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GE refrigerator repair Santa Monica


General Electric (GE) is one of the most popular and common brands of refrigerators. If you have a GE refrigerator, and you suspect that it is not working properly, you may need to call a professional. Unlike air conditioner problems, which could sometimes be minimized or repaired with maintenance (filter replacements), refrigerators are more problematic. They are also less D.I.Y- friendly. Refrigerators don’t have as many parts as air conditioners, which makes all the parts they do have crucial to their normal functioning, which makes refrigerators more vulnerable to the breaking down of either one of those important parts. The heart of the refrigerator is the compressor. Unfortunately, most refrigerators and compressors are designed in such a way that repairing a compressor is not an option, if it has failed. Luckily, compressor failure is not the most common problem attributed to broken refrigerators. If your unit is not turning on, it could be an electrical problem. If the refrigerator is not cooling properly–but cooling nonetheless–it could be a freon leak and a depletion of freon. Check your refrigerator’s symptoms online and consult with a professional. Free advice is out there!

Best Appliance Service Santa Monica

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When it comes to choosing the best appliance service, Santa Monica residents are, more likely than not, going to choose West Coast Chief Repair. That’s because they know, first-hand, the kind of quality service you get from this company, as well as the many types of services offered.

They specialize in the service and repair of major home appliances, air conditioning and heating systems and they also perform duct testing. They offer the best warranties  in the industry, have evening, weekend and holiday hours, and they offer a full range of heating and air conditioning appliances: central air conditioners and heaters, heat pumps, packaged units, forced air furnaces, wall furnaces, floor heaters, and wall units. They offer financing on select products, and they stock major brands like Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Trane, American Standard, Rheem, and Ruud.

You can begin to see why West Coast would be called the best appliance service company in the Santa Monica area. West Coast is located in Los Angeles and provides service to the surrounding areas including the San Fernando Valley. Look them up when you need service on your appliances. It won’t take long for you to see why they deserve the title of best appliance service company.

Heating Repair Santa Monica

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When do you get around to servicing your heating system? It should actually be serviced each year before you put it back into service. Do you have a special company that handles your heating repair? Santa Monica is one of the areas that West Coast Chief Repair services.

Before you get ready to put your heating system back into service, you need to make sure all is well with it. A technician (certified, and factory-trained) from West Coast Chief Repair will come and inspect your heating system for any leaks, and worn or broken parts. They’ll make sure it gets a thorough once over to be sure it’s operating to its full capacity. If not, they’ll make sure it’s running efficiently before they’re done.

A lot of your money can go up in smoke each year if your heating system isn’t running properly. West Coast’s trained staff will make sure you get proper heating repair. Santa Monica is in good hands with such a well-known company. They’ve been doing business in the area for over twenty years, and their list of satisfied customers grows bigger each year. Contact them today and you’ll see what all the buzz is about.

Heating Santa Monica

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When is the last time you had your heating system cleaned? Did you know you’re supposed to have it done at the beginning of each cold season? That’s right. Regular yearly maintenance will make you system run more efficiently, and it’s also the perfect way to check for any worn or wearing parts that may cause problems. Before the cold season gets here it’s a good idea to check your heating. Santa Monica is one of the area serviced by West Coast Chief Repair.

West Coast has been doing business in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas since 1989. They’ve got an excellent reputation as a company that cares about its customers, and provides quality and timely service. Not sure if West Coast can work on your brand of heating system?

West Coast Chief Repair actually dealing with over eighty different brands of appliances, air conditioning systems and heating systems. There’s a real good chance that you’ve got one of those brands.

Before the cold weather gets here, and you’re up against a wall to get your system up and running, make an appointment now and make certain that you’re ready.

Santa Monica Appliance Repair

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If your refrigerator runs constantly or it doesn’t keep your food chilled like it use to, there’s a good chance there’s something wrong with it. So, who should you call if you live in Santa Monica? Appliance repair specialists at West Coast Chief Repair would be a great choice.

They’ve got years and years of experience. They’re all certified technicians, and they are familiar with over eight different brands of appliances so the chance that they’ll be familiar with yours is real good. They specialize in appliance repair, service and installation, and they service the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.

