combination of both. All of them cook evenly both on the stove and in the oven. Gas ranges tend to not heat up as fast, but they are more economical and will save you money.

On the other hand, the models that use both gas and electricity will cost you significantly more than choosing one or the other.  There are also pro-style ranges that can be as wide as 60 inches, something you might consider if you cook for a large group of people. They run on gas and may have up to eight burners. While this type of stove may suit your lifestyle, it can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. 

You will also find that you have a choice of makes and models to choose from. Aside from the regular ranges, you can get one that is actually two pieces: a cooking area like a regular stove, with the oven built into the wall. There are even models with two ovens. 

You must decide if you want a regular stove or one where the cooking elements are under a smooth surface for safety and easy cleaning. While coil burners are strong and durable, the glass cover on some of the new stoves will crack, if you drop something heavy on it.  You can also get a range with touch-pad controls for the oven, rather than the usual knobs. While touch-pads tend to be more accurate, they can easily be accidentally hit.  You will also have to decide on the oven size, as well as whether you want a regular oven and one that is self-cleaning. Some of the new ranges also have special warming or broiling drawers. There are also ranges with larger glass windows in the oven door. Remember, that if you decide to purchase a new stove with all the bells and whistles, such as those made out of stainless steel that have cast iron grates at one side and oversized knobs, you will pay significantly more. Some of these high-end stoves even require a specific range hood as well. 

When choosing the range that is right for you, you need to decide which stove will be the easiest for you to maintain. You must also take the various parts on the model into consideration, whether they may need replacing and how much it will cost. Consumer Reports found that some of the more costly models need more frequent repairs. On top of that, they discovered that more expensive ranges don’t always cook as well as regular stoves.To learn more about the various ranges that are now available, go to For parts and service, one of our technicians will be happy to help you. 

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