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Central Heat and Air Replacement and/or Purchase in Pasadena

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Although much of the focus of going Green is on solar panels, electric cars, and bicycling, there’s actually a lot you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint while saving hundreds on energy bills.

A green choice can almost be made during the purchasing stage of a central heater and a/c. Newer central air conditioners and heating system are naturally more efficient, as more companies realize that people are becoming more conscious of their energy consumption. In particular, if you are in the market for a new HVAC, look for the energy star mark. These really are indicative of a more energy efficient unit. A slightly higher cost will certainly be offset by the hundreds of dollars you will save on home energy bills, in the long run.

Last but not least, here are some out-of-the-box ideas on how to reduce energy consumption, save money on energy bills, and help the planet all at once:

  1. Make sure your air conditioning condenser is located in a shady spot and has room to dispose of the heated air it removes from your house. Don’t crowd it with shrubs or anything else.
  2. Plant shade trees and shrubs around your house to help reduce the heat of the sun, especially on the west and south sides. This can reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%.
  3. Close drapes on the sunny side of your house.
  4. Install energy efficient ceiling fans and run them on hot days. If it’s just a little too warm for comfort, use the ceiling fan without air conditioning. If it’s hot enough to require air conditioning, using the ceiling fans at the same time allows you to raise the temperature setting by five degrees, which will reduce your costs. Use the ceiling fan only when you’re in the room, because running the fan doesn’t actually lower the temperature. The moving air increases the amount of evaporation from your skin and helps cool you off.
  5. Make sure the cooled air coming from your air conditioning vents is not obstructed by furniture or draperies.

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