Call on West Coast for all your appliance needs. They’ll perform your annual maintenance on your appliances, replace worn or broken parts, and if you’re purchasing a new appliance, they can install it for you. They work weekends, evenings and holidays and won’t charge you extra.

If one of your appliances is acting a bit peculiar or isn’t working at all, don’t put it off till another day. For Santa Monica appliance repair, contact West Coast Chief Repair and leave all your appliance worries to them.

GE Appliance Repair Santa Monica


You don’t want to get stuck with a refrigerator full of spoiled food or uncooked cupcakes; contact West Coast Chief Repair for GE appliance repair. Santa Monica is one of the many areas that they cover.GE appliances come in many forms: washer/dryer combos, stoves, efficient dishwashers, refrigerators in all styles; and they come with certain guarantees and warranties, but eventually you may need someone to provide GE appliance repairs. Santa Monica is a part of Los Angeles county; where West Coast is located.

They handle many brands and models so you are sure to receive top customer service from their certified repair techs. Not sure if you want to take a day off from work, just to wait for the repair tech all day? Well, no worries because they offer convenient hours that fit your needs and schedule. So, if your refrigerator quits working on the weekend then contact them; evenings and some holidays too.

Hey, everyone is trying to conserve money these days so do not go out and spend your savings on a new GE appliance; repairs may be a more cost effective solution.

There are great places to choose from for a incredible meal in Santa Monica; GE appliance repair makes sense when you are ready to cook again.

Subzero Freezer Service In Santa Monica

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When the heat rises in the summertime, you can head to the bay to sit at the beach or enjoy an ice cream at the Promenade in Santa Monica. Subzero freezer service will help keep your ice cubes solid for all of your refreshing beverages when you get home.Living in Los Angeles county means you can count on the certified repair techs, of West Coast Chief Repair. Their techs have years of field work experience, so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best for your money. They have hours that fit your busy schedule, so you do not have to take time off from work to wait for a tech; use your precious time to enjoy the pristine beaches.

Subzero freezers and refrigeration systems are top of the line, hand made units that undergo extensive testing before they are installed. However, there may come a time that you need Subzero freezer service.  In Santa Monica, the techs at West Coast will come to your home and assess the problem. They only use new factory approved parts and will fix the problem in a timely manner. In the summertime, the weather heats up in Santa Monica. Subzero freezer service will help keep your ice cream treats frozen for all to enjoy.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Santa Monica

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Surrounded by Santa Monica Bay and Los Angeles lays the city of Santa Monica; commercial refrigeration repair can be handled by the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair. They are based in Los Angeles so they can get to you in no time.Commercial refrigeration comes in many forms. You can truly find a refrigeration solution to fit any kitchen. You can find things like:
• Work tables with refrigeration underneath – This will give you a work space and a place to keep your finer things cool.
• Pass Thrus – These help manage any kitchen’s work space more efficiently
• Reach In w/ Dual Temps – These are great for limited space issues and will give you more for your money
• And many more options

The bottom line is that you need to choose refrigeration pieces that work with your kitchen layout. You know how important it is to have an efficient working kitchen.

However, no matter the style of your choice unit; when it is not keeping your food cool then you will need commercial refrigeration repair. Santa Monica is in the same area of West Coast Chief Repair, so their expert repair techs will be able to attend to you in a timely manner.

Subzero Refrigerator Service In Santa Monica

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Shopping and dining at the Third Street Promenade, the pristine beaches, and the Hippodrome Carousel are just a sample of things to do and see in Santa Monica.Subzero refrigerator service calls for the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair; located in Los Angeles so they are always near you. They excel in customer service with years of field work experience. They offer hours that will fit your busy schedule.

The Subzero company specializes in definitive kitchen components that help make your personal kitchen run like the professionals, but with a sleek design capability. These premium built-in refrigerators will give you optimum refrigeration without an eyesore piece. However certain things can go wrong, like:

• Your system keeps running, it never seems to get to temperature
• Your food freezes, even with the setting down
• Your milk goes sour and your ice cream melts
• There are funny noises or water leaking

If these or any other symptoms occur with your Subzero refrigerator; service in Santa Monica can be as simple as contacting the team at West Coast, so when the temperatures go up in Los Angeles County; you can keep things cool.

