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Who doesn’t find themselves needing to call the repairman once in awhile. Ok, maybe the repair guy doesn‘t, but for the rest of us that live in West Los Angeles, appliance repair is a part of our destiny.

You know the scenario. Your mother-in-law is flying in from Florida, and the air conditioning in the guest room isn’t working. Or you’ve invited the guys from the office over to watch the football game, but there’s no place to keep the beer because the refrigerator isn’t working right. Just like Murphy predicted, if something can go wrong, it will. So if you live in West Los Angeles, and appliance repair is on your to-do list, who do you call? West Coast Chief Repair that’s who.

West Coast Chief Repair has been coming to the rescue of consumers for more than twenty years. They have an excellent service record and are well-know in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas of California. They offer convenient hours, and their technicians are all certified and factory-trained. They have experience with over eighty different appliance brands, and provide emergency, repair and annual maintenance services.

So, before the plane lands or the guys show up, call West Coast Chief Repair, and get those appliances repaired.