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How much do you know about home heating? Whittier residents know that the most important component on a home heating system is not the boiler; it is not the pipes or ductwork. West Coast Chief Repair customers in the great city of Whittier and other Los Angeles areas know that the most important part of the entire heating system in your home is the thermostat.The thermostat gives you the power to control the temperature of the air inside your home by using simple heating functions. You heating system kicks on when the temperature in your home drops below or rises above the temperature that you indicate with the thermostat. A thermostat keeps everything separated and running smoothly, ensuring that the system does not come on and go off too quickly.

For example, if you want the temperature in your home to be seventy-five degrees that is how you would set the thermostat. When the temperature of the air in your home drops to seventy-four degrees, your heating system will kick on to warm your rooms. When the thermostat reaches seventy-six degrees, the system will quit running. The temperature then balances out exactly where you want it at seventy-five degrees.