Heating Santa Monica

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If you are one of the millions of people who are frantically search day after day for some way to save money on your heating bill, a geothermal heat pump may be just what you need for your home.A geothermal heat pump is a system of tubing underground that uses the planet’s natural temperature resource to both heat and cool your home. Geothermal heat pump systems are becoming more readily available in the Los Angeles area as well as several other areas all over the United States. In fact, several states offer homeowners a rebate, tax credit or some other kind of incentive to install a geothermal heating system in your home.

A geothermal heat pump system is more costly than your standard HVAC. Before you throw out the idea of owning your own geothermal heat pump, you may want to factor in that it is worth the price you will pay to have one in your home.

Consider how much the unit will actually cost you after store credits, rebates and other discounts. You may actually be saving more than you realized, making owning a geothermal unit that much more a reality for you. When it comes to geothermal heating, Santa Monica residents always turn to West Coast Chief Repair for answers to their questions and concerns.

Emergency Furnace Repair Santa Monica

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West Coast Chief Repair understands the importance of emergency furnace repair. Santa Monica, California is just one of the many cities that are in their service area.

The unpredictable weather is challenging to the furnace repair needs of the residents of Santa Monica. The problem is that many homeowners simply do not think about all of the factors that affect how comfortable they are in their own home. For instance, if the winter is mild, mold and other allergens become more abundant. It is important to schedule regular cleaning of your air ducts to protect your family against the cold and sinus symptoms that are often caused by mold in the home.

West Coast Chief Repair is available at all hours, even nights, weekends and holidays. You can have peace of mind knowing that emergency furnace repair service is no more than just a phone call away if you should ever need it.

Call West Coast Chief Repair today and find out more about emergency furnace repair and a list of other available services. The friendly staff of skilled professionals is eager to help you find what you need to keep your family nice and cozy all year long.

Furnace Installation Santa Monica

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The winter months are growing closer and it is time to start thinking about how you plan to heat your home this season. Perhaps you have a home with an older less energy efficient furnace that is in need of replacing. Perhaps you are building a brand new house and you are looking to purchase a furnace on which you can rely to keep you and your family comfortable for several years to come. When looking for someone to handle furnace installation, Santa Monica residents always call West Coast Chief Repair.

Considering the present state of the environment, it is important to look for a furnace that is designed to conserve energy. There are many new furnaces available on the market that heat just as effectively and the older models without using near the amount of energy.

West Coast Chief Repair is a full service company. They will come out to your home, possibly on the day you call and evaluate your situation. If you have an older furnace, the technician will inform you of the more efficient models that are currently on the market and help you choose the one that is best for you.

If all you need are a couple of minor repairs, the technician will most likely take care of them on the spot. Most technicians carry the most commonly required repair parts on their company vehicle. This means that the technician will not have to travel back and forth to the shop to get what they need to fix your unit, saving you time and money.

Furnace Repair Santa Monica

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Santa Monica is the perfect balance of residential communities and commercial districts. The city of Santa Monica is conveniently located less than twenty miles from downtown Los Angeles.

The residents of Santa Monica enjoy sunny days all year long. Morning haze and fog are common from May to July, but burns away in the sun by noon. In November, the temperatures are generally in the upper sixties and in the lower sixties in January. However, thanks to the dry, hot Santa Ana winds, the December skies are perfectly sunny with temperatures as high as 84 degrees.

Santa Monica usually sees the most rain from October until late March. The winter storms usually come in from the northwest and pass through quickly. Very little rain is seen during the remainder of the year. The air in Santa Monica is kept clean and fresh by the cool ocean breeze.

Before cranking up the furnace this winter season, be sure to take care of any necessary furnace repair. Santa Monica residents know that even though they may not use their furnace as much as residents of other cities, but proper furnace maintenance is no less important. Residents of Santa Monica turn to West Coast Chief Repair for all of their furnace repair needs.