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Heating Westlake Village

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Just imagine you come home from work one day to find you home as cold as ice. Your thermostat on your home heating system is not working. The only thing for you to do is to call the skilled professionals at West Coast Chief Repair so they can help you find a new thermostat to replace your inoperable one.

Once you begin shopping, you will realize that there are a few different types of thermostats from which you can choose. A mechanical contact thermostat uses a simple mechanical contact. In mechanical thermostats, a bimetallic coil is used to open and close the mechanical contact points that are attached to the lever arm. A heat anticipator is also used with this type of thermostat.

There is an older version mechanical contact that uses a straight bimetallic strip, as opposed to a coiled strip. This type is not as reliable, but does follow the same principles.

Mechanical thermostats have modes for cooling and heating as well as fan positions such as off, on or automatic. Mechanical thermostats are not programmable.

There is no time like the present to install a new thermostat or system for heating. Westlake Village is lucky enough to fall into the service region for West Coast Chief Repair, where knowledgeable and friendly technicians are available to help you determine which type of furnace thermostat is best suited to your home and family.