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central air conditioning troubleshooting Long Beach

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In almost any air conditioner, there are several main parts:

  1. blower fan
  2. condensor coil
  3. compressor
  4. evaporator coil
  5. filter

If your air conditioner is not working properly, here’s a list of causes that will make doing your own troubleshooting less overwhelming.

  1. If the unit doesn’t work at all; doesn’t turn on, it could be a motor overload or a faulty switch
  2. If it’s not cooling properly, but still works, it could mean a dirty filter, dirty coils, or that the unit is leaking coolant (e.g., freon).
  3. If your a/c turns on and off repeatedly, it could mean dirty coils and/or a dirty filter

Try to be as cautious and informed as possible. Some air conditioners are more D.I.Y-friendly than others. Do a bit of research online before you proceed. Just remember: it’s not always best to roll up your sleeves, and assume all of the responsibility for fixing it. It’s OK to ask for help!

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