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Splendide Dryer Repair Los Angeles

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You open your Splendide dryer and all of your clothes are still wet! Looks like you need Splendide dryer repair. Los Angeles is home to West Coast Chief Repair so you can relax; you know you will be treated right.The Splendide Company has been wowing American consumers since 1984. Their laundry solutions are top rated and defy space, venting, electrical, and drainage limitations. These wonder machines will not only clean your clothes like no other machine but will use less water doing it. Some of the models to choose from are stackable units and those that are an all-in-one wonder; they will clean and dry your clothes within the same machine!

Even though these machines surpass others on the market, they too may need Splendide dryer repair. Los Angeles is a large city and there are companies that claim to fix all models of dryers, but you want a company that has certified technicians. West Coast Chief Repair has that and more.

They are dealers in Splendide machines, so they had to attend the comprehensive service and technical assistance program. This way they are certified to repair Splendide laundry systems.

Hopefully your system will work for a long time, but you may need Splendide dryer repair. Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are covered by West Coast Chief Repair, so call them when you need a hand.

Splendide Washer Repair Los Angeles

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Looking for top service for Splendide washer repair? Los Angeles has what you are looking for. West Coast Chief Repair will assist you for all your laundry repair needs.Splendide washers/dryers are the leading name for space conservation solutions and have been since introduced to America, in 1984. These machines and the company have been consistently making benchmarks in commitment, quality, and performance. Splendide specializes in stackable and all-in-one machines.

Splendide run a comprehensive service and technical assistance program for all of their dealers. This way you are ensured to have a certified technician who will diagnose and fix the possible problem the first time; no need for endless service calls and expense. Part of their success comes with a full commitment to the customer who chooses one of their machines. Each machine has a serial number that gets entered into their main database; that way they are able to track the machine for its lifetime.

West Coast Chief Repair offers top customer service in all that they do; including Splendide washer repair. Los Angeles offers a lot for those who live there and the surrounding areas; isn’t it nice to know that having certified repair technicians are located in your backyard?

Splendide Combo Washers And Dryers Repairs And Sales

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Since 1984, many Americans have been happy with Splendide combo washers and dryers. Repairs and sales come with top notch customer service.These amazing laundry machines have outsold any other model that claims to specialize in the concept of space saving technology. The parent company is located in Clackamas, Oregon and works with skilled designers and engineers at the modern facility, in Italy.

Repairs and sales are handled by trained and certified staff that believes in getting it right the first time. If you are in need of a laundry solution for a tight space then look no further then the Splendide combo washers and dryers. These trained professionals will help you decide which system is best for your needs. There are stackable models and those that are two-in-one; they will wash and dry within the same machine.

Splendide’s customer service does not stop at the time of delivery. You see, each system has a serial number that gets recorded into the database, once the system is set up. This enables the company to monitor your machine throughout its lifetime.

You have many choices when it comes to laundry machines, but why just settle for a company that may pull out and leave you out to dry? Check out Splendide combo washers and dryers; repairs and sales will leave you satisfied.